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Sibling names for 'Banuhufriz' (Please check and change above options to get desired result)
 Name Origin Meaning Gender
AbadanIndian Boy
AbadardIndian Boy
AbadiIndian Boy
AbanIndianMore clearBoy
AbarjaIndian Boy
AbtumIndian Boy
AdarIndian Boy
AdarbadIndian Boy
AdarbahramIndian Boy
AdarburzinIndian Boy
AdarburzinmeherIndian Boy
AdarfirozIndian Boy
AdarfraIndian Boy
AdargushnaspIndian Boy
AdarhormazdIndian Boy
AdarhoshangIndian Boy
AdarjiIndian Boy
AdarkhordadIndian Boy
AdarkhurshidIndian Boy
AdarmahIndian Boy
AdarmardIndian Boy
AdarpadyavandIndian Boy
AdarvanIndian Boy
AdelIndianJust; Upright; JusticeBoy
AdelIndian Boy
AdilIndianJust; Upright; JusticeBoy
AdilIndian Boy
AdilIndianSincere; JustBoy
AdroIndian Boy
AdviIndian Boy
AfivehIndian Boy
AflatunIndian Boy
AhumstutIndian Boy
AhunIndian Boy
AiryamanIndian Boy
AmardadIndian Boy
AmavandIndian Boy
AnaoshakIndian Boy
AnoshIndian Boy
AnoshiruvanIndian Boy
AorangIndian Boy
AoshnarIndian Boy
AparvizIndian Boy
ArashIndian Boy
ArashIndianTruthfulness; Bright; HeroBoy
ArastiIndian Boy
ArawaostraIndian Boy
ArdafravashIndian Boy
ArdakhorehIndian Boy
ArdashirIndianRighteous rulerBoy
ArdashirIndian Boy
ArdavirafIndian Boy
ArdeshirIndian Boy
ArdvanIndian Boy
ArdwahishtIndian Boy
ArminIndian Boy
ArshakIndian Boy
ArshamaIndian Boy
ArshanIndian Boy
ArshavirIndian Boy
ArshisIndian Boy
ArtaIndian Boy
ArtafarnisIndian Boy
ArtavardiyaIndian Boy
ArtawahishtaIndian Boy
ArvandIndian Boy
AryaburzinIndian Boy
AryameherIndian Boy
ArzaniIndian Boy
AsdinIndian Boy
AsfandiarIndian Boy
AshavahishtIndian Boy
AshrafIndian Boy
AshrafIndianMost HonorableBoy
AshtadIndian Boy
AspandadIndian Boy
AspandyarIndian Boy
AspantamanIndian Boy
AsratIndian Boy
AstohIndian Boy
AtarsIndian Boy
AtbinIndian Boy
AthrinaIndian Boy
AurashaspaIndian Boy
AurvataspIndian Boy
AushedarIndian Boy
Aushedar-MahIndian Boy
AyanghatIndian Boy
AzadIndianFree; PrinceBoy
AzadIndian Boy
AzadafrozIndian Boy
AzadchehrIndian Boy
AzadmardIndian Boy
AzadsarvIndian Boy
AzarkevanIndian Boy
AzarmigIndian Boy
AzarzushnesIndian Boy
AzmanIndian Boy
BabakIndian Boy
BabakIndianLittle FatherBoy
BaghodatIndian Boy
BahadurIndianWarrior; Brave; BoldBoy
BahadurIndian Boy
BahmanIndian Boy
BahmanIndianGood mind; Avalanche; 11th month of Iranian calendarBoy
BahmanyarIndian Boy
BahmardIndian Boy
BahramIndian Boy
BahramIndianVictory; MarsBoy
BahramchobinIndian Boy
BahramdadIndian Boy
BahramgorIndian Boy
BahramianIndian Boy
BakhtafridIndian Boy
BakhtafritIndian Boy
BakhtyarIndian Boy
BalashIndian Boy
BamanjiIndian Boy
BamdatIndian Boy
BamshadIndian Boy
BapujiIndian Boy
BarazIndian Boy
BarjorjiIndian Boy
BarmanIndian Boy
BarzuIndian Boy
BastavarIndian Boy
BasturIndian Boy
BehbudIndian Boy
BehruzIndian Boy
BehruzIndianFortunate; Good DayBoy
BehzadIndian Boy
BejanjiIndian Boy
BeramjiIndian Boy
BerezavantIndian Boy
BezanIndian Boy
BhikhajiIndian Boy
BhimjiIndian Boy
BokhtarIndian Boy
BorjisIndian Boy
BundarIndian Boy
BurjorIndian Boy
BurzafrahIndian Boy
BurzafridIndian Boy
BurzaspIndian Boy
BurzinIndian Boy
BurzincheherIndian Boy
BurzinkurushIndian Boy
BurzinmeherIndian Boy
BuzargmeherIndian Boy
ChakhravatIndian Boy
ChaxshnushIndian Boy
CheherazadIndian Boy
ChubindadIndian Boy
DadabhaiIndian Boy
DadafarinIndian Boy
DadarIndian Boy
DadbandadIndian Boy
DadburzinIndian Boy
DadfarukIndian Boy
DadfiruzIndian Boy
DadgarIndian Boy
DadiIndian Boy
DadmeherIndian Boy
DaenovajanghIndian Boy
DajibhaiIndian Boy
DaneshvarIndian Boy
DanishIndianOne who is merciful and fore seeningBoy
DaraIndian Boy
DaraIndianWealthy; Star; Possessor; SovereignBoy
DarabIndian Boy
DarabshahIndian Boy
DarashaIndian Boy
DarashahIndian Boy
DarayusIndian Boy
DarazdastIndian Boy
DariusIndian Boy
DaryusIndian Boy
DastanIndian Boy
DavrameshiIndian Boy
DehmeherIndian Boy
DelafruzIndian Boy
DelawarIndian Boy
DelirIndian Boy
DelsuzIndian Boy
DhanjibhaiIndian Boy
DhanjishaIndian Boy
DilbezIndian Boy
DinpanahIndian Boy
DinshaIndian Boy
DinshahIndian Boy
DinshawIndian Boy
DinyarIndian Boy
DivbandIndian Boy
DorabjiIndian Boy
DosabhaiIndian Boy
DravaspIndian Boy
EdaljiIndian Boy
EmetIndian Boy
ErachIndian Boy
ErachjiIndian Boy
ErachshaIndian Boy
ErezwaIndian Boy
ErezwandIndian Boy
FakirjiIndian Boy
FaramrozeIndian Boy
FaravindadIndian Boy
FardadIndian Boy
FardunjiIndian Boy
FaredunIndian Boy
FarhadIndian Boy
FarhangIndianGood breedingBoy
FariburzIndian Boy
FaridoonIndian Boy
FaridoonIndianThrice strongBoy
FarkhanIndian Boy
FarkhanehIndian Boy
FarkhozadIndian Boy
FarnbagIndian Boy
FarrokhIndian Boy
FarrokhIndianHappy; FortunateBoy
FarrokhanIndian Boy
FarrokhbakhshIndian Boy
FarrokhbondadIndian Boy
FarrokhhormazdIndian Boy
FarrokhmardIndian Boy
FarrokhnezadIndian Boy
FarrokhruzIndian Boy
FarrokhzadIndian Boy
FarrokhzadIndianHappily bornBoy
FarsakIndian Boy
FarudIndian Boy
FarzanIndian Boy
FerozgarIndian Boy
FirdousIndian Boy
FirdousiIndian Boy
FirozjiIndian Boy
FirozshaIndian Boy
FrahimrawaIndian Boy
FrahisrvaIndian Boy
FramarzIndian Boy
FramjiIndian Boy
FramrozIndian Boy
FrashaoshtraIndian Boy
FrashavardIndian Boy
FravakIndian Boy
FreortisIndian Boy
GaodhastiIndian Boy
GashtahamIndian Boy
GaubruvaIndian Boy
GaveIndian Boy
GayomardIndian Boy
GelshahIndian Boy
GeramigIndian Boy
GevIndian Boy
GhandibhaiIndian Boy
GiraIndian Boy
GoberuIndian Boy
GodrejIndian Boy
GodrezjiIndian Boy
GorazeIndian Boy
GoshnjamIndian Boy
GovadIndian Boy
GudarzIndian Boy
GulshanIndianGarden of flowersBoy
GushnaspIndian Boy
GushtahmIndian Boy
GushtaspIndian Boy
GustadjiIndian Boy
HabubIndian Boy
HaechataspaIndian Boy
HaftanbadIndian Boy
HakhamanishIndian Boy
HardarIndian Boy
HardarashnaIndian Boy
HirajiIndian Boy
HirjiIndian Boy
HirjibhaiIndian Boy
HomIndian Boy
HomaIndian Boy
HomfrashmiIndian Boy
HomjiIndian Boy
HomyarIndian Boy
HormasjiIndian Boy
HormazdIndian Boy
HormazdIndianDivinity of wisdomBoy
HormazdadIndian Boy
HormazdyarIndian Boy
HoshIndian Boy
HoshangIndian Boy
HoshedarIndian Boy
HoshedarmahIndian Boy
HoshyarIndian Boy
HuafridIndian Boy
HuafritaIndian Boy
HuchithraIndian Boy
HukhshthraIndian Boy
HusravIndian Boy
HutanIndian Boy
HuvaspaIndian Boy
HuzvakIndian Boy
HvarechaeshmanIndian Boy
HvarechithrairanshahIndian Boy
IsatvastraIndian Boy
IshvatIndian Boy
IzadIndian Boy
IzadyarIndian Boy
JahanIndian Boy
JahanIndianThe WorldBoy
JahanabadIndian Boy
JahanbaxIndian Boy
JahandarIndianPossessor of the worldBoy
JahandarIndian Boy
JahangirIndianWorld conqueror; World rulerBoy
JahangirIndian Boy
JahanjuyIndian Boy
JahanmardIndian Boy
JahanshahIndianKing of the world; Emperor of the worldBoy
JahanshahIndian Boy
JahansuzIndian Boy
JalbhaiIndian Boy
JamaspIndian Boy
JamaspjiIndian Boy
JamshedIndian Boy
JamshedIndianShining riverBoy
JamshedjiIndian Boy
JamshirIndian Boy
JanafruzIndian Boy
JandalIndian Boy
JangiIndian Boy
JavanmardIndian Boy
JavidanIndian Boy
JehanIndian Boy
JehangirIndianAkbar's son; Lord of universeBoy
JehangirIndian Boy
JijibhaiIndian Boy
JivajiIndian Boy
JivanjiIndian Boy
KabujivaIndian Boy
KaiIndian Boy
KaikhosruIndian Boy
KaikobadIndian Boy
KaiomarzIndian Boy
KambujiyaIndian Boy
KambujiyaIndianHandsome kingBoy
KamdeleIndian Boy
KamranIndian Boy
KamranIndianSuccessful; FortunateBoy
KamusIndian Boy
KaranIndianKarna; The first born of KuntiBoy
KaranIndianKarna; First born of KuntiBoy
KaranIndianKarna; The firstborn of KuntiBoy
KaranIndianInstrument; The firstborn of KuntiBoy
KaranIndian Boy
KaranIndianA warrior; Instrument; Karna; First born of KuntiBoy
KarlmanIndian Boy
KausIndian Boy
KavannushIndian Boy
KavasIndian Boy
KavashaIndian Boy
KavasjiIndian Boy
KavayIndian Boy
KavehIndian Boy
KayIndian Boy
KayanIndian Boy
KayanIndianName of a dynasty of king KaikobadBoy
KayanIndianThe name of a dynasty of king KaikobadBoy
KayanshahIndian Boy
KayaraxIndian Boy
KayarminIndian Boy
KaygushtaspIndian Boy
KaykausIndian Boy
Kay-KhosrawIndian Boy
KaykhusruIndian Boy
KaylohraspIndian Boy
KaynashninIndian Boy
KayomarsIndian Boy
KaypassenIndian Boy
KayrasIndian Boy
KayvishtaspIndian Boy
KayzadIndian Boy
KeahnIndian Boy
KekiIndian Boy
KerbadIndian Boy
KerbadjiIndian Boy
KerfegarIndian Boy
KermanshahIndian Boy
KersaspIndian Boy
KeshwadIndian Boy
KevanIndian Boy
KevanIndianComely; Loved oneBoy
KhanvantIndian Boy
KharadIndian Boy
KharshedjiIndian Boy
KhavarIndian Boy
KhodabaxIndian Boy
KhojastehIndian Boy
KhordadIndian Boy
KhorehomandIndian Boy
KhorramIndian Boy
KhorushaspIndian Boy
KhosravIndian Boy
KhubchehrIndian Boy
KhubruyIndian Boy
KhubyarIndian Boy
KhudabandehIndian Boy
KhudabaxIndian Boy
KhudadadIndian Boy
KhudamardIndian Boy
KhudamoradIndian Boy
KhudaparashtIndian Boy
KhudaramIndian Boy
KhudavandIndian Boy
KhudavandehIndian Boy
KhudayadIndian Boy
KhudayarIndian Boy
KhufiruzIndian Boy
KhurdadIndian Boy
KhursandIndian Boy
KhurshedIndian Boy
KhurshidIndian Boy
KhurshidchehrIndian Boy
KhushchehrIndian Boy
KhushmanishIndian Boy
KhushmastaIndian Boy
KhushnavazIndian Boy
KhushrodIndian Boy
KhusruIndian Boy
KhwarshedIndian Boy
KingsleyIndian Boy
KobadIndian Boy
KurushIndianLike the sunBoy
KurushIndian Boy
KuvarjiIndian Boy
LalIndianLovely; Beloved; Dear one; Red colorBoy
LavjiIndian Boy
LeonIndian Boy
LeonIndianLion; BraveBoy
LimjiIndian Boy
LimjibhaiIndian Boy
LohraspIndian Boy
MabrinIndian Boy
MahburzinIndian Boy
MahdatIndian Boy
MahmeherIndian Boy
MahnahidIndian Boy
MahraspandIndian Boy
MahruyIndian Boy
MahtabIndianLight of moonBoy
MahvandadIndian Boy
MahvirIndian Boy
MahyarIndian Boy
ManakjiIndian Boy
ManakshaIndian Boy
MancherjiIndian Boy
ManchershaIndian Boy
ManiIndianOne who preventsBoy
ManushIndian Boy
ManushkhunarfIndian Boy
ManushkhurnerIndian Boy
MardanIndian Boy
MardanshahIndian Boy
MardbudIndian Boy
MarrzbanIndian Boy
MarzbanIndian Boy
MediomahIndian Boy
MehbazuIndian Boy
MehbudIndian Boy
MeherIndian Boy
MeherabIndian Boy
MeherabadIndian Boy
MeherafshanIndian Boy
MeherakIndian Boy
MeheranIndian Boy
MeheraspIndian Boy
MeherbakhshIndian Boy
MeherbanIndian Boy
MeherburzinIndian Boy
MeherdadIndian Boy
MeherdadIndianGiven by the sunBoy
MehernarsehIndian Boy
MehernoshIndian Boy
MeherojIndian Boy
MehersanIndian Boy
MeheruzIndian Boy
MeherwanIndian Boy
MeheryarIndian Boy
MeherzadIndian Boy
MerjibhaiIndian Boy
MervanjiIndian Boy
MihrIndian Boy
MinochehrIndian Boy
MinooIndian Boy
MohorIndian Boy
MotabhaiIndian Boy
MuradIndianWish; ProwessBoy
MuradIndianWish; DesireBoy
MuradIndian Boy
MurdadIndian Boy
NadarshaIndian Boy
NadirIndianDear; Rare; Precious; PinnacleBoy
NadirIndian Boy
NamdarIndian Boy
NanabhaiIndian Boy
NaorozjiIndian Boy
NaoruzIndian Boy
NaoshadIndian Boy
NaotarIndian Boy
NaozadIndian Boy
NarimanIndian Boy
NarimanzadehIndian Boy
NarsehIndian Boy
NasarvanjiIndian Boy
NashaIndian Boy
NashakIndian Boy
NavdarIndian Boy
NavrozIndianA Parsi festivalBoy
NavrozIndianA Parsee festivalBoy
NavrozIndianParsi festivalBoy
NavzarIndian Boy
NawazishIndian Boy
NazbanIndian Boy
NekchehrIndian Boy
NekdelIndian Boy
NekmardIndian Boy
NerlosanghIndian Boy
NevazarIndian Boy
NimrustamIndian Boy
NivedIndian Boy
NonIndian Boy
NoshirwanIndian Boy
NoshzadIndian Boy
NotrigaIndian Boy
NushIndian Boy
NushadarIndian Boy
NushazarIndian Boy
NushzadIndian Boy
NuvedIndian Boy
OrvadaspIndian Boy
PabandIndian Boy
PadmaniIndian Boy
PahalvanIndian Boy
PahlawanIndian Boy
PaitiraspaIndian Boy
PaktanIndian Boy
PalanjiIndian Boy
PalashIndianFlowering; TreeBoy
PalashIndianA FloweringBoy
PalashIndian Boy
ParastarIndian Boy
ParinIndianAnother name for lord GaneshaBoy
ParinIndian Boy
ParinIndianLord GaneshBoy
ParvandaIndian Boy
ParvezIndian Boy
ParvizIndian Boy
ParvizIndianFortunate; Happy; VictoriousBoy
ParwezIndianFortunate; Happy; VictoriousBoy
ParwezIndianVictorious peaceBoy
ParwezIndian Boy
PashanghIndian Boy
PashinIndian Boy
PedramIndian Boy
PerochIndian Boy
PerozIndian Boy
PerozshahIndian Boy
PersheusIndian Boy
PerwezIndian Boy
PeshotanIndian Boy
PeshotanjiIndian Boy
PestanjiIndian Boy
PeteraspIndian Boy
PirangushnaspIndian Boy
PirgushnaspIndian Boy
PiruzIndian Boy
PishanIndian Boy
PishishyaothnaIndian Boy
PishkarIndian Boy
PishkasirIndian Boy
PisnanghIndian Boy
PochajiIndian Boy
PoladIndian Boy
PorgavIndian Boy
PourushaspaIndian Boy
PuladIndian Boy
PuladvandIndian Boy
RahamIndian Boy
RakhohIndian Boy
RamIndianLord Rama; God; Supreme spiritBoy
RamIndianLord Rama; God; Supreme spirit; CharmingBoy
RamIndian Boy
RamIndianLord VishnuBoy
RambaxIndian Boy
RambeheshtIndian Boy
RamburzinIndian Boy
RamdinIndian Boy
RamgushnaspIndian Boy
RaminIndian Boy
RamishtIndian Boy
RamyarIndian Boy
RangushtarIndian Boy
RanjishnIndian Boy
RashidIndian Boy
RashidIndianRationale; Pretend; Intelligent; Brave; Wise; MatureBoy
RashnaIndian Boy
RastamjiIndian Boy
RatanjiIndian Boy
RatanshaIndian Boy
RatushtarIndian Boy
RayomandIndian Boy
RehanIndian Boy
RewnizIndian Boy
RointanIndian Boy
RoshanIndian Boy
RostamjiIndian Boy
RoyintanIndian Boy
RozafzunIndian Boy
RozbaharIndian Boy
RozmeherIndian Boy
RuintonIndian Boy
RushadIndian Boy
RustamIndian Boy
RustamIndianBrave fighterBoy
RustamIndianLarge; Very tallBoy
RustamjiIndian Boy
RuzbehIndian Boy
RuzevehIndian Boy
SaenIndian Boy
SafnaIndian Boy
SahamIndian Boy
SaharIndianSun; DawnBoy
SahemIndian Boy
SahiIndian Boy
SalmIndian Boy
SamIndian Boy
SamIndianStrong personBoy
SantokjiIndian Boy
SarafrazIndian Boy
SaroshIndian Boy
SaroshyarIndian Boy
SarushIndian Boy
SarvarIndian Boy
SarvazadIndian Boy
SarvinIndian Boy
SarvinIndianBest Archer; God of LoveBoy
SasanIndian Boy
SasanIndianFounder of the Sasani dynastyBoy
SavakshaIndian Boy
ShahIndian Boy
ShahakIndian Boy
ShahamIndian Boy
ShahanIndian Boy
ShahbahramIndian Boy
ShahdanIndian Boy
ShahenIndian Boy
ShahfiruzIndian Boy
ShahjahanIndianKing of the worldBoy
ShahjahanIndian Boy
ShahmardIndian Boy
ShahmardanIndian Boy
ShahpurIndian Boy
ShahpurIndianSon of the kingBoy
ShahrenIndian Boy
ShahrevarIndian Boy
ShahrewarIndian Boy
ShahroakhIndian Boy
ShahrokhIndian Boy
ShahrokhIndianRoyal face; Face of the kingBoy
ShahrudIndian Boy
ShahryarIndian Boy
ShahrzadIndian Boy
ShahvirIndian Boy
ShahzadIndianPrince; Son of KingBoy
ShahzadIndian Boy
ShapurIndian Boy
ShapurjiIndian Boy
SharukhIndian Boy
SheherazadIndian Boy
SheherbarazIndian Boy
SherfiruzIndian Boy
ShergirIndian Boy
SheriadjiIndian Boy
SheroyIndian Boy
ShershahIndian Boy
ShidaspIndian Boy
ShidushIndian Boy
ShirmardIndian Boy
ShiruyIndian Boy
ShirvanshahIndian Boy
ShirzadIndian Boy
SiamakIndian Boy
SiamakIndianBlack haired manBoy
SiamakIndianSilver flameBoy
SiavakhshIndian Boy
SiavakhshanIndian Boy
SiavaxIndian Boy
SiavushIndianPossessing black stallionsBoy
SiavushIndian Boy
SmardisIndian Boy
SmerdisIndian Boy
SohaIndian Boy
SohrabIndianIllustrious; Shining; BrightBoy
SohrabIndian Boy
SohrkhabIndian Boy
SorabjiIndian Boy
SorushIndianMessenger; AngelBoy
SorushIndian Boy
SpentodadIndian Boy
SpitamanIndian Boy
SpityurIndian Boy
SriroxnaIndian Boy
StivantIndian Boy
SuklajiIndian Boy
SurinIndian Boy
SuroyazatIndian Boy
SusanIndianLord ShivaBoy
SyamakIndian Boy
SyavarshanaIndian Boy
TahmIndian Boy
TahmaspIndian Boy
TahmtanIndian Boy
TahmurasIndian Boy
TajIndian Boy
TakhmaspadaIndian Boy