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Name that means

Meaning:  Devoted To God

List of Names that means 'Devoted To God'
 Name Origin Meaning Gender
AilsieHebrewDevoted to GodGirl
AnaliseHebrewGrace; Devoted to GodGirl
AnnalisaHebrewDevoted to GodGirl
AnwarIndianDevote of godBoy
AsenathBiblicalDevoted to the GoddessGirl
BhagatIndianDevotee of godBoy
BhawanidasIndianDevotee of goddess DurgaBoy
BoziHebrewDevoted to GodGirl
ElsHebrewDevoted to GodGirl
ElziraHebrewDevoted to GodGirl
ErzsebetHebrewDevoted to GodGirl
HarbhajanIndianDevotee of GodBoy
HelsaHebrewDevoted to GodGirl
KalicharanIndianDevotee of goddess KaliBoy
KalicharanIndianDevotee of goddess Kali; Feet of goddess Kali (Goddess Durga)Boy
KalimohanIndianDevotee of goddess KaliBoy
KalipadaIndianDevotee of goddess KaliBoy
KaliranjanIndianDevotee of goddess KaliBoy
LemuelHebrewDevoted; Dedicated to GodBoy
LemuelaHebrewDevoted; Dedicated to GodGirl
OrzsebetHebrewDevoted to GodGirl
PerkeHebrewDevoted to GodGirl
PerzsiHebrewDevoted to GodGirl
PerzsikeHebrewDevoted to GodGirl
PrasadIndianDevotional offering; Offering to god during poojaBoy
SaradhaIndianDevotion; Goddess of educationGirl
SripuIndianFlowers devoted to godGirl
VaishaviIndianDevotee of lord Vishnu; Goddess ParvatiGirl
VaishnaviIndianDevotee of lord Vishnu; Goddess Parvati; Tulsi (Basil)Girl
VaishnoIndianDevotee of lord Vishnu; Goddess ParvatiGirl
VaishnodeviIndianDevotee of lord Vishnu; Goddess ParvatiGirl
VaishodeviIndianDevotee of lord Vishnu; Goddess ParvatiBoy
VaishviIndianDevotee of lord Vishnu; Goddess ParvatiGirl
YelizavetamHebrewDevoted to GodGirl
YelysavetaHebrewDevoted to GodGirl
YsabelFrenchDevoted to GodGirl