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 Sinbad the sailor 
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Short Stories  
     The Last Adventure   (The Seventh Voyage of Sinbad the Sailor)

I was settled with him till the monsoon was arrived, and every day we tried our best to the store of ivory till the time  his store-house was fully overflowed with it. Very soon all the other merchants came to know about this secret, but there was enough of it to be shared within them all. When all the ships at last arrived my master himself chose the one for me in which I was to sail, and guard me for a great store of choicest necessities, also ivory in plenty, and all the expensive interests of the country, for which I was unable to thank him for his pleasures upon me, and so we parted.

I left the ship in the first port towards which we sailed, not feeling at the easiness upon the sea after all that had happened to me through the reason of it, and having exchanged of my ivory for much gold, and also for many unusual and costly presents, I weighed down my pack animals, and joined a parade of the merchants. Our journey was too long and dull, but I tolerated it with patience, thinking that at least I would not have to fear any type of the tempests, neither pirates, nor the serpents, and not even any of the other hazard from which I had suffered long before in any of my voyages, and finally we reached to Baghdad.

The first thing that was to be done by me was to present myself before the Caliph, and give him the account of my mission. He guaranteed me that my long absence had concerned him a lot, but he had however still hoped for the best. As to my adventures, the one among the elephants he heard it with amazement, saying that it was impossible to believe what ever I said and also not my frankness was been well known to him.

Through his permissions and order to the commanders my stories of all of the voyages I introduced to him was written in his scribes with the bold gold letters, and was arranged among his treasures. I took my leave from there, well pleased with the tribute and rewards he present upon me; and since from that time itself I have rested from my efforts and hard works, and give it a rest to my family and my friends.

Thus Sinbad in this way ended the story of his seventh and the last voyage, and turning towards Hindbad he said:

"Well, my friend, and what do you think now? Have you ever heard of anyone who has suffered more than me, or had more tapered escapes than I have? Is it not just that I should now enjoy a life of easiness and stillness?"

Hindbad came near, and kissing his hand respectfully, replied, "Sir, you have in fact known fearful threats; my troubles have been nothing compared the one to yours. Moreover, the charitable use you make of your wealth proves that you deserve it May you live long and happily life in the enjoyment of it."

Sinbad then gave him a hundred tinsels, and since that time he counted him among his friends; also he caused him to give up his occupation as a porter, and to eat daily at his table that he might all his life remember ''Sinbad the Sailor''.




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