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 Names meaning 'White'

Name that means

Meaning:  White

List of Names that means 'White'
 Name Origin Meaning Gender
AfferaArabianPink or Reddish-WhiteGirl
AffraArabianPink or Reddish-WhiteGirl
AfraLatinPink; Reddish WhiteGirl
AirawatIndianCelestial white elephantBoy
AkosHungarianWhite FalconBoy
AlbanEnglishLike Albus; White; MountainBoy
AlbanIndianLike Albus; White; MountainBoy
AlbanusLatinLike Albus; WhiteBoy
AlbinEnglishLike Albus; White; MountainBoy
AlbinIndianLike Albus; White; MountainBoy
AlbinaEnglishLike Albus; White; MountainGirl
AlbinaIndianLike Albus; White; MountainGirl
Albina  (Альбина)RussianWhiteGirl
AlbinusLatinLike Albus; WhiteBoy
AlbusLatinWhite; Pale SkinnedBoy
AlbyEnglishLike Albus; White; MountainBoy
AlbyIndianLike Albus; White; MountainBoy
AlpinScottishAttractive; Fair; WhiteBoy
AlpineEnglishWhite; Swiss AlpsBoy
AlpineIndianWhite; Swiss AlpsBoy
AphraArabianPink or Reddish-WhiteGirl
ArjuniIndianDawn; White CowGirl
AsitIndianNon whiteBoy
AsitIndianNot whiteBoy
AspenEnglishAspen tree; White poplarGirl
AspenIndianAspen tree; White poplarGirl
AubynEnglishLike Albus; WhiteBoy
AubynIndianLike Albus; WhiteBoy
Bai  (; ; )ChineseWhite; PureUnisex
Baila  (בֵײלָא)YiddishWhiteGirl
BardhylAlbanianWhite star; BrightBoy
Bayla  (בייַלאַ)YiddishWhiteGirl
BerwynWelshFair headed; Fair; WhiteBoy
Beyla  (ביילאַ)YiddishWhiteGirl
Beylke  (ביילקע)YiddishWhiteGirl
BeyzaTurkishVery WhiteGirl
BialasPolishWhite Haired BoyBoy
BialyPolishWhite HairedBoy
BilagaanaNative AmericanWhite PersonBoy
BlakeEnglishBlack and white; Light hair or skinBoy
BlakeIndianBlack and white; Light hair or skinBoy
BlanchFrenchWhite; FairGirl
BlancheFrenchWhite; FairGirl
BlanchefleurEnglishWhite flowerGirl
BlanchefleurFrenchWhite FlowerGirl
BlanchefleurIndianWhite flowerGirl
BlankaCzech & SlovakWhiteGirl
BlodwenWelshWhite flowerGirl
BronwenWelshFair; White; HolyGirl
BrychanWelshPied; Spotted; Speckled; Red and whiteBoy
CandidaEnglishClear and whiteGirl
CandidaIndianClear and whiteGirl
CandidaSpanishPure; Bright whiteGirl
CandideFrenchBright; Glowing whiteGirl
CarwynWelshFair; Holy; Pure; WhiteBoy
CeinwenWelshFair; Holy; White; LovelyGirl
ChochuschuvioNative AmericanWhite Tailed DeerBoy
CledwynWelshFair; Holy; WhiteBoy
ClintEnglishSettlement near the headland; Fair; WhiteBoy
ClintIndianSettlement near the headland; Fair; WhiteBoy
ClintonEnglishSettlement near the headland; Fair; WhiteBoy
ClintonIndianSettlement near the headland; Fair; WhiteBoy
DelwynWelshPretty and fair; Fair; Holy; WhiteUnisex
DhavalachandraIndianWhite moonBoy
DolonIndianScent of a beautiful white flowerGirl
DwynWelshFair; Holy; WhiteGirl
DwynwenWelshFair; Holy; WhiteGirl
DwynwynWelshFair; Holy; WhiteGirl
EilwenWelshFair; Holy; WhiteGirl
EirlysWelshSnowflake; Snow whiteGirl
EirwenWelshSnowflake; Snow whiteGirl
EurwenWelshFair; Holy; WhiteGirl
FenellaEnglishWhite shoulderGirl
FenellaIndianWhite shoulderGirl
FenellaScottishWhite ShoulderGirl
FindlayEnglishWhite championBoy
FindlayIndianWhite championBoy
FinellaEnglishWhite shoulderGirl
FinellaIndianWhite shoulderGirl
FinellaScottishWhite ShoulderGirl
FingalEnglishWhite valorBoy
FingalIndianWhite valorBoy
FingalScottishWhite StrangerBoy
FingallEnglishWhite valorBoy
FingallIndianWhite valorBoy
FingallScottishWhite StrangerBoy
FinianEnglishLittle white oneBoy
FinianIndianLittle white oneBoy
FinlayEnglishWhite championBoy
FinlayIndianWhite championBoy
FinlayScottishWhite WarriorBoy
FinleyEnglishWhite championBoy
FinleyIndianWhite championBoy
FinleyScottishWhite WarriorBoy
FinneganEnglishTiny White OneBoy
FinneganIndianTiny White OneBoy
FinnianEnglishLittle white oneBoy
FinnianIndianLittle white oneBoy
FinolaEnglishWhite shoulderGirl
FinolaIndianWhite shoulderGirl
FinolaScottishWhite ShoulderGirl
FintanEnglishWhite fireBoy
FintanIndianWhite fireBoy
FinualaEnglishWhite shoulderGirl
FinualaIndianWhite shoulderGirl
FionnlaghScottishWhite WarriorGirl
FionolaEnglishWhite shoulderGirl
FionolaIndianWhite shoulderGirl
FionolaScottishWhite ShoulderGirl
GaelFrenchWhite; Fair; Blessed; GenerousBoy
GaelleFrenchWhite; Fair; Blessed; GenerousGirl
GaenorWelshWhite and smoothGirl
GaurangaSanskritFair complexioned; Golden-limbed; Having a white or yellowish body; Cow coloredBoy
GavanScottishWhite FalconBoy
GavenScottishWhite FalconBoy
GaveniaScottishWhite FalconGirl
GavinScottishWhite FalconBoy
GavinaScottishWhite FalconGirl
GavynScottishWhite FalconBoy
GawainFrenchWhite HawkBoy
GawainScottishWhite FalconBoy
GawenScottishWhite FalconBoy
GawynScottishWhite FalconBoy
GaynorEnglishWhite and soft; Fair headedGirl
GaynorIndianWhite and soft; Fair headedGirl
GenerysWelshWhite ladyGirl
GenevaEnglishRace of women; White raceGirl
GenevaIndianRace of women; White raceGirl
GenevieFrenchWhite WaveGirl
GenevieGermanWhite WaveGirl
GenevieveEnglishRace of women; White raceGirl
GenevieveFrenchWhite WaveGirl
GenevieveGermanWhite WaveGirl
GenevieveIndianRace of women; White raceGirl
GenevraItalianWhite RaceGirl
GeniveeFrenchWhite WaveGirl
GeniveeGermanWhite WaveGirl
GennaEnglishRace of women; White raceGirl
GennaIndianRace of women; White raceGirl
GennieEnglishRace of women; White raceGirl
GennieIndianRace of women; White raceGirl
GennyEnglishRace of women; White raceGirl
GennyIndianRace of women; White raceGirl
GenovefaGermanWhite RaceGirl
GenoveffaItalianWhite RaceGirl
GenovevaGermanWhite WaveGirl
GenovevaSpanishWhite RaceGirl
GenowefaGermanWhite WaveGirl
GenowefaPolishWhite RaceGirl
GinebraSpanishWhite as foamGirl
GinessaSpanishWhite as foamGirl
GinevraItalianWhite Race; White as FoamGirl
GourangaSanskritFair complexioned; Golden-limbed; Having a white or yellowish body; Cow coloredBoy
GuendolenEnglishWhite ringGirl
GuendolenIndianWhite ringGirl
GuendolenWelshWhite ringGirl
GuinevereEnglishWhite and smoothGirl
GuinevereFrenchWhite and smoothGirl
GuinevereIndianWhite and smoothGirl
GwalchgwynWelshWhite hawkBoy
GwenEnglishFair; Holy; White; GoodGirl
GwenIndianFair; Holy; White; GoodGirl
GwenScottishWhite WaveGirl
GwenWelshFair; Holy; WhiteGirl
GwenaelFrenchWhite; Fair; Blessed; GenerousBoy
GwenaelleFrenchWhite; Fair; Blessed; GenerousGirl
GwendaEnglishFair; Holy; White; GoodGirl
GwendaIndianFair; Holy; White; GoodGirl
GwendaWelshFair; Holy; WhiteGirl
GwendolenEnglishWhite Bow; White RingGirl
GwendolenIndianWhite Bow; White RingGirl
GwendolenWelshWhite bow; White ringGirl
GwendolineEnglishWhite ringGirl
GwendolineIndianWhite ringGirl
GwendolineWelshWhite bow; White ringGirl
GwendolynScottishWhite WaveGirl
GwendolynWelshWhite bow; White ringGirl
GwenevereFrenchWhite and smoothGirl
GwenhwyvarWelshWhite and smoothGirl
GwenllianWelshFair; Holy; WhiteGirl
GwennEnglishFair; Holy; WhiteGirl
GwennIndianFair; Holy; WhiteGirl
GwennWelshFair; Holy; WhiteGirl
GwynEnglishFair; Holy; WhiteUnisex
GwynIndianFair; Holy; WhiteUnisex
GwynScottishWhite WaveGirl
GwynWelshFair; Holy; WhiteUnisex
GwyneiraWelshWhite as snowGirl
GwynethScottishWhite WaveGirl
GwynforWelshFair; Holy; WhiteBoy
GwynnWelshFair; Holy; WhiteUnisex
HaukeaHawaiianSnow WhiteGirl
HeddwynWelshHoly Peace; Fair; Holy; WhiteBoy
HotahNative AmericanWhiteBoy
InekScottishWhite RiverBoy
IqmalIndianIt means White SoulBoy
IzusaNative AmericanWhite StoneGirl
JenEnglishWhite and smoothGirl
JenIndianWhite and smoothGirl
JenaEnglishWhite and smoothGirl
JenaIndianWhite and smoothGirl
JenaeEnglishWhite and smoothGirl
JenaeIndianWhite and smoothGirl
JenelleEnglishWhite and smoothGirl
JenelleIndianWhite and smoothGirl
JenessaEnglishWhite and smoothGirl
JenessaIndianWhite and smoothGirl
JeniEnglishWhite and smoothGirl
JeniIndianWhite and smoothGirl
JeniferEnglishWhite and smoothGirl
JeniferIndianWhite and smoothGirl
JennEnglishWhite and smoothGirl
JennIndianWhite and smoothGirl
JennaEnglishWhite and smoothGirl
JennaIndianWhite and smoothGirl
JennaLatinWhite and smoothGirl
JenniEnglishWhite and smoothGirl
JenniIndianWhite and smoothGirl
JennicaEnglishWhite and smoothGirl
JennicaIndianWhite and smoothGirl
JennieEnglishWhite and smoothGirl
JennieIndianWhite and smoothGirl
JenniferEnglishWhite and smoothGirl
JenniferIndianWhite and smoothGirl
JennyEnglishWhite and smoothGirl
JennyIndianWhite and smooth; SoftGirl
JinnyScottishWhite WaveGirl
KachadaNative AmericanWhite ManBoy
KairavIndianWhite lotusBoy
KakshaIndianWhite roseGirl
KapilashwaIndianOne With A White Horse (Lord Indra)Boy
KapilashwarIndianOne with a white horseBoy
KohkahycumestNative AmericanWhite Crow; White AntelopeBoy
KumudaIndianPleasure of the earth white water lilyGirl
KumudaIndianPleasure of the earth; White water lilyGirl
KumudiniIndianWhite Lotus; Moon LightGirl
LakshaIndianWhite roseGirl
LakshaIndianWhite rose; AimGirl
LakshaIndianAim; Target; White roseGirl
LeucotheaLatinWhite GoddessGirl
MairwenWelshBeloved; Blessed; Fair; WhiteGirl
MaliWelshBeloved; Blessed; Fair; WhiteGirl
MatoskahNative AmericanWhite BearBoy
MisaeNative AmericanWhite SunGirl
MuracoNative AmericanWhite MoonBoy
NerysWelshWhite ladyGirl
NevaEnglishNew; White RaceGirl
NevaIndianNew; White RaceGirl
OlwenWelshFair; Holy; WhiteGirl
OnaconaNative AmericanWhite OwlBoy
PahanaNative AmericanLost white brotherBoy
PandurangaIndianOne with pale white complexionBoy
PtaysanweeNative AmericanWhite BuffaloGirl
PundarikIndianWhite lotusBoy
QochataNative AmericanWhite ManBoy
RababIndianWhite cloud; A musical instrument.Girl
RajatshubhraIndianWhite as silverBoy
ReemaIndianGoddess Durga; White antelopeGirl
ReemaIndianWhite antelope; GemGirl
RhonwenWelshBlessed; Fair; Holy; WhiteGirl
Rim  (ريم)ArabianWhite AntelopeGirl
RimIndianWhite antelope; GemGirl
RimaArabianWhite AntelopeGirl
RimaIndianWhite antelope; GemGirl
RosalbaItalianWhite RoseGirl
RosalvaItalianWhite RoseGirl
SacniteNahuatlWhite flowerGirl
SacniteNative AmericanWhite FlowerGirl
SahkonteicNative AmericanWhite EagleBoy
SatantaNative AmericanWhite BearBoy
SeleucusLatinBright; WhiteBoy
SemantiIndianA white roseGirl
SemantiIndianWhite roseGirl
SevatiIndianWhite roseGirl
ShubhraIndianWhite; The GangaGirl
ShubhraIndianWhite; GangaGirl
ShvetankIndianHaving a white markBoy
ShwetaIndianOne who Is as pure as the white colorBoy
ShwetaIndianLovable; WhiteGirl
ShwetaIndianLovable; White; Fair complexionedGirl
ShwetambarIndianOne who wears white clothesBoy
SiddharthIndianWhite mustardBoy
SiddharthIndianAccomplished; White mustardBoy
SkahNative AmericanWhiteBoy
SwetambariIndianFairy Dressed in whiteGirl
TegwenWelshBlessed; Holy; WhiteGirl
Tit  (Синица)RussianWhite Clay; White EarthBoy
TitoItalianWhite Clay; White Earth; Of the GiantsBoy
TitoSpanishWhite Clay; White EarthBoy
TitusLatinWhite Clay; White EarthBoy
TuhinsurraIndianSnow whiteBoy
TuhinsurraIndianWhite as snowBoy
TusharsuvraIndianWhite as snowBoy
TuyetVietnameseSnow; WhiteGirl
TytusPolishWhite Clay; White EarthBoy
UlpaKazakhWhite SnowGirl
UnegaNative AmericanWhiteGirl
VanoraScottishWhite WaveGirl
VevaFrenchPossibly White RaceGirl
VoistitoevitzNative AmericanWhite CowBoy
VoisttitoevetzNative AmericanWhite CowBoy
VokivocummastNative AmericanWhite AntelopeBoy
WambleeshaNative AmericanWhite EagleBoy
WanageeskaNative AmericanWhite SpiritBoy
WhitakerEnglishWhite fieldBoy
WhitakerIndianWhite fieldBoy
WhiteneyEnglishWhite IslandGirl
WhiteneyIndianWhite IslandGirl
WhitneyEnglishWhite IslandGirl
WhitneyIndianWhite IslandGirl
WinterEnglishWinter; White; SnowyGirl
WinterIndianWinter; White; SnowyGirl
WokaihwokomasNative AmericanWhite AntelopeBoy
WynEnglishBlessed; Fair; WhiteBoy
WynIndianBlessed; Fair; WhiteBoy
WynWelshBlessed; Fair; Holy; WhiteBoy
WynnWelshBlessed; Fair; Holy; WhiteBoy
WynneWelshBlessed; Fair; Holy; WhiteBoy
Xueqin  (学勤)ChineseSnow-White CeleryBoy
ZahraIndianWhite; Flower; Boldness; Heavenly; Light breeze; Star; BeautyGirl
ZahraaIndianWhite; Flower; Boldness; Heavenly; Light breeze; Star; BeautyGirl
ZahrahIndianWhite; Flower; Boldness; Heavenly; Light breeze; Star; BeautyGirl
ZuriAfricanBeautiful; WhiteGirl
ZuriFrenchWhite; Light skinnedGirl
ZuriaFrenchWhite; Light skinnedGirl
ZurieFrenchWhite; Light skinnedGirl

List of Surnames that means 'White'
 Surname Country of Origin In Local Meaning
AbneyEnglish Like Albus; White
BainIrish White
BaineIrish White
BanchoGaelic White Dog
FinneganIrish Tiny Little White One
GwynneWelsh White
WhalleyEnglish Has greenish white eyes; Wall eyed
WheatonEnglish White Hill
WhitakerEnglish Cultivated Land; White Acres
WhitbyEnglish Hite Town; White Bay
WhiteEnglish White; Primitive forest
WhitfieldEnglish White Field
WhitfordEnglish White Ford
WhitingEnglish White Offspring
WhitmanEnglish Stout man; Lively; Quick; Quick man; White man
WhitneyEnglish White Island
WickliffEnglish Village on the cliff; White cliff
WinneWelsh White
WitterDutch Bleacher; Whitener

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