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Name:  Lakshminarayan

List of names similar to 'Lakshminarayan'
 Name Origin Meaning Gender
LakshmanIndianAuspicious; Prosperous; Brother of lord RamaBoy
LakshmanIndianProsperous; Brother of RamaBoy
LakshmanIndianProsperous; Brother of lord RamaBoy
LakshmanapranadataIndianReviver of Lakshmana's LifeBoy
LakshminarayanIndianLakshmi and lord Vishnu togetherBoy
LakshminarayanIndianGoddess Laxmi and lord Vishnu togetherBoy
LakshminarayananIndianLord PerumalBoy
LakshminathIndianConsort of goddess Laxmi; Lord VishnuBoy
LakshminathSanskritConsort of Goddess Lakshmi; Lord VishnuBoy
LaxmanIndianAuspicious; Lord Rama's brotherBoy
LaxmanIndianLord Rama's brotherBoy
LesmanaIndonesianFoolish; NightBoy
LukmanEgyptianA ProphetBoy
LuqmaanIndianA Prophets nameBoy
LuqmanIndianA Prophets nameBoy