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 Sibling names for സേംഥമരഈ

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Sibling names for 'സേംഥമരഈ' (Please check and change above options to get desired result)
 Name Origin Meaning Gender
AarikaIndianAdmired for looksGirl
AkshataIndianRice; offered as a sacred substance during puja (worship)Girl
AmbujaIndianBorn of a lotus; Goddess LaxmiGirl
AmbujaIndianBorn of a lotus; Goddess LakshmiGirl
AmbujaIndianBorn from lotus; Goddess LaxmiGirl
AnchitaIndianHonored; WorshippedGirl
AngarikaIndianFlame colored flower; Flame of the forestGirl
AngarikaIndianFlame colored flower; Palash; Flame of the forestGirl
AnkitaIndianConquered; Signet; Symbol; Distinguished; Marked by the lord; DedicateGirl
AnkitaIndianConquered; A Signet; SymbolGirl
AnkitaIndianConquered; Signet; SymbolGirl
AnulaIndianNon wild; Gentle; Cultured; AgreeableGirl
AnulaIndianNon wild; Gentle; CulturedGirl
ArunimaIndianGlow of dawn; Red glow of dawnGirl
ArushiIndianDawn; Red sky in the early morning; First ray of SunGirl
ArushiIndianDawn; Red sky in the early morning; First rays of the sunGirl
AryaIndianHonored; Noble; Goddess Parvati; Goddess DurgaGirl
AryaIndianHonored; Noble; Beautiful goddess; From a high raceGirl
AsurakshayamkariIndianReducer of the number of demonsGirl
BasantiIndianSpring season; Yellow ColoredGirl
BelIndianSacred wood Apple treeGirl
BelIndianSacred wood-apple treeGirl
BilvaIndianAuspicious Fruit - Bael; A sacred leafGirl
BilwaIndianAuspicious Fruit - Bael; A sacred leafGirl
BrynIndianStrong; Vigilant; HonoredGirl
ChakoriIndianA bird enamored of the moonGirl
ChakoriIndianA bird enamored of the moon; AlertGirl
GangaIndianSacred riverGirl
GangaIndianRiver Ganga; Sacred riverGirl
GangotriIndianSacred river of IndiaGirl
GaurangaIndianFair; Cow coloredGirl
GodavariIndianRiver Godavari; Sacred river of IndiaGirl
GodavariIndianSacred riverGirl
HarijathaIndianFair hairedGirl
HarijathaIndianFair haired; BlondeGirl
HiraIndianSacred caveGirl
IndrayaniIndianName of sacred riverGirl
IndrayaniIndianName of a sacred riverGirl
IndrayaniIndianThe name of a sacred riverGirl
JalajaIndianGoddess of wealth; Goddess Laxmi; LotusGirl
JalajaIndianGoddess of wealth; Laxmi; LotusGirl
JalajaIndianLotus; Goddess of wealth; Goddess LaxmiGirl
JalbalaIndianLotus flowerGirl
KamalaIndianLotus; Goddess LakshmiGirl
KamalaIndianLotus; Goddess LaxmiGirl
KamalakshiIndianOne whose eyes are beautiful like lotusGirl
KamalakshiIndianOne whose eyes are beautiful like lotusesGirl
KamalasambhavaIndianEmanating from the lotusGirl
KamaliIndianA collection of lotusesGirl
KamaliIndianCollection of Lotus; Full of desiresGirl
KamalikaIndianGoddess Laxmi; LotusGirl
KamalikaIndianLotus; Goddess LaxmiGirl
KamaliniIndianLotus; Goddess LaxmiGirl
KamalkaliIndianBud of a lotusGirl
KamalkaliIndianThe Bud of a lotusGirl
KamalnayanIndianLotus eyedGirl
KapilaIndianCelestial cow; Sacred cowGirl
KapilaIndianSacred cowGirl
KeraniIndianSacred bellsGirl
KetakiIndianCream colored flowerGirl
KetakiIndianA cream colored flowerGirl
KumkumIndianVermilion; Sacred powder (red)Girl
KumkumIndianSacred powder; Red; VermilionGirl
KumkumIndianSacred powder; VermillionGirl
KumudIndianLotus; Lord VishnuGirl
KumudIndianA LotusGirl
KumudaIndianLotus; Pleasure of the earthGirl
KumudiniIndianA LotusGirl
KumudiniIndianWhite Lotus; Moon LightGirl
KuvalayaIndianLotus; WorldGirl
LalimaIndianBeauty; Morning red in the skyGirl
LalimaIndianMorning red in the skyGirl
LohiniIndianRed skinnedGirl
LohitaIndianRed; RubyGirl
LohitaIndianRed; RubyGirl
MangaiIndianCultured ladyGirl
ManisiIndianDesired by heartGirl
Mayoora PichhavalayaIndianWearer of peacock feathered banglesGirl
MrinaliIndianLotus stemGirl
MrinalikaIndianLotus stemGirl
MrinalikaIndianStem of lotusGirl
MrinaliniIndianLotus stemGirl
MrudulaIndianSoft naturedGirl
MrunalIndianLotus stackGirl
MruthulaIndianSoft naturedGirl
NaliniIndianLotus; Sweet nectarGirl
NaliniIndianLotus; Mother of the Vedas; Goddess Gayatri; Sweet nectarGirl
NangaiIndianCultured ladyGirl
NeeharikaIndianDew drop; Admired for looksGirl
NeelabjaIndianBlue LotusGirl
NeelambariIndianA Raagini; Blue lotusGirl
NeelkamalIndianBlue lotusGirl
NeelkamalaIndianBlue lotusGirl
NeerajaIndianLotus; Born from waterGirl
NeerajaIndianLotus flowerGirl
NiharikaIndianNebula; A girl who is admired by looking itselfGirl
NiharikaIndianNebula; Admired for looksGirl
NiharikaIndianThe girl who is admired by looking itselfGirl
NikitaIndianVictorious; Unconquered; Earth; GangesGirl
NithaIndianCarried; RedGirl
NiveditaIndianOffered to god; One dedicated to service; SurrenderedGirl
NiveditaIndianDedicated to service; Surrendered; Offered to GodGirl
NiveditaIndianOffered to god; SurrenderedGirl
OmvatiIndianSacred; Having the power of OmGirl
PadmaIndianLotus; Goddess LaxmiGirl
PadmagrihaIndianOne who resides in a lotusGirl
PadmagrihaIndianOne who resides in lotusGirl
PadmagrihaIndianWho resides in a lotusGirl
PadmahastaIndianHaving lotus like handsGirl
PadmahastaIndianHaving lotus like hands; Lord KrishnaGirl
PadmajaIndianBorn of a lotus; Goddess LakshmiGirl
PadmajaIndianBorn from lotus; Goddess LaxmiGirl
PadmajaIndianBorn from lotus; Goddess LakshmiGirl
PadmajaIndianBorn from lotus; LakshmiGirl
PadmajaiIndianBorn from lotus; Goddess LaxmiGirl
PadmajaiIndianBorn from lotus; LakshmiGirl
PadmajaiIndianBorn of a lotus; Goddess LakshmiGirl
PadmajaiIndianBorn from lotus; Goddess LakshmiGirl
PadmakaliIndianLotus budGirl
PadmakshiIndianOne with lotus like eyesGirl
PadmakshyaIndianLotus eyedGirl
PadmakshyaIndianOne with lotus like eyesGirl
PadmalayaIndianLake of lotusesGirl
PadmalayaIndianLake of lotusGirl
PadmalochanaIndianLotus eyedGirl
PadmamaladharaIndianWearer of lotus garlandGirl
PadmamukhiIndianLotus facedGirl
PadmapriyaIndianLover of lotusGirl
PadmapriyaIndianLover of lotus; Goddess LakshmiGirl
PadmapriyaIndianLover of lotus; Goddess LaxmiGirl
PadmarekhaIndianLotus like lines on palmGirl
PadmaroopaIndianLike a lotusGirl
PadmashriIndianDivine lotusGirl
PadmasundariIndianBeautiful like the lotusGirl
PadmavasaIndianOne who resided in lotus; Goddess LaxmiGirl
PadmavasaIndianOne who resided in lotusGirl
PadminiIndianLotus; Goddess LakshmiGirl
PadminiIndianLotus; Goddess LaxmiGirl
PadmodbhavaIndianOne who emerged out of the lotusGirl
PankajaIndianLotus flower; Mud bornGirl
PankajadhariniIndianLotus holderGirl
PankajadhariniIndianLotus holder.Girl
PanyaIndianAdmired; Glorious; ExcellentGirl
PavanaIndianHoly; SacredGirl
PoornakamalaIndianA blooming lotusGirl
PoornakamalaIndianBlooming lotusGirl
RajiviniIndianCollection of blue lotusGirl
RatanjaliIndianRed sandal woodGirl
SamidhaIndianAn offering for a sacred fireGirl
SamidhaIndianOffering for a sacred fireGirl
SarojiniIndianIn the lotusGirl
SathaIndianDishonest; HundredGirl
SauraIndianCelestial; Sacred to the sunGirl
SetuIndianSacred symbolGirl
ShatakshiIndianOne with hundreds of eyes; Goddess ParvatiGirl
ShoniIndianOne of complexion of red lotusGirl
ShreyaIndianBeautiful; Auspicious; Better; To give credit to someoneGirl
ShrigeetaIndianSacred GeetaGirl
SomyaIndianSoft naturedGirl
SougandikaIndianSacred riverGirl
SougandikaIndianSacred river; Good smellGirl
SragviIndianSacred Tulsi plant (Basil)Girl
SragviIndianTulsi; Sacred Basil plantGirl
SunandaIndianPleasing; Sweet naturedGirl
SuparnaIndianLeafy; Lotus; Goddess ParvatiGirl
SuriIndianRed roseGirl
ThamaraiIndianLotus; Pure and LovelyGirl
ThamaraiIndianLotus flower; Pure and lovelyGirl
ThamaraiIndianLotus flower; Pure and lovelyGirl
TriparnaIndianLeaf of sacred baelGirl
TriveniIndianConfluence of three sacred river Ganga; Yamuna and SaraswatiGirl
TriveniIndianConfluence of three sacred riversGirl
TriveniIndianConfluence of three sacred river Ganga; Yamuna and SaraswatiGirl
TulasiIndianA sacred plant Tulsi (Basil)Girl
TulasiIndianA sacred plant (Basil)Girl
TulasiIndianSacred plant (Basil)Girl
TulsiIndianSacred plant (Basil)Girl
TulsiIndianSacred plantGirl
UdvitaIndianRiver filled with lotus flowersGirl
UtpalaIndianFilled with lotus; River; LotusGirl
UtpalaIndianFilled with lotuses; A riverGirl
UtpalaIndianLotus; Filled with lotus; A riverGirl
UtpaliniIndianLotus pondGirl
VedanshiIndianThe part of the sacred knowledgeGirl
VishakhaIndianStar; A Nakshatra; UnconqueredGirl

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