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Sibling names for '঵েদ' (Please check and change above options to get desired result)
 Name Origin Meaning Gender
AashiyanaIndianBeautiful home; Small dwelling; NestGirl
AbhijaataIndianWell bornGirl
AbhijataIndianWell bornGirl
AbhijataIndianWell born womanGirl
AgamyaIndianKnowledge; WisdomGirl
AhdIndianPledge; KnowledgeGirl
AkshataIndianRice; offered as a sacred substance during puja (worship)Girl
AparaIndianMaterialistic KnowledgeGirl
AparaaIndianMaterialistic knowledgeGirl
AsahIndianPlant known for its greennessGirl
BelIndianSacred wood Apple treeGirl
BelIndianSacred wood-apple treeGirl
BharathiIndianGoddess of knowledge and education; Goddess SaraswatiGirl
BharathiIndianGoddess of knowledge and educationGirl
BharatiIndianGoddess of knowledge and education; Goddess SaraswatiGirl
BhootanushrutaIndianWell wisher of bhootaganasGirl
BilvaIndianAuspicious Fruit - Bael; A sacred leafGirl
BilwaIndianAuspicious Fruit - Bael; A sacred leafGirl
ChaitanyaIndianDivine radiance; Consciousness; Life; KnowledgeGirl
GangaIndianSacred riverGirl
GangaIndianRiver Ganga; Sacred riverGirl
GangotriIndianSacred river of IndiaGirl
GodavariIndianRiver Godavari; Sacred river of IndiaGirl
GodavariIndianSacred riverGirl
HiraIndianSacred caveGirl
HitaishiIndianWell wisher; Well to doGirl
HitaishiIndianWell wisherGirl
HitiIndianWell wisherGirl
HoorIndianCelestial maiden; A virgin maiden of paradise for its dwellersGirl
IndrayaniIndianName of sacred riverGirl
IndrayaniIndianName of a sacred riverGirl
IndrayaniIndianThe name of a sacred riverGirl
KapilaIndianCelestial cow; Sacred cowGirl
KapilaIndianSacred cowGirl
KeraniIndianSacred bellsGirl
KetanaIndianHome; DwellingGirl
KumkumIndianVermilion; Sacred powder (red)Girl
KumkumIndianSacred powder; Red; VermilionGirl
KumkumIndianSacred powder; VermillionGirl
NitaIndianGuided; Well behaved; MoralGirl
NitaIndianLed; Guided; Well behavedGirl
OmvatiIndianSacred; Having the power of OmGirl
PavanaIndianHoly; SacredGirl
PradnayaIndianWisdom; Buddhi; KnowledgeGirl
PradnyaIndianWisdom; Buddhi; KnowledgeGirl
PramaIndianKnowledge of truthGirl
PramitiIndianKnowledge of truthGirl
PramitiIndianKnowledge of truth; WisdomGirl
PramitiIndianWisdom; Knowledge of truthGirl
PratithaIndianWell knownGirl
RishikaIndianSaintly; One who is knowledgeableGirl
RitiIndianMemory; Well beingGirl
RitiIndianMemory; Well being; MotionGirl
SajaniIndianBeloved; Loving; Well lovedGirl
SamidhaIndianAn offering for a sacred fireGirl
SamidhaIndianOffering for a sacred fireGirl
SanjnaIndianWell knownGirl
SaraswatiIndianGoddess of knowledgeGirl
SarthakaIndianWell doneGirl
SaukhyadaIndianBestower of well beingGirl
SauraIndianCelestial; Sacred to the sunGirl
SetuIndianSacred symbolGirl
ShilpitaIndianWell proportionedGirl
ShrigeetaIndianSacred GeetaGirl
ShrutiIndianLyrics; Musical notes; Knowledge of VedasGirl
ShrutiIndianKnowledge of Vedas; Musical pitchGirl
ShrutiIndianExpert in Vedas; Knowledge of Vedas; Musical pitch; Having knowledge of scripturesGirl
SougandikaIndianSacred riverGirl
SougandikaIndianSacred river; Good smellGirl
SragviIndianSacred Tulsi plant (Basil)Girl
SragviIndianTulsi; Sacred Basil plantGirl
SubhashiniIndianNice girl; Well spokenGirl
SubhashiniIndianWell spokenGirl
SubhashiniIndianSoft Spoken; Nice girl; Well spokenGirl
SubhasiniIndianSoft Spoken; Nice girl; Well spokenGirl
SuhritaIndianWell disposedGirl
SulakshanaIndianWell brought upGirl
SunitaIndianWell behavedGirl
SunitaIndianOne with good morals; Well behavedGirl
SupritaIndianWell pleasedGirl
SupriyaIndianBeloved; One who is loved by everyone; Well lovedGirl
SupriyaIndianOne who is loved by everyone; Well lovedGirl
TriparnaIndianLeaf of sacred baelGirl
TriveniIndianConfluence of three sacred river Ganga; Yamuna and SaraswatiGirl
TriveniIndianConfluence of three sacred riversGirl
TriveniIndianConfluence of three sacred river Ganga; Yamuna and SaraswatiGirl
TulasiIndianA sacred plant Tulsi (Basil)Girl
TulasiIndianA sacred plant (Basil)Girl
TulasiIndianSacred plant (Basil)Girl
TulsiIndianSacred plant (Basil)Girl
TulsiIndianSacred plantGirl
VaidhrithiIndianWell AdjustedGirl
VedaIndianUnderstanding; Wisdom and knowledgeGirl
VedaIndianKnowledge; WisdomGirl
VedanshiIndianThe part of the sacred knowledgeGirl
VedantiIndianKnower of VedasGirl
VedantiIndianKnower of the VedasGirl
VeekshaIndianVision; KnowledgeGirl
VeeskaIndianVision; KnowledgeGirl
VidhyaIndianWisdom; Knowledge; Learning; Goddess DurgaGirl
VidyaIndianWisdom; Knowledge; Learning; Goddess DurgaGirl
VidyadeviIndianGoddess of knowledgeGirl
VidyadeviIndianGoddess of knowledge; Goddess SaraswatiGirl
VidyadhariIndianPassive of KnowledgeGirl
VineetaIndianUnassuming; Knowledgeable; ModestGirl
VinitaIndianKnowledge; modest; VenusGirl
VinitaIndianRequester; Knowledge; Modest; VenusGirl