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List of Names similar to 'সর্঵শয'

SarvIndian Girl
SarvaIndianLord Krishna,  Lord ShivaBoy
SarvaIndianLord Krishna,  ShivaBoy
SarvabhootahitapradaIndianGranter of universal nicetiesGirl
SarvacharyaIndianPreceptor of allBoy
SarvadIndianLord ShivaBoy
SarvadIndianLord Shiva all bestowingBoy
SarvadIndianLord Shiva,  All bestowingBoy
SarvadamanIndianSon of Shakuntala - BharatBoy
SarvadamanIndianSon of Shakuntala and BharatBoy
SarvadamanIndianSon of Shakuntala BharatBoy
SarvadevIndianLord ShivaBoy
SarvadevatmanIndianAcceptor of all celestial offeringsBoy
SarvadharinIndianLord ShivaBoy
SarvagIndianLord ShivaBoy
SarvagIndianLord Shiva spirit soulBoy
SarvagIndianLord Shiva,  Spirit soulBoy
SarvagjnaIndianGoddess DurgaGirl
SarvagnyIndianAll knowing. Lord VishnuBoy
SarvagnyIndianThe all knowing,  Lord VishnuBoy
SarvahitIndianUseful to allBoy
SarvajinaIndianGoddess Durga,  One who knows everythingGirl
SarvajitIndianAll conqueringBoy
SarvakIndianAll conquering,  WholeBoy
SarvambhIndianLord GaneshBoy
SarvanavelIndianAnother name for lord MuruganBoy
SarvanavelIndianLord MuruganBoy
SarvangIndianLord ShivaBoy
SarvaniIndianDurga,  Universal,  CompleteGirl
SarvaniIndianGoddess Durga,  Universal,  CompleteGirl
SarvapadravanivariniIndian Girl
SarvapadravanivariniIndianDispeller of all distressesGirl
SarvapalakaIndianProtector of all,  Lord KrishnaBoy
SarvarIndian Boy
SarvaraiduIndianRuler of entire universeBoy
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Origin:  Indian
Religion:  ParsiHindu
Gender:  Boy onlyGirl onlyUnisex
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