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Sibling names for '文雄' (Please check and change above options to get desired result)
 Name Origin Meaning Gender
Aiko  (愛子)JapaneseChild Of Love; Beloved; Loving ChildGirl
Akiko  (秋子; 明子; 晶子)JapaneseAutumn Child Or Bright ChildGirl
Atsuko  (篤子; 温子)JapaneseIndustrious; Warm Child; Kind ChildGirl
Ayako  (彩子; 綾子)JapaneseScholarly Child; Colorful ChildGirl
Bunko  (あずみ)JapaneseLiterary ChildGirl
Chieko  (恵子)JapaneseChild Of Intelligence; Wisdom; Wise Child; Thousand Blessings ChildGirl
Chikako  (千香子)JapaneseChild Of A Thousand Perfumes; Child Of WisdomGirl
Chiyoko  (千代子)JapaneseChild Of A Thousand GenerationsGirl
Chouko  (蝶子)JapaneseButterfly ChildGirl
Eiko  (栄子)JapaneseLong-Lived Child; Splendid ChildGirl
Emiko  (恵美子)JapaneseBeautiful; Blessed Child; Smiling ChildGirl
Etsuko  (悦子)JapaneseChild Of JoyGirl
Fumiko  (文子)JapaneseChild Of Treasured BeautyGirl
Hanako  (花子)JapaneseFlower ChildGirl
Haruko  (はるこ)JapaneseSpringtime ChildGirl
Hideko  (秀子)JapaneseChild Of Excellence; Splendid ChildGirl
Hiroko  (裕子; 浩子; 寛子)JapaneseGenerous Child; MagnanimousGirl
Hisako  (久子)JapaneseLong-Lived ChildGirl
Hoshiko  (星子)JapaneseStar ChildGirl
Junko  (純子)JapanesePure; Genuine Child; ObedientGirl
KamekoJapaneseTurtle Child; LongevityGirl
Kamiko  (上子)JapaneseSuperior ChildGirl
Kanako  (香奈子)JapaneseFragrant Nara(City In Japan ChildGirl
Kazuko  (和子; 一子)JapaneseHarmonious ChildGirl
Keiko  (恵子; 慶子; 桂子; 敬子; 啓)JapaneseBlessed; Respectful ChildGirl
Kiko  (紀子)JapaneseChronical ChildGirl
Kimiko  (后子; 君子)JapaneseDear Child; Ruling Child; Empress ChildGirl
KiokoJapaneseHappy ChildGirl
Kiyoko  (清子)JapanesePure ChildGirl
Kumiko  (久美子)JapaneseBeautiful; Long-Lived ChildGirl
KunikoJapaneseChild From The CountryGirl
Kyoko  (恭子)JapaneseRespectful Child; Child Of The Capital City; MirrorGirl
MaekoJapaneseTruthful ChildGirl
MaemiJapaneseHonest ChildGirl
Maiko  (舞子)JapaneseChild Of DanceGirl
Mariko  (真里子)JapaneseTrue Reason ChildGirl
Masako  (雅子)JapaneseCorrect; Governing Child; JusticeGirl
Michiko  (美智子)JapaneseCorrect Path; Thousand Beauties Child; Beauty; WisdomGirl
Mieko  (美枝子)JapaneseBeautiful Blessing Child; Already ProsperousGirl
Minako  (美奈子)JapaneseBeautiful ChildGirl
Mitsuko  (光子)JapaneseChild Of Light; Child Full Of Blessings; Shining ChildGirl
Miyako  (美夜子)JapaneseBeautiful Night ChildGirl
MiyoJapaneseBeautiful ChildGirl
Miyoko  (美代子)JapaneseBeautiful Child Of The GenerationsGirl
Momoko  (桃子)JapanesePeach ChildGirl
Moriko  (森子)JapaneseChild Of The ForestGirl
Natsuko  (夏子)JapaneseSummer ChildGirl
Nobuko  (信子)JapaneseFaithful; Trustworthy ChildGirl
Noriko  (法子 典子)JapaneseChild Of PrinciplesGirl
Reiko  (麗子)JapaneseBeautiful; Courteous ChildGirl
Riko  (理子)JapaneseChild Of Truth; Jasmine ChildGirl
Ryoko  (涼子)JapaneseRefreshing ChildGirl
SachiJapaneseGirl Child Of BlissGirl
Sachiko  (幸子)JapaneseJoyful; Happy ChildGirl
Sakiko  (咲子)JapaneseBlossoming Child; Earlier ChildGirl
Sakurako  (桜子)JapaneseCherry Blossom ChildGirl
Satoko  (聡子)JapaneseWise ChildGirl
Setsuko  (節子)JapaneseMelody ChildGirl
Shigeko  (成子)JapaneseGrowing Child; Luxuriant ChildGirl
Shizuko  (静子)JapaneseQuiet ChildGirl
Sumiko  (澄子)JapaneseClear Thinking Child; Pure Child; Child Of ClarityGirl
Takako  (隆子)JapaneseFilial; High; Noble ChildGirl
Tamiko  (民子)JapaneseAbundance Child; Child Of Many BeautiesGirl
Teruko  (照子)JapaneseShining ChildGirl
Tomiko  (美子)JapaneseTreasured Beauty ChildGirl
Tomoko  (智子)JapaneseChild Of Wisdom; IntellectGirl
Toshiko  (敏子)JapaneseAlert Child; Child Of Many Years; Valued Child; Clever ChildGirl
Tsukiko  (月子)JapaneseMoon ChildGirl
UmekoJapanesePlum Blossom ChildGirl
Yasuko  (康子)JapaneseHonest Child; Peaceful ChildGirl
Yoko  (洋子)JapaneseOcean Child; Positive Child; Child Of SunlightGirl
Yoshiko  (好子)JapaneseFragrant; Good; Noble Child; Child Of GoodnessGirl
Yukiko  (幸子 / 雪子)JapaneseChild Of Snow; Child Of HappinessGirl
Yuko  (優子)JapaneseHelpful; Superior Child; Gentle ChildGirl
Yumiko  (由美子)JapaneseBeautiful Child; Helpful ChildGirl
Yuriko  (百合子)JapaneseLily; Prized ChildGirl