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 Names meaning 'Servant'

Name that means

Meaning:  Servant

List of Names that means 'Servant'
 Name Origin Meaning Gender
Abd Al AlimArabianServant of all KnowingBoy
Abd Al BariArabianServant of AllahBoy
Abd Al HakimArabianServant of the WiseBoy
Abd Al JabbarArabianServant of MightyBoy
Abd Al MatinArabianServant of StrongBoy
Abd Al QadirArabianServant of CapableBoy
Abd Al RashidArabianServant of the GuidedBoy
Abd Al SamiArabianServant of all HearingBoy
Abd Er RahmanArabianServant of Merciful OneBoy
Abd-AlArabianServant of TheBoy
Abd-Al-Aziz  (عبد العزيز)ArabianServant of the PowerfulBoy
Abd-Al-Hamid  (عبد الحميد)ArabianServant of the PraisedBoy
Abd-Al-Karim  (عبد الكريم)ArabianServant of the GenerousBoy
Abd-Allah  (عبد الله)ArabianServant of GodBoy
Abd-Al-Latif  (عبد اللطيف)ArabianServant of the GentleBoy
Abd-Al-Malik  (عبد الملك)ArabianServant of the KingBoy
Abd-Al-Qadir  (عبد القادر)ArabianServant of the Capable; PowerfulBoy
AbdalrahmanArabianServant of Merciful OneBoy
Abd-Al-Rahman  (عبد الرحمن)ArabianServant of the MercifulBoy
AbdonEnglishServant; WorshiperBoy
AbdonHebrewServant; WorshiperBoy
AbdonIndianServant; WorshiperBoy
AbdulArabianServant of TheBoy
Abdul AdheemIndianServant of the most greatBoy
Abdul AleemIndianServant of the all knowingBoy
Abdul AzeezIndianServant of the mightyBoy
Abdul AzeezIndianServant of the mighty; PowerfulBoy
Abdul BaaqiIndianServant of the ever-lastingBoy
Abdul BaariIndianServant of the evolverBoy
Abdul BaariIndianServant of the creatorBoy
Abdul BaasidIndianServant of the expanderBoy
Abdul BaasitIndianServant of the expanderBoy
Abdul BarrIndianServant of the source of goodnessBoy
Abdul DhahirIndianServant of the manifestBoy
Abdul GhaffarIndianServant of the forgiverBoy
Abdul GhafoorIndianServant of the forgiverBoy
Abdul GhafurIndianServant of the all forgivingBoy
Abdul GhaniIndianServant of the self sufficientBoy
Abdul HaafizIndianServant of the protectorBoy
Abdul HadiIndianServant of the guideBoy
Abdul HafeedhIndianServant of the preserverBoy
Abdul HakeemIndianServant of wiseBoy
Abdul HaleemIndianServant of the forbearing OneBoy
Abdul HameedIndianServant of praiseworthyBoy
Abdul HameedIndianServant of the praiseworthy; Ever praisedBoy
Abdul HaqqIndianServant of the truthBoy
Abdul HaseebIndianServant of the reckonedBoy
Abdul HaseebIndianServant of the respected; EsteemedBoy
Abdul JabaarIndianServant of the mightyBoy
Abdul JabbarIndianServant of the compellerBoy
Abdul JaleelIndianServant of the sublimeBoy
Abdul JaleelIndianServant of the great; ReveredBoy
Abdul KaderIndianServant of the ableBoy
Abdul KareemIndianServant of the most generousBoy
Abdul KhaaliqIndianServant of the creatorBoy
Abdul KhaliqIndianServant of the creatorBoy
Abdul LateefIndianServant of the subtleBoy
Abdul MajeedIndianServant of the most gloriousBoy
Abdul MajidIndianServant of the nobleBoy
Abdul MalikIndianServant of the sovereign lordBoy
Abdul MughniIndianServant of the enrichedBoy
Abdul MujeebIndianServant of the responsiveBoy
Abdul MuminIndianServant of the guardian of faithBoy
Abdul MuqtadirIndianServant of powerfulBoy
Abdul NoorIndianServant of the lightBoy
Abdul NurIndianServant of the lightBoy
Abdul QaadirIndianServant of the ableBoy
Abdul QaadirIndianServant of the capableBoy
Abdul QahaarIndianServant of the subdue; AlmightyBoy
Abdul QahaarIndianServant of the subduer; AlmightyBoy
Abdul QahharIndianServant of the subduerBoy
Abdul QuddoosIndianServant of the most holyBoy
Abdul QuddusIndianServant of the most holyBoy
Abdul QudoosIndianServant of the most holyBoy
Abdul RaheemIndianServant of the most compassionateBoy
Abdul RaoufIndianServant of the most mercifulBoy
Abdul RasheedIndianServant of the rightly guidedBoy
Abdul RazaaqIndianServant of the maintainer; ProviderBoy
Abdul RazaaqIndianServant of the maintainerBoy
Abdul SalaamIndianServant of peaceBoy
Abdul SalaamIndianServant of the peaceBoy
Abdul WaahidIndianServant of the oneBoy
Abdul WaahidIndianServant of godBoy
Abdul WaajidIndianServant of the finderBoy
Abdul WadoodIndianServant of the lovingBoy
Abdul WahhabIndianServant of the best ownerBoy
Abdul WahidIndianServant of godBoy
Abdul WarithIndianServant of the supreme inheritorBoy
Abdul-AzeezIndianServant of the mighty; The powerfulBoy
Abdul-AzeezIndianServant of the mighty; PowerfulBoy
Abdul-BaariIndianServant of the creatorBoy
Abdul-GhafoorIndianServant of the forgiverBoy
Abdul-HaafizIndianServant of the protectorBoy
Abdul-HafizIndianServant of the protectorBoy
Abdul-HameedIndianServant of praiseworthy; Ever praisedBoy
Abdul-HameedIndianServant of the praiseworthy; Ever praisedBoy
Abdul-HaseebIndianServant of the respected; EsteemedBoy
Abdul-JabaarIndianServant of the mightyBoy
Abdul-JabarIndianServant of the mightyBoy
Abdul-JaleelIndianServant of the great; ReveredBoy
Abdul-KhaaliqIndianServant of the creatorBoy
Abdul-KhaliqIndianServant of the creatorBoy
AbdullaArabianServant of GodBoy
AbdullahArabianServant of GodBoy
AbdullahIndianServant of GodBoy
AbdullahIndianServant of AllahBoy
Abdul-MalikArabianServant of the KingBoy
Abdul-QaadirIndianServant of the capableBoy
Abdul-QadirIndianServant of the capableBoy
Abdul-QahaarIndianServant of the rubduer; AlmightyBoy
Abdul-QahaarIndianServant of the subduer; AlmightyBoy
Abdul-QudoosIndianServant of the most holyBoy
Abdul-RaheemIndianServant of the most compassionateBoy
AbdulrahmanIndianservant of the merciful oneBoy
Abdul-RaoufIndianServant of the most mercifulBoy
Abdul-RasheedIndianServant of the rightly guidedBoy
Abdul-RazaaqIndianServant of the maintainer; ProviderBoy
Abdul-RazaaqIndianServant of the maintainer; The ProviderBoy
Abdul-SalaamIndianServant of peaceBoy
Abdul-SalaamIndianServant of the peaceBoy
Abdul-WaahidIndianServant of the oneBoy
Abdul-WaahidIndianServant of godBoy
Abdul-WadoodIndianServant of the lovingBoy
Abdur RaheemIndianServant of the most mercifulBoy
Abdur RahmaanIndianServant of the most graciousBoy
Abdur RahmanIndianServant of the most graciousBoy
Abdur RaqeebIndianServant of watchfulBoy
Abdur RasheedIndianServant of guide to right pathBoy
Abdur RaufIndianServant of the compassionateBoy
Abdur RazzaaqIndianServant of the providerBoy
Abdur RazzaqIndianServant of the providerBoy
Abdus SabourIndianServant of patientBoy
Abdus SamadIndianServant of the eternalBoy
Abdus SameeiIndianServant of the all hearingBoy
Abdus ShaheedIndianServant of witnessBoy
Abdus ShakurIndianServant of the appreciativeBoy
Adbul QawiIndianServant of the most powerfulBoy
AmanullahIndianFemale servant of AllahUnisex
AmatullahIndianFemale servant of AllahGirl
AmatullahIndianFemale servant of AllahUnisex
AmminadabEnglishServant of the princeBoy
AmminadabIndianServant of the princeBoy
BetheaHebrewMaid Servant of JehovahGirl
CandaceEnglishPrince of servants; PureGirl
CandaceIndianPrince of servants; PureGirl
CandaceLatinPrince of servantsGirl
CandiEnglishCandy; Sweet; Prince of servantsGirl
CandiIndianCandy; Sweet; Prince of servantsGirl
CandiceEnglishCandy; Sweet; Prince of servantsGirl
CandiceIndianCandy; Sweet; Prince of servantsGirl
CandisEnglishCandy; Sweet; Prince of servantsGirl
CandisIndianCandy; Sweet; Prince of servantsGirl
CandyEnglishCandy; Sweet; Prince of servantsGirl
CandyIndianCandy; Sweet; Prince of servantsGirl
CandyceEnglishCandy; Sweet; Prince of servantsGirl
CandyceIndianCandy; Sweet; Prince of servantsGirl
CharandasIndianServant At The Feet Of SomebodyBoy
CoreyIndianGod's servantBoy
CoreyIndianServant of godBoy
DeepdasIndianServant of lightBoy
DelroyEnglishSon; Servant of the kingBoy
DelroyIndianSon; Servant of the kingBoy
DevadasIndianFollower of god; Servant of godBoy
DevdasIndianFollower of god; Servant of godBoy
DevdasIndianServant of godBoy
DeveedaasIndianServant of the godBoy
DevidasIndianServant or devotee of GoddessBoy
DevidasIndianServant or devotee of goddess DurgaBoy
DevidasIndianFollower of god; Servant of godBoy
DharmadaasIndianServant of religionBoy
DurgadasIndianServant or devotee of Goddess DurgaBoy
Dwaraka dasIndianServant of DwaarakaaBoy
DwarakadaasIndianServant of DwaarakaaBoy
DwarakadasIndianservant of DwarakaBoy
Dwaraka-DasIndianServant of DwaarakaaBoy
Ferapont  (Ферапонт)RussianServant; Loyal; WorshiperBoy
GervaasDutchSpear ServantBoy
GervaisFrenchSpear servantBoy
GervaiseFrenchSpear servantBoy
GervasGermanSpear ServantBoy
GervasTeutonicSpear servantBoy
GervaseEnglishSpear ServantBoy
GervaseIndianSpear ServantBoy
GervasiRussianSpear ServantBoy
GervasioItalianSpear ServantBoy
GervasioPortugueseSpear servantBoy
GervasiusLatinSpear ServantBoy
GerwazyPolishSpear Servant; HonorableBoy
GhulamIndianSlave; ServantBoy
GilchristScottishServant of ChristUnisex
GillespieEnglishBishop's ServantBoy
GillespieIndianBishop's ServantBoy
GillespieScottishServant of the BishopGirl
GottschalkGermanGod ServantBoy
GurnekIndianA noble servant of godBoy
GurudasIndianServant of the guruBoy
HabibIndianAllah’s beloved servant
HaridasIndianServant of lord KrishnaBoy
HenwasWelshOld servantBoy
JanakidasIndianServant of JanakiBoy
JarvisEnglishSpear ServantBoy
JarvisIndianSpear ServantBoy
JervisEnglishSpear ServantBoy
JervisIndianSpear ServantBoy
KalidasIndianPoet; Dramatist; Servant of goddess KaliBoy
KandaceEnglishPrince of servantsGirl
KandaceIndianPrince of servantsGirl
KandiEnglishPrince of servants; Candy; Sweet; LikedGirl
KandiIndianPrince of servants; Candy; Sweet; LikedGirl
KhadimIndianServant of godBoy
KhadimIndianServant of god; Attendant of godBoy
KrishnadasIndianServant of lord KrishnaBoy
KrishnadasaIndianServant of lord KrishnaBoy
LamechHebrewPriest; Servant of GodBoy
MadhavdasIndianServant of lord KrishnaBoy
MakolmScottishServant; Disciple of Saint ColumbaUnisex
MalcolmScottishServant; Disciple of Saint ColumbaUnisex
MaoiliosScottishServant of JesusUnisex
MastermanEnglishMan of the master; Retainer; ServantBoy
MastermanIndianMan of the master; Retainer; ServantBoy
MordecaiBiblicalServant of Marduk; Little ManBoy
MordecaiHebrewWarrior; Servant of MardukBoy
MordechaiHebrewWarrior; Servant of MardukBoy
ObadiahEnglishServant of GodBoy
ObadiahIndianServant of GodBoy
Obed-EdomEnglishServant of Edom; He who serves the edomitesBoy
Obed-EdomIndianServant of Edom; He who serves the edomitesBoy
OmriEnglishPupil of Jehovah; Servant of JehovahBoy
OmriIndianPupil of Jehovah; Servant of JehovahBoy
OvadiaHebrewPriest; Servant of GodBoy
OvadiahHebrewServant of GodBoy
OvedHebrewWorship; ServantBoy
PageEnglishPage; Young servantUnisex
PageIndianPage; Young servantUnisex
PagetEnglishPage; Young servantGirl
PagetIndianPage; Young servantGirl
PaigeEnglishPage; Young servantUnisex
PaigeIndianPage; Young servantUnisex
Ram SewakIndianServant of lord RamaBoy
RamdasIndianDevotee or servant of lord RamaBoy
RamdasIndianServant of god; Slave of godBoy
SachsevIndianServant of truth; True servantBoy
Sergei  (Сергей)BulgarianServant; LoyalBoy
Sergei  (Сергей)RussianServant; Loyal; WorshiperBoy
Sergej  (Сергей)BulgarianServant; LoyalBoy
Sergey  (Сергей)BulgarianServant; LoyalBoy
Sergey  (Сергей)RussianServant; Loyal; WorshiperBoy
SergioItalianServant; LoyalBoy
SergiusLatinMilitary ServantBoy
SergiuszPolishServant; Loyal; AttendantBoy
Serhiy  (Сергій)UkrainianServant; LoyalBoy
SerjiuszPolishServant; Loyal; AttendantBoy
SurdaasIndianServant of musical tunesBoy
SurdasIndianServant of musical tunesBoy
SydneEnglishPage; Young servantUnisex
SydneIndianPage; Young servantUnisex
TaymullahIndianServant of GodBoy
Therapon  (Θεράπων)GreekServant; WorshiperBoy
TulasidasIndianServant of Tulsi (Basil)Boy
TulasidasIndianServant of Tulsi (a Basil plant)Boy
TulasidasIndianServant of Tulsi (Basil plant)Boy
TulsidaasIndianServant of TulsiBoy
UbaidahIndianServant of GodBoy
UbaydullahIndianServant of AllahBoy
WaseefahIndianFemale servant of godGirl

List of Surnames that means 'Servant'
 Surname Country of Origin In Local Meaning
AbdallahTurkey Servant of God
ArchibaldEnglish Genuine courage; Bishop's servant
DeaconEnglish Servant
JarvisEnglish Spear Servant
MastermanEnglish Man of the master; Servant
PageEnglish Page; Young servant

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