indian baby names
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English Surnames
AaronLight Bringer
AbbotAbbot, Father, Priest
AbbottAbbot, Father, Priest
AbelVanity, Breath
AberdeenThe mouth of a river, Marshy ground, Place where streams meets
AberdeneFrom the mouth of the river Don
AbneyLike Albus, White
AbrahamFather of a multitude
AchesonSon of Adam, Inscription, Memorial
AckartOak Like, Firm hearted, Unyielding
AckerleyOak Meadow
AckermanOaken Man, Hard, Unyielding Man
AckersOaken Man,
AcklandOak Land
AckmanOak Man
AcksheughHilly land covered with Oaks
ActonOak tree settlement
AddisonSon of Adam
AdeeEarth, Red, Red Earth
AdkinsChild of Adam
AdlamNoble Village
AdrianFrom Hadria
AffleckHill Stone
AftonFrom the river Afton
AglionbyEagle's Nest
AinsworthPlace, Possession on the river
AitkinSon of Adam, Son of Arthur
AitonWater town
AkemanOak Man
AkersPlace of Oaks, Oak Man
AlbertBright Nobility
AlcockLittle Henry
AldaineHigh Castle, High Town
AldenOld Hill, From high castle, Town, High castle, High town
AlderseyIsle of Alders
AldisFrom the old house
AldjoyOld Joy, All Joy
AldredOld Counsel
AldridgeNoble Ruler
AlexanderDefender of mankind
AlfordOld River Ford
AlfortFrom a village in France near Paris
AlfredElf Counsel
AllendorfOld Town
AllgoodAll Good
AlsopKeeper of an Ale shop
AltonOld Town, Settlement at the river source
AlverstonHigh Green Hill
AlvertonHigh Green Hill
AlvinElf Friend
AlvordOld River Ford
AlwinElf Friend
AmakerDanish Island
AmblerAn officer of the king's stables
AmeryHome ruler
AmesImmortal, Strong
AmherstTown in the Wood
AmmadonNumskull, Simpleton
AmoryHome ruler
AndartonThe Oak Hill
AndersonSon of Andrew