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Name that means

Meaning:  Glorious Protector

List of Names that means 'Glorious Protector'
 Name Origin Meaning Gender
BranislavCzech & SlovakGlorious ProtectorBoy
BranislavaCzech & SlovakGlorious ProtectorGirl
BrankaCzech & SlovakWeapon of Glory; Glorious ProtectorGirl
BronislavCzech & SlovakWeapon of Glory; Glorious ProtectorBoy
Bronislav  (Бронислав)RussianGlorious ProtectorBoy
BronislavaCzech & SlovakWeapon of Glory; Glorious ProtectorGirl
Bronislava  (Бронислава)RussianGlorious ProtectorGirl
BronislawPolishGlorious ProtectorBoy
BronislawaPolishGlorious ProtectorGirl
BronislovasLithuanianGlorious protectorBoy
BroniusLithuanianGlorious protectorBoy