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 Sinbad the sailor 
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Short Stories  
     Abandoned   (The Second Voyage of Sinbad the Sailor)

As you know, That on my return from my first voyage, I have decided to spend the rest of the days of my life quietly in Baghdad, but very soon I was worn-out by such an worthless life and longed once more to find myself upon the sea.

Therefore, I gained such goods which were as suitable for the places I planned to visit. And so I entered for the second time in a good ship with other merchants whom I knew are correct men.

We went from island to island also by making often profitable deals. Suddenly, we one day landed at a spot where the land was covered with fruit trees and plenty of springs of excellent water. There were neither houses nor its habitants. While my companions wandered here and there for gathering flowers and fruits, I sat down in a shady place to take a rest, and was heartily enjoying the necessities. I drank the wine that I had further brought with me. After a few minutes I fell asleep, due to the glorious sound of the murmur of a brook which flowed close by.

I don't remember for how long I slept, but when I opened my eyes and started to wander here and there I just observed that I was shocked with horror that I was alone and the ship was no more in the sea. I thought I was in a great trouble and so I rushed to and fro and was confused what to do. I also uttered the cries for help but there was no one to do so, and when from the shore I saw the vessel under full sail just disappearing upon the horizon. I wished bitterly enough that I had been satisfied to stay at home in safety. But since wishes could do me no good, so I presently took courage and looked here and there in search for a means of escape.

Then I climbed a tall tree and I first of all aimed at my worried look towards the sea; but, found nothing hopeful there, so I turned towards the land, and I was excited by a huge glittering white object, so far off that I could not make out what it might be.




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