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     The Happy Man

Once upon a time, there lived a recluse among with his five hundred devotees in the Himalayan mountains. He belonged to a rich Brahmin family and had refused to live the worldly life because of his realization of the humanity of the worldly delights.

One day, the same person along with his five hundred followers visited Varanasi to beg for some place and even to spend the rainy season over there. There, he and his followers were complete with the royal hospitality and served food and shelter in the royal park. At the end of the period at the time in which the rainy season occurs, the ascetic begged for his leave from the king , but the man requested him to stay there for a long time by sending back all of his five hundred followers. The person accepted the royal invitation; and handed over the responsibility on his chief disciple for the care and instructions of all his followers.

Back to the Himalaya, the chief disciple release his duty somewhat carefully. Moreover, having spent there for a few months, he one day came back again to the royal park in Varanasi to pay duty to his guru. There, he described him of the activities of his followers in the Himalayas and wanted necessary guidance for future way of deed.

When the chief disciple was held in discussion with the guru, the king, too, arrived there. The chief disciple was, however, unaware of the king’s arrival and so he did not stand up to greet and honor him. The king instead heard him uttering, “Oh, what a great pleasure !” The king thought the disciple was greedy and was expressing his fulfillment after eating some royal dishes, which are shortly available in forests. So, he gave a disapproving look at the visiting man.

The guru, however, read the mind of the king. So, to satisfy the king he introduced the chief disciple and open his earlier uniqueness. He told the king that the disciple was the ruler of a kingdom, which happened to be much mightier than the kingdom of Varanasi. Further, the statement of “great pleasure”, which he had just made, were the expressions of the pleasure of the life of a loner, which he had never experience during the days of his ruling of his kingdom. The king then realized his doubt in the chief disciple and felt ashamed and said sorry.




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