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 Sinbad the sailor 
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Short Stories  
     The Land of Cannibals   (The Fourth Voyage of Sinbad the Sailor)

I was Rich and was very Happy after my third voyage, I could not think to stay  within home altogether. My love of trading, and the pleasure I took in anything that was new and strange, made me set my dealings in order, and begin my journey through some of the Persian territory, having first sent off stores of goods to await my coming in the different places I planned to visit.

I sailed the ship at a distance seaport, and for some time each and everything went very well, but at last, being caught in a violent hurricane, our ship became a total ruin in spite of all our worthy captain could do to save it, and many of our companions vanished in the waves.

I with a few left with us, had the good opportunity to be washed onto the land hang to pieces of the wreck, for the storm had driven us near an island, and mess up away from the reach of the waves we threw ourselves down quite worn out, to wait for morning.

At daylight we wandered inland, and soon saw some huts, to which we moved towards it. As we went near, there the black inhabitants appeared in front of us  in a great number and surrounded us, and we were led to their houses, and as it were divided among our captors. I with five others was taken into a hut, where we were made to sit upon the ground, and certain herbs were given to us, which they made signs to us roe eating it.

I harshly observed that they themselves did not touch those herbs, I was careful only to make up to taste my portion; but my companions, being very hungry, hurriedly ate up all that was set before them, and very soon I had the horror of seeing them become perfectly mad. Though they chattered incessantly I could not understand a word they said, nor did they notice when I spoke to them.

The inhabitants now appeared a large bowls in front of us which was full of rice prepared with cocoanut oil, of which my crazy companion ate eagerly, but I only tasted a few grains, understanding clearly that the aim of the blacks was to make us fat speedily for their own meal, and this was exactly what happened. My unlucky companions having lost their reason, felt neither worry nor fear, and ate greedily all that was offered to them.

So they were soon fat and they were now ended, but I grew slim day by day, for I ate but little, and even that little did me no good by reason of my fear of what lay before me. However, as I was so far from being a attractive piece, I was allowed to wander about freely, and one day, when all the blacks had gone off upon some mission leaving only an old man to guard me, I managed to escape from him and entered into the forest, running faster the more he cried to me to come back, until I had completely distanced away from him.




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