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AaranLight BringerBoy 
AarenHigh mountain, Light bringerUnisex 
AaronLight BringerBoyGreek
AarronLight BringerBoy 
AbFather of lightBoy 
AbaddonDestruction, RuinationBoyGreek
AbaegayleFather RejoicesGirl 
AbagaelFather RejoicesGirl 
AbagailFather RejoicesGirl 
AbagaleFather RejoicesGirl 
AbaigaelFather RejoicesGirl 
AbaigealFather RejoicesGirl 
AbbeyFather RejoicesGirl 
AbbiFather RejoicesGirl 
AbbieFather RejoicesGirl 
AbbigaelFather RejoicesGirl 
AbbigailFather RejoicesGirl 
AbbigaleFather RejoicesGirl 
AbbigayleFather RejoicesGirl 
AbbotFather, PriestBoy 
AbbottFather, PriestBoy 
AbbyFather RejoicesGirl 
AbbyeFather RejoicesGirl 
AbbygaelFather RejoicesGirl 
AbbygailFather RejoicesGirl 
AbbygaleFather RejoicesGirl 
AbdonServant, WorshiperBoyHebrew
AbeFather of a multitude, Bow for an arrowBoyHebrew
AbegailFather RejoicesGirl 
AbegayleFather RejoicesGirl 
AbelVanity, Transitory, Breath, BreathingBoyGreek
Abelia GirlLatin
AbellVanity, HerdsmanBoy 
AbeyFather of a multitudeBoy 
AbiMy FatherGirlHebrew
AbiaYahweh is my fatherUnisexHebrew
AbiahYahweh is my fatherUnisexHebrew
AbichailFather RejoicesGirl 
AbidaFather of knowledgeBoyHebrew
AbidahFather of knowledgeBoy 
AbidanMy father is judgeBoyHebrew
AbieFather of a multitudeBoy 
AbielEl (God) is my fatherBoyHebrew
AbigaelFather RejoicesGirl 
AbigailFather RejoicesGirlHebrew
AbigaleFather RejoicesGirl 
AbigallFather RejoicesGirl 
AbigayleFather RejoicesGirl 
AbigilFather RejoicesGirl 
AbihailFather of mightUnisexHebrew
AbihuHe is my fatherBoyHebrew
AbijahYahweh is my fatherUnisexHebrew
AbileneGrassy MeadowGirlGreek
AbimaelMy father is El (God)BoyHebrew
AbimelechMelek is father, My father is kingBoyHebrew
AbinoamFather of pleasantnessBoyHebrew
AbiramMy father is exaltedBoyHebrew
AbishagMy father is a wanderer, Father of errorGirlHebrew
AbishaiMy father is Jesse, My father is a giftBoyHebrew
AbishalomFather of peaceBoyHebrew
AbitalMy father is dewGirlHebrew
AbiudMy father is majestyBoyGreek
AbleVanity, HerdsmanBoy 
AbnarFather of lightBoy