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Short Stories  
     The Naive House Holder

Once, there was a tender house-holder who lived in a place named Kashi. At that time there was severely heavy rainfall which carried away all the grains from the farms; and there was famine in the village. So, the villagers along with the house-holder went to the regional headman and asked him for some help for them all. The headman gave them an ox in loan against the agreement that the repayment shall be made within two months when the maize crop would be ripen.

The wife of the house-holder was a woman who had a very lesser good values in her. She was having an affair with the village headman. The naïve householder, by some means, came to know that his wife was not loyal. So, one day, he told his wife that he was going abroad and left his house. The head-man then looked for such a nice opportunity and he immediately get into the house-holder’s place. But when the woman and the headman were having a good time, the householder returned to the surprise of the two people.

The headman was then scared at his arrival. But the woman relieve her by saying that there was nothing to bother as she had a plan to trick her naïve husband; and they hurriedly acted accordingly as per her plan.

When the householder entered the house, he saw the headman standing in the middle of the house. He was then acting to shout at his wife, “return my ox or its price.” The wife, who was standing on the garner to pretend as if she was guarding it, shouted back, “We have no rice in the granary and we can’t pay you.” The man immediately knew what was being cooked there, because neither the headman was supposed to ask for the repayment of the loan before two months; nor there was any grain in the garner for his wife to guard.

So, he first caught hold of the headman by his hair and kept on hitting him until he fainted. Next, he turned to his wife and caught hold of her and gave her a strict warning to stop acting like a bitch.

Since then, neither the headman ever dared to look at householder’s place; nor his wife dared to misbehave.




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