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Sibling names for 'যুগান্তর'

AninditaIndianBeautiful,  One who is never speaks ill,  IrreproachableGirl
AnujaIndianGood in everything,  Younger sisterGirl
ApurbaIndianNever seen beforeGirl
ApurvaIndianLike never beforeGirl
ChapalaIndianSwift,  Lightning,  Quick,  Clever,  RestlessGirl
ChaturaIndianClever,  WiseGirl
ChaturyaIndianClever,  SmartGirl
ManodhiniIndianOne who understands everythingGirl
NandaIndianHappiness,  Daughter,  Goddess Durga,  Great achieverGirl
NandanaIndianHappiness,  Daughter,  Goddess Durga,  Great achieverGirl
NeeharikaIndianDew drops,  Silver lining of every cloudGirl
NeeharikaIndianSilver lining of every cloudGirl
NityaIndianConstant,  Eternal,  Goddess Parvati,  Ever presentGirl
NityapriyaIndianEver PleasingGirl
NutiIndianWorship,  Praise,  ReverenceGirl
RamolaIndianOne who takes interest in every thingGirl
RamolaIndianOne who takes interest in everythingGirl
RamolaIndianWho takes interest in everythingGirl
SadhikaIndianAchiever,  Goddess DurgaGirl
SarvajinaIndianGoddess Durga,  One who knows everythingGirl
SasmitaIndianEver SmilingGirl
SiddhiIndianAchievement,  Ever ready to protectGirl
SiddhiIndianAchievement,  Ever ready to protect,  GoddessGirl
SmitaIndianEver smilingGirl
SmitaIndianEver smiling ladyGirl
SmitaIndianSmile,  Ever smiling ladyGirl
SuhasiniIndianEver SmilingGirl
SupriyaIndianBeloved,  One who is loved by everyone,  Well lovedGirl
SupriyaIndianOne who is loved by everyone,  Well lovedGirl
SusilaIndianWife of lord Krishna,  Clever in amorous sciencesGirl
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