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Short Stories  
     The Temptation of Isisanga

Once there was a young man who lived in an well-educated family. He was well-experienced in various arts and crafts. Still, he did not live a life of a house-holder as he wanted to become an ascetic. So, he construct a hermitage on the bank of the river Ganga in the Himalaya and lived there alone.

One day, there came a doe who drank water in the place where the ascetic had just taken bath. The water there was mingled with the ascetic’s semen. So, as soon as she drank the water she form the ascetic’s baby. The ascetic soon noticed the changes taking place in the doe’s body, and came to know what had happened to her. So, he took care of her properly. As the time passed away, the doe delivered a male baby, who was named as Isisanga.

The sage brought him up with fatherly love and when the boy was young enough to learn he taught him spiritual practices, too. The boy was very interested. Soon he proved his excellence in meditation and other spiritual activity.

Realizing his capability and ability the sage warned him by saying,
      "In this Himalayan region the women are as fair as flowers
       But they may be destructive if you fall in their powers."

After conveying these instructions the ascetic died.

On the spot, Isisanga became an keen ascetic and perfected the most difficult forfeit and intelligence, which shook the Sakka’s residence. Shaken and frightened by the practices of the young man, Sakka sent the most gorgeous heavenly nymph to the young ascetic to attract him. Her name was Alambusa. Though a issue of the heavenly king, she begged release from carrying out such an order as she considered it to be a terrible act. Yet, maintained by her lord, she arrived on the earth with all her beauty and enthusiasm to attract Isisanga.

She made a sudden arrival before him when he was walking to the river to have his holy bath. Impressed by such a heavenly beauty and attracted by her style he forgot everything but to remember to sing every word of praise for her voluptuous looks right from her hair to her feet. Knowing that she was just about to succeed in her mission, she did not waste a single moment and invited him to follow her by her loving glimpse. She then entered his cottage. The young ascetic, forgetful of all his vows, followed her inside and fall into her cuddle.

The doe drinking the water where Isisanga had taken a holy dip.

When the ascetic could awake from her cuddle, three years had passed; and all his spiritual achievements had misplaced. Thus, realizing his severe losses he started crying. The kind nymph then exposed her mission with an guilt and said sorry to him and shared his sorrow. The ascetic wore no cruelty against her and pardoned her.

After the finish of her mission, she get on the golden chariot and flew back to her heavenly abode. When applaud and celebrated by Sakka for having skilled her task so thoroughly, she was not pleased to the surprise of the lord of the devas. Further, when Sakka offered her to ask for any bonus she said,
     "O Lord of Heaven! If thou desire any boon to confer
     Then never ask me to make any saint break up his vow."




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