indian baby names
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Name that means

Meaning:  The Best

List of Names that means 'The Best'
 Name Origin Meaning Gender
Abdul WahhabIndianServant of the best ownerBoy
Al Mu'izz (المعز)IndianThe Bestower of Honors
AnoopIndianIncomparable; The best; Without Comparison; IncomparableBoy
AnoopIndianIncomparable; The BestBoy
AnupIndianIncomparable; The best; Without Comparison; IncomparableBoy
ArastooIranian (Persian)The Best PurposBoy
Aristotelis  (Αριστοτέλης)GreekSeeking the bestBoy
Aristotle  (Αριστοτέλης)GreekSeeking the bestBoy
ArisztidHungarianExcellence; the BestBoy
AshneelIndianThe best; UnbeatableBoy
BuikhuEgyptianThe BestBoy
EloySpanishChosen one; The BestBoy
NetikertyEgyptianExcellent; the BestGirl
NkiruAfricanThe Best is Still To ComeGirl
NkirukaAfricanThe Best is Still To ComeGirl
OgechukwukamaAfricanGod's Time is the BestGirl
ParamIndianThe bestBoy
ParamIndianThe Best; UltimateBoy
ParamaIndianThe BestGirl
ParamaIndianThe Best; UltimateGirl
PrathameshIndianLord Ganesh; Lord of the bestBoy
PurushottamSanskritThe best among men; Lord RamaBoy
RishitIndianThe bestBoy
RishithaIndianThe bestGirl
SarvothamIndianThe bestBoy
SenmalIndianThe BestBoy
ShardulIndianThe bestBoy
ShreshtaIndianThe BestBoy
ShreyasIndianThe bestBoy
UpamaIndianComparison; The bestGirl
UpmaIndianThe bestGirl
ZafarIndianVictory; The bestBoy