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 Names meaning 'Victory'

Name that means

Meaning:  Victory

List of Names that means 'Victory'
 Name Origin Meaning Gender
AalokIndianBrightness; Light; Cry of victory; A man with lovely hairBoy
AalokSanskritBrightness; Light; Cry of victory; A man with lovely hairBoy
Abdul FattaahIndianSlave of the giver of victoryBoy
Abdul FattahIndianSlave of the giver of victoryBoy
AbhijayaIndianConquest; Complete VictoryBoy
AilsaScottishIsland Dweller; Elf victory; Island of AlfsigrGirl
AilseEnglishElf victoryGirl
AilseIndianElf victoryGirl
AilseScottishIsland Dweller; Elf victory; Island of AlfsigrGirl
AilsieEnglishElf victoryGirl
AilsieIndianElf victoryGirl
AilsieScottishIsland Dweller; Elf victory; Island of AlfsigrGirl
AlfsigrNorseElf victoryGirl
AlokIndianBrightness; Cry of victoryBoy
AlokIndianBrightness; Light; Cry of victory; A man with lovely hairBoy
AlokIndianCry of victoryBoy
AlokSanskritBrightness; Light; Cry of victory; A man with lovely hairBoy
AndronicusLatinVictory of a manBoy
Andronikos  (Ανδρόνικος)GreekVictory of a Nan; WarriorBoy
ArinjayIndianVictory over evilBoy
BahramIndianVictory; MarsBoy
BahramIranian (Persian)Victory; MarsBoy
BearnasScottishBringer of victory; VictoriousGirl
BehramIndianVictory; MarsBoy
BehramIranian (Persian)Victory; MarsBoy
BereniceBiblicalWho Brings the VictoryGirl
BereniceEnglishBringer of victoryGirl
BereniceFrenchBringer of victoryGirl
BereniceIndianBringer of victoryGirl
BereniceLatinBringer of victoryGirl
BerenikeGreekBringer of victoryGirl
BernettaEnglishBringer of victoryGirl
BernettaIndianBringer of victoryGirl
BerniceEnglishBringer of victoryGirl
BerniceFrenchOne who brings victoryGirl
BerniceIndianBringer of victoryGirl
BerniceLatinBringer of victoryGirl
BernieceEnglishBringer of victoryGirl
BernieceIndianBringer of victoryGirl
BernissFrenchOne who brings victoryGirl
BernyceFrenchOne who brings victoryGirl
BunnyEnglishBringer of victoryGirl
BunnyIndianBringer of victoryGirl
CeolsigeAnglo-SaxonShip victoryBoy
ClausGermanVictory of the peopleBoy
ColanFrenchVictory of the peopleBoy
ColeEnglishBlack; Coal; Victory of the peopleBoy
ColeIndianBlack; Coal; Victory of the peopleBoy
ColetaSpanishVictory of the peopleGirl
ColettaFrenchVictory of the peopleGirl
ColetteEnglishVictory of the peopleGirl
ColetteFrenchVictory of the peopleGirl
ColetteIndianVictory of the peopleGirl
ColinFrenchVictory of the peopleBoy
ColinScottishVictory of the peopleBoy
CollettaFrenchVictory of the peopleGirl
ColletteFrenchVictory of the peopleGirl
CollinFrenchVictory of the peopleBoy
CollinsFrenchVictory of the peopleBoy
ColynFrenchVictory of the peopleBoy
EuniceEnglishGood victoryGirl
EuniceIndianGood victoryGirl
EuniceLatinGood victoryGirl
EunikeGreekGood VictoryGirl
FatehpalIndianThe protector of victoryBoy
FattahIndianVictory; One who attains victoryBoy
FitoreAlbanianConquer; VictoryBoy
GwythyrWelshConquer; VictoryBoy
JaichandIndianVictory of the moonBoy
JaidayalIndianVictory of kindnessBoy
JaideepIndianVictory to the lightBoy
JaideepIndianVictory of lightBoy
JaideepIndianVictory of the lightBoy
JaidevIndianLord of victoryBoy
JaidevIndianGod of victoryBoy
JaigopalIndianVictory of lord KrishnaBoy
JaikrishnaIndianVictory of lord KrishnaBoy
JailekhaIndianA Record of victoryGirl
JailekhaIndianRecord of victoryGirl
JaiminiIndianVictory; Ancient philosopherGirl
JainilIndianVictorious lord Swaminarayan; Victory of blueBoy
JainilIndianVictorious god Swaminarayan; Victory of blueBoy
JaipalIndianVictory of the providerBoy
JaipreetIndianThe victory of loveBoy
JaipriyaIndianBeloved of victoryGirl
JairajIndianLord of victoryBoy
JairamIndianVictory of lord RamaBoy
JaishankarIndianVictory of lord ShivaBoy
JaishreeIndianHonor of victoryGirl
JaisudhaIndianNectar of victoryGirl
JaitraIndianLeading to victoryBoy
JayaIndianSalutation; Victory; Goddess ParvatiGirl
JayaIndianVictory; Victorious; Goddess DurgaGirl
JayaIndianGoddess of victoryGirl
JayaSanskritVictory; Victorious; Goddess DurgaGirl
JayachandIndianVictory Moon; Ancient king of KannaujBoy
JayachandranIndianVictory of moonBoy
JayachandranIndianJaya means victory and Chandran means moonBoy
JayachandranIndianJaya means victory and Chandran means moonBoy
JayadIndianOne who brings victoryBoy
JayadIndianCausing victoryBoy
JayadeepIndianLight of victoryBoy
JayakumarIndianVictory will be his sideBoy
JayalakshmiIndianGoddess of victoryGirl
JayalakshmiIndianThe Goddess of victoryGirl
JayamalaIndianGarland of victoryGirl
JayaprabhaIndianLight of victoryGirl
JayapradaIndianGiver of victoryGirl
JayapradaIndianOne who brings victoryGirl
JayaprakashIndianLight of victoryBoy
JayashekharIndianCrest of victoryBoy
JayashreeIndianGoddess of victory; Victorious womanGirl
JayashreeIndianVictorious; Goddess of victoryGirl
JayashreeIndianGoddess of victoryGirl
JayashreeIndianThe Goddess of victoryGirl
JayashriIndianGoddess of victoryGirl
JayashriIndianVictorious; Goddess of victoryGirl
JayasreeIndianVictorious; Goddess of victoryGirl
JayasreeIndianGoddess of victoryGirl
JayasudhaIndianNectar of victoryGirl
JayendraIndianLord of victoryBoy
JayeshIndianVictor; Lord of victoryBoy
JayprakashIndianRay of victoryBoy
JayshreeIndianGlory of victoryGirl
JayshreeIndianGoddess of victoryGirl
JayshriIndianThe goddess of victoryGirl
JayshriIndianGoddess of victoryGirl
JayshriIndianVictorious; Goddess of victoryGirl
JaysreeIndianGoddess of victoryGirl
JaysreeIndianVictorious; Goddess of victoryGirl
JaysukhIndianPleasure of victoryBoy
JeeteshIndianGoddess of victoryGirl
JeeteshiIndianGoddess of victoryGirl
JeetheshIndianGoddess of victoryBoy
JinadevIndianLord of victoryBoy
JinendraIndianLord of life; Lord of victoryBoy
JinendraIndianLord of victoryBoy
JoydeepIndianVictory lightBoy
KaloniceGreekBeautiful VictoryGirl
Katsu  ()JapaneseVictoryBoy
KelceyEnglishVictory shipUnisex
KelceyIndianVictory shipUnisex
KelseyEnglishVictory shipUnisex
KelseyIndianVictory shipUnisex
KelsiEnglishVictory shipUnisex
KelsiIndianVictory shipUnisex
KelsieEnglishVictory shipUnisex
KelsieIndianVictory shipUnisex
KlaasDutchVictory of the PeopleBoy
KlasinaDutchVictory of the PeopleGirl
KlausFinnishVictory of the PeopleBoy
KlausGermanVictory of the peopleBoy
KlazinaDutchVictory of the PeopleGirl
Kolya  (Коля)RussianVictory of the peopleBoy
KuljeetIndianVictory of houseUnisex
KuljitIndianVictory of houseBoy
KunwarjeetIndianVictory of princeBoy
KuwarjeetIndianVictory of princeBoy
KymEnglishShip victoryUnisex
KymIndianShip victoryUnisex
LaunoFinnishVictory of the PeopleBoy
MiklosHungarianVictory of the PeopleBoy
MikolajPolishVictory of the PeopleBoy
MikolasCzech & SlovakVictory of the PeopleBoy
MikulaCzech & SlovakVictory of the PeopleBoy
MikulasCzech & SlovakVictory of the PeopleBoy
MilekPolishVictory of the PeopleBoy
Mykola  (Микола)UkrainianVictory of The PeopleBoy
NasrIndianHelp; VictoryBoy
NavjeetIndianThe new victoryBoy
NeacalScottishVictory of the peopleBoy
NicEnglishVictory of the peopleBoy
NicIndianVictory of the peopleBoy
NiccoloItalianVictory of the PeopleBoy
NicholFrenchVictory of the peopleBoy
NicholScottishVictory of the peopleBoy
NicholaEnglishVictory of the peopleGirl
NicholaIndianVictory of the peopleGirl
NicholaaLatinVictory of the peopleGirl
NicholasEnglishVictory of the peopleBoy
NicholasFrenchVictory of the peopleBoy
NicholasIndianVictory of the peopleBoy
NicholasIndianPeople of victoryBoy
NicholeEnglishVictory of the peopleGirl
NicholeFrenchVictory of the peopleGirl
NicholeIndianVictory of the peopleGirl
NickEnglishVictory of the peopleBoy
NickIndianVictory of the peopleBoy
NickolasEnglishVictory of the peopleBoy
NickolasIndianVictory of the peopleBoy
NickolausGermanVictory of the peopleBoy
NickyEnglishVictory of the peopleUnisex
NickyIndianVictory of the peopleUnisex
NicoItalianVictory of the PeopleBoy
NicodemeFrenchVictory of the peopleBoy
NicodemoItalianVictory of the PeopleBoy
NicodemoPortugueseVictory of the peopleBoy
NicodemoSpanishVictory of the peopleBoy
Nicodemus  (Νικόδημος)GreekVictory of the peopleBoy
NicodemusLatinVictory of the peopleBoy
NicolScottishVictory of the peopleBoy
NicolaEnglishVictory of the peopleGirl
NicolaFrenchVictory of the peopleGirl
NicolaIndianVictory of the peopleGirl
NicolaItalianVictory of the PeopleBoy
NicolaLatinVictory of the peopleGirl
NicolaasDutchVictory of the PeopleBoy
NicolaoSpanishVictory of the peopleBoy
Nicolaos  (Νικολαος)GreekVictory of the peopleBoy
NicolasEnglishVictory of the peopleBoy
NicolasFrenchVictory of the peopleBoy
NicolasIndianVictory of the peopleBoy
NicolasSpanishVictory of the peopleBoy
NicolasaSpanishVictory of the peopleGirl
NicolauPortugueseVictory of the peopleBoy
NicolausLatinVictory of the peopleBoy
NicoleEnglishVictory of the peopleUnisex
NicoleFrenchVictory of the peopleGirl
NicoleIndianVictory of the peopleUnisex
NicolettaItalianVictory of the PeopleGirl
NicoletteEnglishVictory of the peopleGirl
NicoletteFrenchVictory of the peopleGirl
NicoletteIndianVictory of the peopleGirl
NicolinaItalianVictory of the PeopleGirl
NicoloItalianVictory of the PeopleBoy
NicomedesLatinVictory SchemeBoy
NicomedoItalianVictory SchemeBoy
NiconLatinConquest; VictoryBoy
NicostratoItalianVictory ArmyBoy
NicostratusLatinVictory ArmyBoy
NigellusLatinVictory of the peopleBoy
NiiloFinnishVictory of the PeopleBoy
Nika  (Ника)RussianBringer of Victory; VictoriousGirl
Nikandros  (Νίκανδρος)GreekVictory of a manBoy
Nikephoros  (Νικηφόρος)GreekBearer of victory; VictoriousUnisex
Nikias  (Νικίας)GreekVictoryBoy
Nikifor  (Никифор)BulgarianBearer Of VictoryBoy
NikiforPolishBearer of VictoryBoy
NikiforRussianBearer of victoryBoy
NikkiEnglishVictory of the peopleGirl
NikkiIndianVictory of the peopleGirl
NikkoleEnglishVictory of the peopleGirl
NikkoleIndianVictory of the peopleGirl
NiklasFinnishVictory of the PeopleBoy
NiklausGermanVictory of the peopleBoy
NikoFinnishVictory of the PeopleBoy
NikodemPolishVictory of the PeopleBoy
Nikodemos  (Νικοδημος)GreekVictory of the peopleBoy
NikodimRussianVictory of the peopleBoy
Nikola  (Никола)BulgarianVictory Of The PeopleBoy
NikolaHungarianVictory of the PeopleBoy
NikolaasDutchVictory of the PeopleBoy
Nikolai  (Николай)BulgarianVictory Of The PeopleBoy
Nikolai  (Николай)RussianVictory of the peopleBoy
Nikolaos  (Νικολαος)GreekVictory of the peopleBoy
NikolasEnglishVictory of the peopleBoy
NikolasIndianVictory of the peopleBoy
NikolausFinnishVictory of the PeopleBoy
NikolausGermanVictory of the peopleBoy
NikolausNorwegianVictory of peopleBoy
NikoleEnglishVictory of the peopleGirl
NikoleIndianVictory of the peopleGirl
Nikoleta  (Νικολέτα)GreekVictory of the peopleGirl
NikolettHungarianVictory of the PeopleGirl
Nikolina  (Николина)BulgarianVictory Of The PeopleGirl
Nikolos  (Νικολός)GreekVictory of the peopleBoy
Nikomachos  (Νικόμαχος)GreekVictory BattleBoy
Nikon  (Никон)RussianVictoryBoy
Nikos  (Νίκος)GreekVictory of the peopleBoy
Nil  (Ноль)RussianVictory of the peopleBoy
NilosGreekVictory of the peopleBoy
NilsNorwegianVictory of peopleBoy
NusratIndianHelp; VictoryGirl
OyvindNorwegianVictory; Island; WindBoy
PherenikeGreekBringer of victoryGirl
RamanjitIndianVictory of belovedBoy
RanjudeepIndianLight of victoryGirl
RoniEnglishBringer of victoryGirl
RoniIndianBringer of victoryGirl
RonnetteEnglishBringer of victoryGirl
RonnetteIndianBringer of victoryGirl
SahastrajitIndianThousand victoryBoy
SaijayaniIndianPersonification of victory; A name for Shirdi Sai babaGirl
SaijayaniIndianPersonification of victory. Shirdi Sai babaGirl
SaijayaniIndianPersonification of victory; Lord Shirdi Sai BabaGirl
SatyajitIndianConquering by truth; Victory of truthBoy
SatyajitIndianVictory of truthBoy
SenajitIndianVictory over armyBoy
SibEnglishBold VictoryBoy
SibIndianBold VictoryBoy
SibaldEnglishBold VictoryBoy
SibaldIndianBold VictoryBoy
SibbeEnglishBold VictoryBoy
SibbeIndianBold VictoryBoy
SiegbertGermanBright VictoryBoy
SiegfriedGermanVictory PeaceBoy
SieghardGermanHardy VictoryBoy
SieghildGermanVictory BattleGirl
SiegmundGermanVictory ProtectorBoy
SigeberhtAnglo-SaxonBright victoryBoy
SigeweardAnglo-SaxonVictory protectorBoy
SigiGermanVictory PeaceUnisex
SigismundGermanVictory ProtectorBoy
SigiswaldGermanVictory RuleBoy
SigiwaldGermanVictory ProtectorBoy
SigmundEnglishProtector of victoryBoy
SigmundGermanVictory ProtectorBoy
SigmundIndianProtector of victoryBoy
SigmundNorwegianVictory protectorBoy
SigranScandinavianVictory secretGirl
SigridFinnishVictory; Beautiful; FairGirl
SigridScandinavianBeautiful victoryGirl
SigridrNorseBeautiful victoryGirl
SigrithrNorseBeautiful victoryGirl
SigurdrNorseGuardian of victoryBoy
SigurthrNorseGuardian of victoryBoy
SigwaldGermanVictory ProtectorBoy
SigwaltGermanVictory ProtectorBoy
SiiriFinnishVictory; Beautiful; FairGirl
SiriScandinavianBeautiful victoryGirl
SjurdNorwegianGuardian of victoryBoy
SujayaIndianVictory; Great triumphGirl
SujeetIndianAuspicious victoryBoy
SuyashIndianGood result; Victory; illustriousBoy
SwajithIndianSelf victoryBoy
SybaldEnglishBold VictoryBoy
SybaldIndianBold VictoryBoy
TeemuFinnishVictory of the PeopleBoy
TorScottishVictory; Castle; WatchtowerBoy
ToranScottishVictory; Castle; WatchtowerBoy
ToreanScottishVictory; Castle; WatchtowerBoy
TorenScottishVictory; Castle; WatchtowerBoy
TorenceScottishVictory; Castle; WatchtowerBoy
ToreyScottishVictory; Castle; WatchtowerUnisex
TorinScottishVictory; Castle; WatchtowerBoy
TorionScottishVictory; Castle; WatchtowerBoy
TorraScottishVictory; Castle; WatchtowerGirl
TorranScottishVictory; Castle; WatchtowerBoy
TorranceScottishVictory; Castle; WatchtowerBoy
TorreeScottishVictory; Castle; WatchtowerGirl
TorrenceScottishVictory; Castle; WatchtowerBoy
TorreyScottishVictory; Castle; WatchtowerBoy
TorriScottishVictory; Castle; WatchtowerGirl
TorrianScottishVictory; Castle; WatchtowerBoy
TorrieScottishVictory; Castle; WatchtowerBoy
TorryScottishVictory; Castle; WatchtowerBoy
ToryScottishVictory; Castle; WatchtowerBoy
TrishaIndianWish; Desire; Thirst; VictoryGirl
UniceEnglishGood victoryGirl
UniceIndianGood victoryGirl
UpjeetIndianOf exalted victoryBoy
VeronicaEnglishBringer of victoryGirl
VeronicaIndianBringer of victoryGirl
VeronicaLatinBringer of victoryGirl
VeronicaPortugueseBringer of victoryGirl
VeronicaSpanishBringer of victoryGirl
VeroniqueFrenchBringer of victoryGirl
VicenteSpanishConqueror; VictoryBoy
VicenzoItalianTo Conquer; Victory; ConquerorBoy
VickLatinTo Conquer; VictoryBoy
VicoItalianTo Conquer; Victory; ConquerorBoy
VictoireFrenchTo Conquer; VictoryGirl
VictorFrenchTo Conquer; VictoryBoy
VictorLatinTo Conquer; VictoryBoy
VictorSpanishConqueror; VictoryBoy
VictoriaLatinVictory; Conquer; Goddess of victoryGirl
VictorianoSpanishConqueror; VictoryBoy
VictorinaFrenchTo Conquer; VictoryGirl
VictorineFrenchTo Conquer; VictoryGirl
VictorinoPortugueseTo Conquer; VictoryBoy
VictorinoSpanishConqueror; VictoryBoy
VictorinusLatinTo Conquer; VictoryBoy
VictorioSpanishConqueror; VictoryBoy
VictoriusLatinTo Conquer; VictoryBoy
VijayIndianVictory; Strong and victoriousBoy
VijaySanskritVictory; Strong and victoriousBoy
VijayalakshmiIndianGoddess of victoryGirl
VijayendraIndianVictorious; Lord of victoryBoy
VijayendraIndianGod of victoryBoy
VijayendraIndianLord of victoryBoy
VijayketuIndianFlag of victoryBoy
VijendraIndianVictorious; Lord of victoryBoy
VijigeeshIndianDesire of victoryBoy
Vikenti  (Викентий)RussianTo Conquer; VictoryBoy
VikeshaRussianTo Conquer; VictoryBoy
Viktor  (Виктор)BulgarianVictoryBoy
Viktor  (Виктор)RussianTo Conquer; VictoryBoy
ViktorScandinavianConquer; VictoryBoy
Viktor  (Віктор)UkrainianTo Conquer; VictoryBoy
ViktorasLithuanianConquer; VictoryBoy
ViktoriaGermanTo Conquer; VictoryGirl
ViktoriaHungarianTo Conquer; VictoryGirl
ViktoriaScandinavianConquer; VictoryGirl
ViktorijaLithuanianVictor; VictoryGirl
Viktoriya  (Виктория)BulgarianVictoryGirl
Viktoriya  (Виктория)RussianTo Conquer; VictoryGirl
Viktoriya  (Вікторія)UkrainianTo Conquer; VictoryGirl
VincenteItalianTo Conquer; Victory; ConquerorBoy
VincenzaItalianTo Conquer; Victory; ConquerorGirl
VincenzioItalianTo Conquer; Victory; ConquerorBoy
VincenzoItalianTo Conquer; Victory; ConquerorBoy
VinzenzGermanTo Conquer; VictoryBoy
VitoItalianAlive; Lively; VictoryBoy
VitoriaPortugueseTo Conquer; Victory; VictoriousGirl
VittoreItalianTo Conquer; Victory; Conqueror; VictoriousBoy
VittoriaItalianTo Conquer; Victory; Conqueror; VictoriousGirl
VittorinoItalianTo Conquer; Victory; Conqueror; VictoriousBoy
VittorioItalianTo Conquer; Victory; Conqueror; VictoriousBoy
WeronikaPolishBringer of VictoryGirl
WeronikiaPolishOne who brings victoryGirl
WikoliaHawaiianTo Conquer; VictoryGirl
WiktorPolishConqueror; VictoryBoy
WiktoriaPolishConqueror; VictoryGirl
WiktorjaPolishConqueror; VictoryGirl
WisiaPolishConqueror; VictoryGirl
YashIndianVictory; GloryBoy
YashIndianSuccess; Goodwill; Victory; GloryBoy
YashIndianVictory; Glory; Fame; SuccessBoy
Yash RajIndianVictory; Glory; Fame; SuccessBoy
Yash RajIndianLord of success; Lord of victoryBoy
YashasIndianVictory; Glory; Fame; SuccessBoy
ZafarIndianVictory; The bestBoy
ZsigaHungarianVictory; Protector OfBoy
ZsigmondHungarianVictory; Protector OfBoy
ZygfrydPolishVictory PeaceBoy

List of Surnames that means 'Victory'
 Surname Country of Origin In Local Meaning
KelseyEnglish Ship victory

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