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Name that means

Meaning:  Best Of All

List of Names that means 'Best Of All'
 Name Origin Meaning Gender
Abdul WahhabIndianServant of the best ownerBoy
AbhayapradaIndianBestower of Safety; Lord VishnuBoy
AbhayapradaIndianBestowed of safety; Lord VishnuBoy
AbhayapradaIndianBestower of safety; Another name for VishnuBoy
AbhayapradaIndianBestower of safety; Another name for lord VishnuBoy
Afzal  (أفضل)ArabianBest; SuperiorBoy
AgriyaIndianFirst bestBoy
AgriyaIndianFirst and bestGirl
Al Mu'izz (المعز)IndianThe Bestower of Honors
AnoopIndianIncomparable; The best; Without Comparison; IncomparableBoy
AnoopIndianIncomparable; BestBoy
AnoopIndianIncomparable; The BestBoy
AnupIndianWithout comparison; Incomparable; BestBoy
AnupIndianIncomparable; The best; Without Comparison; IncomparableBoy
ApoorvaIndianDifferent; Special; Best; Unmatchable; Exquisite; RareBoy
ApoorvaIndianNot seen before; Different; Special; Best; UnmatchableBoy
ArastooIndianBest purposeBoy
ArastooIranian (Persian)The Best PurposBoy
AristarchusLatinBest Ruler; Excellent Origin; SourceBoy
Aristides  (Αριστείδης)GreekBestBoy
AristidesLatinBest Physique; ExcellenceBoy
AristobulusLatinBest counselingBoy
AristodemusLatinBest of the peopleBoy
Aristotelis  (Αριστοτέλης)GreekSeeking the bestBoy
Aristotle  (Αριστοτέλης)GreekSeeking the bestBoy
ArisztidHungarianExcellence; the BestBoy
AshneelIndianBest; UnbeatableBoy
AshneelIndianThe best; UnbeatableBoy
AvikshitIndianDifferent; Special; Best; UnmatchableBoy
AyurdaIndianGranter of longevity; Bestower of longevityGirl
AyurdaIndianBestower of longevityGirl
BehbahaIndianBest priceGirl
BehbahaIranian (Persian)Best PriceGirl
BehnazIndianBest CoquetryGirl
BehnazIranian (Persian)Best CoquetryGirl
BehrokhIndianBest FaceGirl
BehrokhIranian (Persian)Best FaceGirl
BhagadityaIndianThe Son who bestows wealthBoy
BhagadityaIndianSon who bestows wealthBoy
BhagadityaIndianThe son which bestows wealthBoy
BhagadityaIndianSun which bestows wealthBoy
BihzadIndianBest CoquetryBoy
BuikhuEgyptianThe BestBoy
ChemmalIndianPremier; BestBoy
DhanadhanyakiIndianBestower of wealth and food grainsGirl
EloySpanishChosen one; The BestBoy
GunaIndianBestowed with qualitiesBoy
GurudattIndianBestowed by a guruBoy
GurudattIndianBestowed by GuruBoy
GurudattIndianBestowed by a guruUnisex
HeetIndianBest wishingBoy
InaamIndianAct of kindness; Benefaction; BestowalGirl
In'Am  (إنعام)ArabianGiving; BestowalGirl
IndiraIndianBestower of wealthGirl
IndiraIndianBestower of wealth; Goddess LaxmiGirl
JagatiIndianBestowed with speedGirl
JanardhanaIndianOne who bestows boons on one and allBoy
KahillIndianBest FriendBoy
KailashIndianOne who bestows peaceBoy
KailashIndianOne who bestows peace; Adobe of lord Shiva; Name of a Himalayan peakBoy
KalandhikaIndianBestower of artGirl
KalandhikaIndianBestowed of artGirl
KarthikIndianHindu calendar month; Bestowing courage and pleasureBoy
KarthikSanskritName of a month in the Hindu calendar; Bestowing Courage and PleasureBoy
KartikIndianHindu calendar month; Bestowing courage and pleasureBoy
KartikSanskritName of a month in the Hindu calendar; Bestowing Courage and PleasureBoy
Khalil  (خليل)ArabianBest FriendBoy
MuktidayaIndianBestower of eternal blissBoy
MuneendraIndianBest among saintsBoy
MunindraIndianBest among saintsBoy
NagarjunIndianBest among the snakesBoy
NandiniIndianHoly cow; Bestower of joy; GangaGirl
NandiniIndianA holy cow; Bestower of joy; GangaGirl
NandiniIndianA holy cow; Bestower of joy; Goddess Durga; A delightful goddessGirl
NarottamIndianBest among men; Lord VishnuBoy
NarottamIndianBest among menBoy
NetikertyEgyptianExcellent; the BestGirl
NkiruAfricanThe Best is Still To ComeGirl
NkirukaAfricanThe Best is Still To ComeGirl
OgechukwukamaAfricanGod's Time is the BestGirl
ParamIndianThe bestBoy
ParamIndianBeing Supreme; Best; Primary; Perfect; UltimateBoy
ParamIndianThe Best; UltimateBoy
ParamaIndianThe BestGirl
ParamaIndianThe Best; UltimateGirl
PrathameshIndianLord Ganesh; Lord of the bestBoy
PurshottamIndianThe supreme soul; Lord Vishnu; Best among men; Lord RamaBoy
PurushottamIndianBest among menBoy
PurushottamIndianThe supreme soul; Lord Vishnu; Best among men; Lord RamaBoy
PurushottamSanskritThe best among men; Lord RamaBoy
RajdeepIndianBest of kingsBoy
RishitIndianThe bestBoy
RishithaIndianThe bestGirl
SafiyIndianBest Friend; Chosen oneBoy
SafiyaIndianUntroubled; Serene; Pure; Best friendGirl
SafiyyahIndianUntroubled; Serene; Pure; Best friendGirl
SahaskritIndianBestowing strength; PowerBoy
SamanviIndianOne who poses all best qualitiesGirl
SantyaIndianKind; Bestowing giftsBoy
SaramayIndianFirm; Best of anythingBoy
SarvadIndianLord Shiva all bestowingBoy
SarvadIndianLord Shiva; All bestowingBoy
SarvasiddhantaIndianBestower of skills and wisdomBoy
SarvinIndianBest Archer; God of LoveBoy
SarvinSanskritBest Archer; God of LoveBoy
SarvothamIndianThe bestBoy
SatyendraIndianBest among truthful; Lord of truthBoy
SatyendraIndianBest among truthfulBoy
SaukhyadaIndianBestower of well beingGirl
SenmalIndianThe BestBoy
ShardulIndianTiger; BestBoy
ShardulIndianThe bestBoy
ShatishayIndianSuperior; BestBoy
ShrayaIndianShresth; BestGirl
ShreshtaIndianBest; Lord VishnuBoy
ShreshtaIndianThe BestBoy
ShrestaIndianForemost; Best; FirstGirl
ShresthIndianBest of allBoy
ShresthIndianPerfect; Best of allGirl
ShresthIndianBest of allUnisex
ShresthSanskritPerfect; Best of allGirl
ShresthiIndianPerfect; Best of allGirl
ShresthiIndianBest of allGirl
ShresthiIndianBest of allUnisex
ShresthiSanskritPerfect; Best of allGirl
ShreyasIndianSuperior; BestBoy
ShreyasIndianThe bestBoy
ShufwatIndianBest; ImmaculateBoy
SiddhidhataIndianBestower of success and accomplishmentsBoy
SiddhipriyaIndianBestower of wishes and boonsBoy
SiddhivinayakaIndianBestower of successBoy
SiddhivinayakaIndianBestower of success and accomplishmentsBoy
SreyaIndianBest; Beautiful; ExcellentGirl
ToobaIndianName of a tree in paradise; Excellent; Best; Good newsGirl
ToobaIranian (Persian)Name of a Tree in Paradise; Excellent; BestGirl
ToubaIndianName of a tree in paradise; Excellent; Best; Good newsGirl
ToubaIranian (Persian)Name of a Tree in Paradise; Excellent; BestGirl
UpamaIndianComparison; The bestGirl
UpmaIndianThe bestGirl
VaradaIndianBestower; Daughter; Goddess LaxmiGirl
VaradavinayakaIndianBestower of success and accomplishmentsBoy
VaradavinayakaIndianBestower of successBoy
VaraganapatiIndianBestower of boonsBoy
VasupradaIndianBestower of wealthGirl
WahhabIndianBest owner; One of the ninety nine names of GodBoy
WahibIndianLiberal donor; Munificent; BestowedBoy
YashaskaramIndianBestower of fame and fortuneBoy
ZafarIndianVictory; The bestBoy