Krithika Nakshatra names meaning Lord Vishnu

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List of Krithika Nakshatra names meaning 'Lord Vishnu'

AbhayapradaIndianBestower of Safety,  Lord VishnuBoy
AbhayapradaIndianBestower of safety,  Another name for lord VishnuBoy
AbhayapradaIndianBestowed of safety,  Lord VishnuBoy
AchyutIndianImperishable,  Lord VishnuBoy
AchyutIndianImperishable,  A name of lord VishnuBoy
AcyutarayaIndianWorshipper of the Infallible,  Devotee of lord VishnuBoy
AcyutarayaIndianWorshipper of the Infallible,  A devotee of lord VishnuBoy
AdeepIndianLight of lord VishnuBoy
AdeepIndianThe light of lord VishnuBoy
AdinathIndianThe First Lord,  Lord VishnuBoy
AdinathIndianLord VishnuBoy
AdinathIndianFirst lord,  Lord VishnuBoy
AdinathSanskritLord VishnuBoy
AdiseshIndianLord VishnuBoy
AiyappanIndianOf Vishnu and Shiva (Ayya meaning lord Vishnu and Appa meaning lord Shiva)Boy
AiyappanIndianOf lord Vishnu and lord ShivaBoy
AiyappanIndianLord Vishnu and lord Shiva togetherBoy
AjiteshIndianLord VishnuBoy
AkshajIndianLord VishnuBoy
AkshajSanskritLord VishnuBoy
AkshobhyaIndianLord VishnuBoy
AmeyatmaIndianLord VishnuBoy
AmeyatmaSanskritLord VishnuBoy
AmritayaIndianThe Immortal,  Lord VishnuBoy
AmritayaIndianThe immortal. Lord VishnuBoy
AmritayaIndianImmortal,  Lord VishnuBoy
AnantajeetIndianVictor of Infinity,  Lord VishnuBoy
AnantajeetIndianThe victor of Infinity,  Lord VishnuBoy
AnirudhIndianBoundless,  Lord VishnuBoy
AnishIndianLord Krishna,  Lord VishnuBoy
AnishIndianSupreme,  Continuous,  Lord Vishnu,  Lord ShivaBoy
AnishSanskritLord Vishnu,  Lord ShivaBoy
EhaIndianLord VishnuBoy
EkaIndianMatchless,  Alone,  Unique,  Lord VishnuGirl
EkaIndianLord VishnuBoy
EkanaIndianLord VishnuBoy
EvyavanIndianLord VishnuBoy
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Origin:  IndianSanskrit
Religion:  JainHinduMuslim
Rashi:  Mesh
Nakshatra:  Any
Graha:  Mangal (Mars)
Gender:  Boy onlyGirl onlyUnisex
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