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 Names meaning 'Great'

Name that means

Meaning:  Great

List of Names that means 'Great'
 Name Origin Meaning Gender
AbbaadIndianGreat worshipperBoy
AbbadIndianGreat worshipperBoy
Abdul AdheemIndianServant of the most greatBoy
Abdul AzimIndianSlave of the greatBoy
Abdul JaleelIndianServant of the great; ReveredBoy
Abdul KabirIndianSlave of the greatBoy
Abdul-JaleelIndianServant of the great; ReveredBoy
AbhirathIndianGreat CharioteerBoy
AbhirathSanskritGreat CharioteerBoy
AdhikIndianGreater; More; LotsBoy
AdoeetteNative AmericanGreat TreeBoy
AhasuerusLatinGreat warrior; Lion KingBoy
AkasIndianAll pervading; As great as skyBoy
AkbarIndianHonorable; Great; Bigger; PowerfulBoy
AkbarIranian (Persian)Honourable; GreatBoy
Akihiro  (明宏)JapaneseGreat BrightnessBoy
AkramIndianHonorable; Great; Excellent; GenerousGirl
AkramIranian (Persian)Honourable; GreatGirl
AkuFinnishGreat; VenerableBoy
Al Kabir (الكبير)IndianThe Greatest
Al Mutakabbir (المتكبر)IndianThe Greatest
AlibabaIndianGreat leaderBoy
Allah (الله)IndianThe Greatest Name
AmramHebrewGreat Nation; Exalted NationBoy
AroobIndianA woman who greatly loves her husbandGirl
AseelIndianOne belonging to a great heritage and familyBoy
AseelaIndianOne belonging to a great heritage and familyGirl
AseelahIndianOne belonging to a great heritage and familyGirl
AseelahIndianOne who belongs to a great heritage and familyGirl
AseemIndianLimitless; GreatestBoy
AtemuEgyptianMythical Great God of AnnuBoy
AtinIndianGreat oneBoy
AtinIndianThe great oneBoy
AtraiuIndianGreat warriorBoy
AwwaabIndianGreat repenter to godBoy
AwwabIndianGreat repenter to godBoy
AzeemIndianName of god; Grand; Lofty; GreatBoy
AzimIndianName of god; Grand; Lofty; GreatBoy
AzmatIndianThe greatnessBoy
BahuraiIndianGreat richesBoy
BohumirCzech & SlovakGod is Great; God PeaceBoy
BolekCzech & SlovakGreat GloryBoy
BolekPolishGreat GloryBoy
BoleslavCzech & SlovakGreat GloryBoy
BoleslawPolishGreat GloryBoy
BoleslawaPolishGreat GloryGirl
BorikCzech & SlovakGreat GloryBoy
Branimir  (Бранимир)BulgarianGreat; Famous; Peace ProtectorBoy
Branimira  (Бранимира)BulgarianGreat; Famous; Peace ProtectorGirl
BrynmorWelshGreat hillBoy
CasimiroItalianFamous Destroyer; Great DestroyerBoy
CasimiroSpanishGreat DestroyerBoy
CestmirCzech & SlovakGreat FortressBoy
ChaanakyaIndianName of Kautilya - the great scholar; Bright; ScholarBoy
ChaanakyaSanskritName of Kautilya - the great scholar; BrightBoy
ChanakyaIndianBright; Name of Kautilya; The great scholarBoy
ChanakyaIndianKautilya; Great scholarBoy
ChanakyaIndianKautilya; Great scholar; BrightBoy
ChanakyaIndianName of Kautilya; The great scholarBoy
ChanakyaSanskritName of Kautilya - the great scholar; BrightBoy
ChandaSanskritMoon; Great GoddessGirl
ChandiIndianGreat Goddess; Angry name of goddess sakti; SilverGirl
ChandiIndianGreat goddessGirl
ChandiSanskritGreat Goddess; Angry name of goddess sakti; SilverGirl
CharlemagneFrenchCharles the greatBoy
ChenghizMongolianGreatest; WiseBoy
ChengleiChineseBecome GreatBoy
ChiemekaAfricanGod has Performed Great DeedsBoy
ChikaAfricanGod is the Greatest; God's PowerGirl
ChingisMongolianGreatest; WiseBoy
ChiomaAfricanGod is GreatGirl
ChukwuemekaAfricanGod has done something GreatBoy
Dai  ()ChineseBeloved; Big; Huge; GreatBoy
Dai  ()JapaneseGreat; LargeBoy
Daichi  (大地; 大智)JapaneseGreat First Son Or Great LandBoy
Daiki  (大輝; 大貴; 大樹)JapaneseOf Great ValueBoy
Daisuke  (大輔)JapaneseGreat HelperBoy
DhanyaIndianGreat; Personification of Gratitude; Thankful; Lucky; Giver of wealthGirl
DhanyaIndianThankful; Lucky; GreatGirl
DhanyaIndianGreat; Personification of GratitudeGirl
DillonEnglishGreat SeaBoy
DillonIndianGreat SeaBoy
DillonWelshGreat seaBoy
DunmorScottishGreat hill fortressBoy
DunmoreScottishGreat hill fortressBoy
DylEnglishGreat SeaBoy
DylIndianGreat SeaBoy
DylWelshGreat seaBoy
DylanEnglishGreat SeaBoy
DylanIndianGreat SeaBoy
DylanWelshGreat seaBoy
EmekaAfricanGreat DeedsBoy
EyotaNative AmericanGreatGirl
GedaliaEnglishGod is greatBoy
GedaliaHebrewGod is GreatBoy
GedaliaIndianGod is greatBoy
GedaliahEnglishGod is greatBoy
GedaliahHebrewGod is GreatBoy
GedaliahIndianGod is greatBoy
GedaliahuHebrewGod is GreatBoy
GedalyaHebrewGod is GreatBoy
GedalyahuHebrewGod is GreatBoy
Genghis  (成吉思汗)ChineseJust; Right; True; Great RulerBoy
GenghisMongolianGreatest; WiseBoy
GordEnglishSpacious fort; Great fortBoy
GordIndianSpacious fort; Great fortBoy
GordainScottishGreat hill; Fortress; Hill near the meadowBoy
GordanScottishGreat hill; Fortress; Hill near the meadowBoy
GordanaScottishGreat hill; Fortress; Hill near the meadowGirl
GordaniaScottishGreat hill; Fortress; Hill near the meadowGirl
GordenEnglishSpacious fort; Great fortBoy
GordenIndianSpacious fort; Great fortBoy
GordonEnglishSpacious fort; Great fortBoy
GordonIndianSpacious fort; Great fortBoy
GordonScottishGreat hill; Fortress; Hill near the meadowBoy
GoshevenNative AmericanGreat LeaperBoy
GrantEnglishGreat; LargeBoy
GrantIndianGreat; LargeBoy
GrantScottishGreat plains; LargeUnisex
GretaEnglishPearl; Great; Well knownGirl
GretaIndianPearl; Great; Well knownGirl
GrosvenorFrenchGreat HunterBoy
GuruttamIndianGreatest teacherBoy
GuruttamIndianThe greatest teacherBoy
GusGreekGreat; VenerableBoy
GusScottishGreat; VenerableGirl
HammamIndianGreat man; Chief; HeroBoy
Hiroto  (大斗)JapaneseGreat; Large FlyingBoy
Hiroyuki  (宏行)JapaneseGreat JourneyBoy
Honghui  (宏辉)ChineseGreat SplendorBoy
ImtiyazIndianPrivilege; Distinction; Great kingBoy
Jalal  (جلال)ArabianGreatnessBoy
JalalIndianGreatness; Glory; GrandeurBoy
JalalIranian (Persian)GreatnessBoy
JalilIndianGreat; Revered; RespectableBoy
JalilIranian (Persian)GreatBoy
JasimIndianGreat and famousBoy
JoukahainenFinnishGreat; LargeBoy
JoukoFinnishGreat; LargeBoy
KabirIndianFamous Sufi saint; GreatBoy
KaliSanskritThe great Goddess; A form of Durga; Maa KaliGirl
KartikaIndonesianThe GreatGirl
KazimerasLithuanianGreat destroyerBoy
KazimierzPolishGreat DestroyerBoy
Kazuhiro  (和宏)JapaneseGreat HarmonyBoy
Kouta  (康太)JapaneseGreat PeaceBoy
LalitIndianOf great beauty; BeautifulBoy
LalithIndianGreat beauty; BeautifulBoy
LalithIndianOf great beauty; BeautifulBoy
Liwei  (利伟)ChineseProfit and GreatnessBoy
Longwei  (龙威)ChineseDragon GreatnessBoy
LoroIndianGreat PowerBoy
LubomirPolishGreat LoveBoy
MahaanIndianA great personBoy
MahabalaIndianOf great strengthBoy
MahabalaIndianGreat StrengthBoy
MahabaliIndianStrong; Mighty; One with great strengthBoy
MahadevaIndianGreatest GodBoy
MahagangaIndianThe great GangaGirl
MahagangaIndianGreat GangaGirl
MahanidhiIndianGreat storehouseBoy
MahanidhiIndianGreat storehouse; Great treasure houseBoy
MahanidhiIndianGreat treasure houseBoy
MahapurushIndianGreat being; Lord RamaBoy
MaharathIndianGreat chariotBoy
MaharathIndianGreat charioteerBoy
MaharshiIndianGreat saintBoy
MaharshiIndianA Great saintBoy
MahatapasIndianGreat mediatorBoy
MahatapasIndianGreat meditatorBoy
MahatiIndianGreat; Name of a raagaGirl
MahayogiIndianGreatest of all godsBoy
MaheenIndianGreatest; Related to the moon; Feeble voiceGirl
MaheenIranian (Persian)Greatest; Related to the MoonGirl
MahendraSanskritThe great God Indra (the God of the sky)Boy
MaheshIndianLord Shiva; A great ruler; Supreme godBoy
MaheshSanskritLord Shiva; A great rulerBoy
MahiIndianGreat earth; Heaven and earth conjoinedGirl
MahikaIndianEarth; Greatest; Related to the moonGirl
MahimaIndianGlorious; GreatnessGirl
MahimaIndianGreatness; GloriousGirl
MahinIndianEarth; Greatest; Related to the moonGirl
MahinIranian (Persian)Greatest; Related to the MoonGirl
MahineIndianEarth; Greatest; Related to the moonGirl
MahineIranian (Persian)Greatest; Related to the MoonGirl
MajidIndianGreat; Honorable; Noble; Another name for holy QuranBoy
MajidIranian (Persian)Great; HonourableBoy
Maks  (Макс)RussianGreatestBoy
Maksim  (Максим)RussianGreatestBoy
Maksimilian  (Максимилиан)RussianGreatestBoy
MaksymPolishThe GreatestBoy
MaksymilianPolishThe GreatestBoy
MaksymillianPolishThe GreatestBoy
MassimaItalianMost Excellent; GreatestGirl
MassimilianoItalianMost Excellent; GreatestBoy
MassimoItalianMost Excellent; GreatestBoy
MaxEnglishThe GreatestBoy
MaxIndianThe GreatestBoy
MaxenceFrenchGreatest; ExcellentBoy
MaxeneEnglishGreatest; Stream of mackGirl
MaxeneIndianGreatest; Stream of mackGirl
MaxentiusLatinThe GreatestBoy
MaximLatinThe Greatest RivalBoy
Maxim  (Максим)RussianGreatestBoy
MaximeFrenchGreatest; ExcellentBoy
MaximianLatinThe GreatestBoy
MaximianoPortugueseThe GreatestBoy
MaximianoSpanishThe GreatestBoy
MaximilianEnglishThe GreatestBoy
MaximilianGermanThe GreatestBoy
MaximilianIndianThe GreatestBoy
MaximilianLatinThe Greatest RivalBoy
MaximilianoPortugueseThe GreatestBoy
MaximilianoSpanishThe GreatestBoy
MaximilianusLatinThe Greatest RivalBoy
MaximilienFrenchGreatest; ExcellentBoy
MaximilienneFrenchGreatest; ExcellentGirl
MaximillianEnglishThe GreatestBoy
MaximillianGermanThe GreatestBoy
MaximillianIndianThe GreatestBoy
MaximillianLatinThe Greatest RivalBoy
MaximinoPortugueseThe GreatestBoy
MaximinoSpanishThe GreatestBoy
MaximinusLatinThe GreatestBoy
MaximoSpanishThe GreatestBoy
Maximos  (Μάξιμος)GreekThe GreatestBoy
MaximusLatinThe GreatestBoy
MaxineEnglishGreatest; Stream of mackGirl
MaxineIndianGreatest; Stream of mackGirl
MerekCzech & SlovakGreat GloryBoy
MirkaCzech & SlovakGreat; Glory; GreatGirl
MiroslavCzech & SlovakGreat; Glory; GreatBoy
MiroslavaCzech & SlovakGreat; Glory; GreatGirl
MohinderIndianThe great God Indra; God of the skyBoy
MohinderSanskritThe great God Indra (the God of the sky)Boy
My ChauVietnameseGreatGirl
Myung Dae  (명 대아)KoreanRight; GreatBoy
NandaIndianMeritorious; Great achieverBoy
NandaIndianMeritorious; Great achiever; Happiness; DaughterBoy
NandaIndianHappiness; Daughter; Goddess Durga; Great achieverGirl
NandanaIndianHappiness; Daughter; Goddess Durga; Great achieverGirl
NanduIndianMeritorious; Great achieverBoy
OmahaIndianA person in great joy and raptureBoy
OmeraIndianGreat personalityGirl
OnyekaAfricanWho is Greater Than God?Girl
OnyekachiAfricanWho is Greater Than God?Unisex
OnyekachukwuAfricanWho is Greater than God?Unisex
OrhanTurkishGreat LeaderBoy
PaniniIndianGreat scholar grammarianBoy
PaniniIndianSkillful; Great scholar grammarianBoy
PaniniIndianThe great scholar grammarianBoy
PaniniIndianSkilful; Great scholar grammarianGirl
ParacelsusLatinEqual to; Greater than celsusBoy
ParamjyotiIndianGreatest SplendorBoy
ParamveerIndianThe greatest warriorBoy
ParatparaIndianGreatest of the greatsBoy
ProkopPolishIn Great AbundanceBoy
Radimir  (Радимир)RussianGreat; Famous; CaringBoy
Radomir  (Радомир)BulgarianGreat; FamousBoy
Radomir  (Радомир)RussianGreat; Famous; CaringBoy
RaghothamIndianGreatest of allBoy
ReannonWelshGreat queenGirl
RhiannonWelshGreat queenGirl
RhianonWelshGreat queenGirl
RiannonWelshGreat queenGirl
Ryota  (涼太)JapaneseGreat RefreshmentBoy
SabirahArabianOf Great PatienceGirl
SaeshaIndianWith great desire and wishGirl
SaptarishiIndianSeven stars representing seven great saintsBoy
SaptarishiIndian7stars representing 7great saintsBoy
ShahroozIndianGreat riverBoy
ShahroozIranian (Persian)Great RiverBoy
ShahruzIndianGreat riverBoy
ShahruzIranian (Persian)Great RiverBoy
ShaunakIndianA great sage; Wise; RespectableBoy
ShaunakIndianGreat sageBoy
SlawomirPolishGlorious; Great; FamousBoy
SlawomiraPolishGlorious; Great; FamousGirl
SujayaIndianA great triumphGirl
SujayaIndianVictory; Great triumphGirl
SujithaIndianGreat ConquerGirl
SujithaIndianGreat conquerorGirl
SushrutIndianA great surgeon of old timesBoy
SushrutIndianWell heard; A great surgeon of old timesBoy
TaanusiyaIndianA great devoteeGirl
Tai  ()ChineseGreat; ExtremeUnisex
Taiki  (大輝)JapaneseGreat Radiance; ShineBoy
TakdeerIndianOf great fortuneBoy
TanusiyaIndianGreat devoteeGirl
TanusiyaIndianA Great devoteeGirl
TaoChineseGreat WavesBoy
Taro  (太郎)JapaneseGreat SonBoy
TlacelelNahuatlGreatest heroBoy
TumEgyptianGreat God of AnnuBoy
Uzma  (عظمى)ArabianSupreme; GreatestGirl
VaakpatiIndianGreat oratorBoy
Vadik  (Вадик)RussianGreat Ruler; Wise Ruler; Famous RulerBoy
Vadim  (Вадим)RussianGreat Ruler; Wise Ruler; Famous RulerBoy
VakpatiIndianGreat oratorBoy
VibhutiIndianGreat Personality; Wealth; Goddess LaxmiGirl
VibhutiIndianGreat PersonalityGirl
VibhutiIndianGreat personality; Goddess LaxmiGirl
VibhutiIndianGreat Personality; WealthGirl
ViratIndianGreat; Big; Giant; MassiveBoy
VishaalIndianGiant; Huge; Massive; GreatBoy
VishalIndianGiant; Huge; Massive; GreatBoy
VishalIndianHuge; Broad; GreatBoy
Vladimir  (Владимир)BulgarianTo Rule With GreatnessBoy
Vladimir  (Владимир)RussianGreat Ruler; Wise Ruler; Famous RulerBoy
Vladimira  (Владимира)RussianGreat Ruler; Wise Ruler; Famous RulerGirl
Vladya  (Владя)RussianGreat Ruler; Wise Ruler; Famous RulerBoy
Volodya  (Володя)RussianGreat Ruler; Wise Ruler; Famous RulerBoy
Vova  (Вова)RussianGreat Ruler; Wise Ruler; Famous RulerBoy
Wei  (; ; ; ; )ChineseImpressive; Power; Strength; Great; MightyUnisex
WeiminChineseWill bring greatness to the peopleBoy
WeishengChineseGreatness is bornBoy
Weizhe  (慰浙)ChineseGreat SageBoy
WielislawPolishGreat GloryBoy
WieslawPolishGreat GloryBoy
WislawPolishGreat GloryBoy
WislawaPolishGreat GloryGirl
WynforWelshGreatly fair; HolyBoy
Yamato  (大和)JapaneseGreat HarmonyBoy
YashawanthiIndianGreat fameGirl
YashawanthiIndianWith great fameGirl
YogirajIndianGreat Ascetic; Lord ShivaBoy
YoukahainenEnglishGreat; LargeBoy
YoukahainenIndianGreat; LargeBoy
Youta  (陽太)JapaneseGreat SunlightBoy
Yuudai  (雄大)JapaneseGreat HeroBoy
Yuuta  (勇太)JapaneseGreat BraveryBoy
ZaidIndianGreat abundanceBoy
ZaidIndianGreat abundance; GrowthBoy
ZaidaIndianGreat abundance; GrowthGirl
ZaidaanIndianGreat abundance; GrowthBoy
Zhen  ()ChineseGreatly Astonished; ShakeBoy
ZhetigenKazakhThe greater bear; StrongBoy

List of Surnames that means 'Great'
 Surname Country of Origin In Local Meaning
GrantScottish Great; Large
GrosvenorFrench Chief hunter; Great hunter

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