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Meaning:  Mars

List of Names that means 'Mars'
 Name Origin Meaning Gender
BahramIndianVictory; MarsBoy
BahramIranian (Persian)Victory; MarsBoy
BehramIndianVictory; MarsBoy
BehramIranian (Persian)Victory; MarsBoy
CarvellFrenchVillage on the marshBoy
CullodenScottishNook of the marshBoy
FentonEnglishMarsh settlementBoy
FentonIndianMarsh settlementBoy
KeirEnglishFrom the marshlandBoy
KeirIndianFrom the marshlandBoy
KerrEnglishFrom the marshlandBoy
KerrIndianFrom the marshlandBoy
KerrScottishMarsh; Rough wet groundBoy
LohitIndianRed; Made of Copper; Mars; Bramhaputra riverBoy
LohitIndianRed; Made of copper; MarsBoy
LohitIndianRed; Made of copper; MarsBoy
MaartenDutchDon't Deceive; Like MarsBoy
MaartjeDutchDon't Deceive; Like MarsGirl
MangalIndianAuspicious; MarsBoy
MarceliPolishWarlike; Devoted to MarsBoy
MarcelinaPolishWarlike; Devoted to MarsGirl
MarcelyPolishWarlike; Devoted to MarsBoy
MarcialSpanishLike Mars; Roman God of MarsBoy
MarcinPolishWarlike; Devoted to MarsBoy
MarcinekPolishWarlike; Devoted to MarsBoy
MarcusNorwegianRoman God MarsBoy
MarekPolishWarlike; Devoted to MarsBoy
MarianPolishWarlike; Devoted to MarsBoy
MarikPolishWarlike; Devoted to MarsBoy
MariusFrenchLike Mars; Roman God of MarsBoy
MartainnScottishIke Mars; Roman God MarsBoy
MartenDutchLike MarsBoy
MartialEnglishLike Mars; Roman God MarsBoy
MartialIndianLike Mars; Roman God MarsBoy
MartialisLatinLike MarsBoy
MartieEnglishLike Mars; Roman God MarsBoy
MartieIndianLike Mars; Roman God MarsBoy
MartijnDutchLike MarsBoy
Martin  (Мартин)BulgarianRoman God MarsBoy
MartinEnglishLike Mars; Roman God MarsBoy
MartinFinnishRoman God MarsBoy
MartinFrenchLike Mars; Roman God of MarsBoy
MartinGermanLike MarsBoy
MartinHungarianWarlike; the Roman God MarsBoy
MartinIndianLike Mars; Roman God MarsBoy
MartinNorwegianRoman God MarsBoy
Martin  (Мартин)RussianOf Mars; Roman God MarsBoy
MartinSpanishLike Mars; Roman God of MarsBoy
MartinaEnglishLike Mars; Roman God MarsGirl
MartinaIndianLike Mars; Roman God MarsGirl
MartinaItalianWarlike; MarsGirl
MartinaLatinLike MarsGirl
MartinaNorwegianRoman God MarsGirl
MartinaSpanishLike Mars; Roman God of MarsGirl
MartineFrenchLike Mars; Roman God of MarsGirl
MartinezSpanishLike Mars; Roman God of MarsBoy
MartinhoPortugueseLike Mars; Roman God MarsBoy
MartinoItalianWarlike; MarsBoy
MartinoSpanishLike Mars; Roman God of MarsBoy
MartinusLatinLike MarsBoy
MartisLatinLike MarsBoy
MartiusLatinLike MarsBoy
MartonHungarianWarlike; the Roman God MarsBoy
MarttiFinnishRoman God MarsBoy
MartyEnglishLike Mars; Roman God MarsBoy
MartyIndianLike Mars; Roman God MarsBoy
MartynPolishLike MarsBoy
Martyn  (Мартин)UkrainianMarsBoy
MartynaPolishLike MarsGirl
MarziaItalianWarlike; MarsGirl
MarzioItalianWarlike; MarsBoy
MawrthWelshRoman god of mars; SeaBoy
MertenGermanLike Mars; Roman God MarsBoy
MordecaiEnglishDevotee of Marduk (Mars); Little manBoy
MordecaiIndianDevotee of Marduk (Mars); Little manBoy
MordechaiEnglishDevotee of Marduk (Mars); Little manBoy
MordechaiIndianDevotee of Marduk (Mars); Little manBoy
MorleyEnglishMarsh meadowBoy
MorleyIndianMarsh meadowBoy
MortenDanishLike MarsBoy
MortenNorwegianLike MarsBoy
VanEnglishLives by a marsh; CloudBoy
VanIndianLives by a marsh; CloudBoy
VanceEnglishLives by a marshBoy
VanceIndianLives by a marshBoy
Zedong  (毛泽东)ChineseEast of the MarshBoy

List of Surnames that means 'Mars'
 Surname Country of Origin In Local Meaning
AbercrombieGaelic The mouth of a river; Marshy ground
AberdeenEnglish The mouth of a river; Marshy ground; Place where streams meets
ArbuthnotEnglish The mouth of a river; Marshy ground; Place where streams meets
FentonEnglish Marsh settlement
KerrScottish From the marshland
MarloweEnglish Marshland
MorleyEnglish Marsh meadow
MortemerNorman Dead Sea; Stagnant marsh
MortimerEnglish Dead Sea; Stagnant marsh
VanceEnglish Lives by a marsh
WalkyrScandinavian From the wall by the marsh