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Name  রাখি  is shared across persons, who are either  Jain or Hindu  by religion. Name রাখি has  Indian  origin.
Religion: Jain or Hindu
Origin: Indian
Rashi: Tula (Libra)
Graha: Venus (Shukra)
Nakshatra: Hastha
Quality of: Librans (Tula)
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Religion of name 'রাখি'

HinduThread of brother and sister bondingGirl
Jain Girl

Rashi of name 'রাখি'

RashiMeaningGenderQuality of
Tula (Libra)Thread of brother and sister bonding,  Bond of protectionGirlLibrans

Graha of name 'রাখি'

Venus (Shukra)Bond of protectionGirl

Nakshatra of name 'রাখি'

HasthaThread of brother-sister bondingGirl
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 Similar sounding names:
 Raajaa,  Raaji,  Raaka,  Raakaa,  Raakhi,  Raashi,  Rach,  Raees,  Raeesah,  Raga,  Raghu,  Ragi,  Rahas,  Raiqa,  Raiqah,  Rais,  Raisa,  Raisah,  Raissa,  Raj,  Raja,  Rajaa,  Raji,  Rajiya,  Rajiyah,  Rajo,  Raju,  Rak,  Raka,  Rakhee
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Locally this name is spelled as  ਰਾਖਿ,  রাখি,  ರಾಖಿ,  ராகி,  രാഖി,  राखी,  રાખિ,  రాఖి
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