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Name  বখ্তা঵র  has  Indian  origin and is shared across persons, who are either  Hindu or Muslim  by religion.
Origin: Indian
Locally: ಬಖ್ತಾವರ,  బఖ్తావర,  பக்தாவர,  বখ্তা঵র,  બખ્તાવર,  ബഖ്താവര,  ਬਖ੍ਤਾਵਰ
Religion: Hindu or Muslim

Origin of name 'বখ্তা঵র'

IndianOne who brings good luckBoy
IndianFortunate,  LuckyGirl
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 Similar sounding names:
 Bachittar,  Bagatur,  Baghadur,  Baghatur,  Bakhtawar,  Bakhtyar,  Bastur,  Baxter,  Bogatyr,  Bogdari,  Bojidar,  Bokhtar,  Bozhidar,  Bozhidara,  Bozidar,  Bozydar,  Buster
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Locally this name is spelled as  ಬಖ್ತಾವರ,  బఖ్తావర,  பக்தாவர,  বখ্তা঵র,  બખ્તાવર,  ബഖ്താവര,  ਬਖ੍ਤਾਵਰ
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