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With growing economy, globalization and westernization also some time referred as blindly copying or accepting western culture by new generations without applying thoughts, one can now find that many of the Indian family are quickly getting disintegrated either by separation or by divorce, Trend is ever growing and rate of divorce or separation is slowly getting at par with the divorce rate in western countries.

After separation or divorce if the couple is married and has children the first question or legal struggle that happens between them is the division or separation of children’s, sweetly referred by law as a child custody. Even though legal by law, a forceful custody of a child by either parents to satisfy their own personal interest is a most cruel act

Just after the legal fight, both spouses are heavily burned and that the one who got suppressed by the Judgment of court is often in a rage of revenge and another spouse who got favorable judgment is in a thought of further suppressing other spouse. Without second thought they assume their child as commodity and file for their custody. In almost all cases the decision of child custody is not based on love or care for the child but is to get revenge or to further suppress another spouse

A child is a symbol of love that once existed between the married couple. A child is equally dear to both parents (and in-laws); a child needs care from both the parents equally and that too under the same roof. A child finds happiness and is most comfortable when he or she is together with both parent and Further to say the child is not a commodity to be traded in changing hands of parents who for their own interest are depriving the rights of their children

Before the couple apply for the child custody or for that sake before applying for separation or for divorce (link), here are few extract from the independent studies conducted by different sources that may be useful for the couple to understand and in good faith find a suitable settlement (link) rather than going for separation or divorce and later for child custody
  • Swedish study conducted in 2003, stated that children those living with a single parent were about three times more likely to kill themselves or end up in the hospital after an attempted suicide by the age of 26 than children living with two parents

  • Single parent families are at a higher risk of poverty than couple families, and on average a single mothers have poorer health than mothers who lives together with their spouse

  • Many factors influence how children develops, the parent's age, education level, and occupation; the family's income and the family's support network of friends and extended family members (including the non-resident parent, if available). Disadvantages of single parenting is that these factors and resources gets divided

  • The major issue facing single parents and their children in the United States today is poverty. Female-headed single parent families comprise nearly 50% of all families in poverty (U.S. Bureau of the Census). Statistics shown in the U.S. Census Bureau that children raised by both parents grow up with more financial and educational advantages

  • The fact is that children from single family homes can become emotionally distracted or upset and preoccupied by the exposure of their family lives

  • Children of divorced parents face a greater challenge. In a close-knit family oriented society like India, such children feel like outcasts and miss out on the joys of family life

  • Children of divorced parents are reported to have a higher chance of behavioral problems than those of non-divorced parents (a mix of happy and unhappy families). Studies have also reported the former to be more likely to suffer abuse than children in intact families, and to have a greater chance of living in poverty

  • By definition, virtually all children of divorce are from unhappy families; meanwhile, children whose parents never divorced are from some mix of happy families and unhappy ones (parents who stayed married despite an unhappy marital relationship)

  • The Cinderella effect is a term used by psychologists to describe the high incidence of stepchildren being physically abused, emotionally abused, sexually abused, neglected, murdered, or otherwise mistreated at the hands of their stepparents at significantly higher rates than at the hands of their genetic parents. It takes its name from the fairy tale character Cinderella, who in the story was cruelly mistreated by her stepmother and stepsisters

  • The problems often associated with children who grow up in one-parent families are poverty, failure in school, and juvenile delinquency

  • Finally for Husbands, the reason behind every success is a supportive a spouse, so love your wife if you want to be successful

  • And many more similar studies and their finding can be found using search engines
For sake even if you have recently separated or got divorced, and for the sake of future and for wellbeing of children’s both couple can still sort out their difference  and / or can find a mediator or counselor and can still unite again

India Child Names wishes all the best to these couples and prays for their togetherness, happiness and integrity of their family