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Sibling names for 'Edgar' (Please check and change above options to get desired result)
 Name Origin Meaning Gender
AdreaIndianRich; From HadriaGirl
AdreanaIndianRich; From HadriaGirl
AdreeaIndianRich; From HadriaGirl
AdriaIndianRich; From HadriaGirl
AdrianaIndianRich; From HadriaGirl
AdrianahIndianRich; From HadriaGirl
AdrianeIndianRich; From HadriaGirl
AdriannaIndianRich; From HadriaGirl
AdriannahIndianRich; From HadriaGirl
AdrianneIndianRich; From HadriaGirl
AdrieIndianRich; From HadriaGirl
AdrienaIndianRich; From HadriaGirl
AidithEnglishRich battleGirl
AidithIndianRich battleGirl
BerengariEnglishBear SpearGirl
BerengariIndianBear SpearGirl
BerengariaEnglishBear SpearGirl
BerengariaIndianBear SpearGirl
BettinaEnglishGod is my oath; BlessedGirl
BettinaIndianGod is my oath; BlessedGirl
EdaEnglishRich battleGirl
EdaIndianRich battleGirl
EddaEnglishRich battleGirl
EddaIndianRich battleGirl
EdieEnglishRich battle; Rich fortuneGirl
EdieIndianRich battle; Rich fortuneGirl
EdinaEnglishRich friendGirl
EdinaIndianRich friendGirl
EditEnglishRich battleGirl
EditIndianRich battleGirl
EdithEnglishRich battle; Rich fortuneGirl
EdithIndianRich battle; Rich fortuneGirl
EditheEnglishRich battle; Rich fortuneGirl
EditheIndianRich battle; Rich fortuneGirl
EdweenaEnglishRich friendGirl
EdweenaIndianRich friendGirl
EdwenaEnglishRich friendGirl
EdwenaIndianRich friendGirl
EdwinaEnglishRich friendGirl
EdwinaIndianRich friendGirl
EdwynaEnglishRich friendGirl
EdwynaIndianRich friendGirl
EdytaEnglishRich battleGirl
EdytaIndianRich battleGirl
EdythEnglishRich battleGirl
EdythIndianRich battleGirl
EdythaEnglishRich battle; Rich fortuneGirl
EdythaIndianRich battle; Rich fortuneGirl
EdytheEnglishRich battle; Rich fortuneGirl
EdytheIndianRich battle; Rich fortuneGirl
GeraldineEnglishSpear RulerGirl
GeraldineIndianSpear RulerGirl
GertieEnglishSpear StrengthGirl
GertieIndianSpear StrengthGirl
GertrudeEnglishSpear StrengthGirl
GertrudeIndianSpear StrengthGirl
JeriEnglishSpear RulerGirl
JeriIndianSpear RulerGirl
KenyaEnglishMountain of the OstrichGirl
KenyaIndianMountain of the OstrichGirl
TrudiEnglishSpear StrengthGirl
TrudiIndianSpear StrengthGirl
TrudieEnglishSpear StrengthGirl
TrudieIndianSpear StrengthGirl
TrudyEnglishSpear StrengthGirl
TrudyIndianSpear StrengthGirl