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Sibling names for 'রিশ্঵ংজাস' (Please check and change above options to get desired result)
 Name Origin Meaning Gender
ApsaraIndianCelestial maiden; Angel; Beautiful dancers of lord IndraGirl
ApsaraIndianAngel; Beautiful dancers of lord IndraGirl
BasabiIndianWife of lord IndraGirl
IndradhwajaIndianWith shoulders like Indra's flagGirl
IndrakantaIndianIndrani (Shachi)Girl
IndraniIndianIndra's wifeGirl
IndraniIndianWife of lord IndraGirl
IndraniIndianWife of IndraGirl
IndrathaIndianPower and dignity of IndraGirl
OindrilaIndianAnother name for the wife of IndraGirl
OindrilaIndianWife of lord IndraGirl
SamabahudhariniIndianWith shoulders like Indra's flagGirl
ShachiIndianGod Indras wifeGirl
ShachiIndianWife of lord IndraGirl
VasaviIndianWife of lord IndraGirl
VasaviIndianWife of IndraGirl