indian baby names
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Name that means

Meaning:  Doe

List of Names that means 'Doe'
 Name Origin Meaning Gender
AamilIndianDoer; Work manBoy
AamilahIndianDoer of good deeds; RighteousGirl
Abul KhayrIndianOne who does goodBoy
AejazIndianPerson who does miraclesBoy
AfraHebrewYoung DoeGirl
Al Barr (البر)IndianThe Doer of Good
AlopIndianThat which does not disappearBoy
AlopIndianWhich does not disappearBoy
AlopIndianOne who does not disappearBoy
AninditaIndianWho does not speak ill; IrreproachableGirl
BitasokIndianOne who does not mournBoy
BurcinTurkishHind; DoeUnisex
DhyaniIndianOne who does contemplationBoy
EkwuemeAfricanHe Says; He DoesBoy
HarinakshiIndianDoe eyedGirl
LailyIranian (Persian)Nocturnal; One Who Does Anything By NightGirl
LaylyIndianNocturnal; One who does anything by nightGirl
LaylyIranian (Persian)Nocturnal; One Who Does Anything By NightGirl
LeilyIranian (Persian)Nocturnal; One Who Does Anything By NightGirl
MohsenIndianOne who does goodBoy
MohsenIranian (Persian)One Who Does GoodBoy
MriganayaniIndianDoe eyedGirl
SajjadIndianOne who does much prostrationsBoy
SubhankarIndianOne who does good deeds; VirtuousBoy
SukarmaIndianOne who does good deedsBoy
VitashokhaIndianOne who does not mournBoy