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List of Names meaning 'Little Girl'

AcelinEnglishLittle Noble OneBoy
AcelinIndianLittle Noble OneBoy
AcelineEnglishLittle Noble OneGirl
AcelineIndianLittle Noble OneGirl
AdelineEnglishLittle NobleGirl
AdelineIndianLittle NobleGirl
AilaEnglishLittle EveGirl
AilaIndianLittle EveGirl
AileeEnglishLittle EveGirl
AileeIndianLittle EveGirl
AileenEnglishLittle EveGirl
AileenIndianLittle EveGirl
AileneEnglishLittle EveGirl
AileneIndianLittle EveGirl
AileyEnglishLittle EveGirl
AileyIndianLittle EveGirl
AilieEnglishLittle EveGirl
AilieIndianLittle EveGirl
AkilinaGreekLittle EagleGirl
AlanEnglishLittle Rock,  HandsomeBoy
AlanIndianLittle Rock,  HandsomeBoy
AlanaEnglishLittle Rock,  BeautifulGirl
AlanaIndianLittle Rock,  BeautifulGirl
AlanisEnglishLittle Rock,  BeautifulGirl
AlanisIndianLittle Rock,  BeautifulGirl
AlannEnglishLittle Rock,  HandsomeBoy
AlannIndianLittle Rock,  HandsomeBoy
AlannaEnglishLittle Rock,  BeautifulGirl
AlannaIndianLittle Rock,  BeautifulGirl
AlannahEnglishLittle Rock,  BeautifulGirl
AlannahIndianLittle Rock,  BeautifulGirl
AlannisEnglishLittle Rock,  BeautifulGirl
AlannisIndianLittle Rock,  BeautifulGirl
AleenEnglishLittle EveGirl
AleenIndianLittle EveGirl
AlenEnglishLittle Rock,  HandsomeBoy
AlenIndianLittle Rock,  HandsomeBoy
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List of Surnames meaning 'Little Girl'

SurnameOriginIn LocalMeaning
AdcockScottish Little Adam
AlcockEnglish Little Henry
BabcockEnglish Little Bab
BlainEnglish Little Yellow One
BlainGaelic Little Yellow One
BrennanEnglish Descendant of Braonan,  Little drop
BrennanIrish Descendant of Braonan,  Little drop
BroganIrish Descendant of Brogan,  Little shoe
CadenEnglish Little Battle
ChauvinFrench Little bald one
CordellEnglish Rope,  Little Roper
DavinEnglish Little Black One
DavinScottish Little Black One
EvelynEnglish Little Eve
FinneganIrish Tiny Little White One
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Religion:  Christian
Gender:  Boy onlyGirl onlyUnisex
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