indian baby names
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SurnameIn LocalMeaningCountry
Aaron Light BringerEnglish
Abaid  Lebanon
Abbadi  Jordan
Abbasi  Iran
AbbasovAbbasovSon of AbbasAzerbaijan
Abbot Abbot, Father, PriestEnglish
Abbott Abbot, Father, PriestEnglish
Abdallah Servant of GodTurkey
Abdoo, Abdu  Lebanon
Abdul  Afghanistan
Abdul, Abdalla, Abdullah  Lebanon
Abe阿部Section NookJapan
Abel Vanity, BreathEnglish
Abella BeeSpanish
Abendroth Red eveningGerman
Abercrombie The mouth of a river, Marshy groundGaelic
Aberdeen The mouth of a river, Marshy ground, Place where streams meetsEnglish
Aberdene From the mouth of the river DonEnglish
Abernethy Dangerous confluence of two or more riversGaelic
Abernithy Dangerous confluence of two or more riversGaelic
Abney Like Albus, WhiteEnglish
Abood, Abud  Lebanon
Abourizk, Aburizk  Lebanon
Abousamra  Lebanon
Abraham Father of a multitudeEnglish
Abuladzeაბულაძე Georgia
Abuzaid, Abouzaid, Abozaid  Lebanon
Acheson Son of Adam, Inscription, MemorialEnglish
Ackart Oak Like, Firm hearted, UnyieldingEnglish
Ackerley Oak MeadowEnglish
Ackerman Oaken Man, Hard, Unyielding ManEnglish
Ackers Oaken Man, English
Ackland Oak LandEnglish
Ackman Oak ManEnglish
Acksheugh Hilly land covered with OaksEnglish
Acton Oak tree settlementEnglish
Adair The ford of the OaksScottish