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Meaning:  Lord Krishna

List of Names that means 'Lord Krishna'
 Name Origin Meaning Gender
AbhijeetIndianVictorious; One who has conquered; Lord KrishnaBoy
AbhijeetIndianLord KrishnaBoy
AniruddhIndianGrandson of lord KrishnaBoy
AnishIndianLord Krishna; Lord VishnuBoy
AnishIndianContinuous; Supreme; Lord KrishnaBoy
AnjanIndianEye liner; Lord KrishnaBoy
AnjanIndianLord KrishnaBoy
AnuradhaIndianBright star; Lord Krishna's consortGirl
AnuradhaIndianLord Krishna's consortGirl
AprameyaIndianPure; Lord KrishnaBoy
AprameyaIndianLord KrishnaBoy
AprameyaIndianA Name of lord KrishnaBoy
ArijitIndianConquering enemies; Son of lord Krishna and SubhadraBoy
ArjunIndianLord Krishna's cousinBoy
ArjunIndianPeacock; Lord Krishna's cousinBoy
AvyuktIndianCrystal clear; Lord Krishna; Clear mindBoy
AvyuktaIndianCrystal clear; Lord Krishna; Clear mindBoy
Baanke BihaariIndianLord KrishnaBoy
BaankebihaariIndianLord KrishnaBoy
BalagopalIndianBaby lord KrishnaBoy
BalakrishnaIndianYoung lord KrishnaBoy
BalaramIndianBrother of lord KrishnaBoy
Balaram; BalramIndianBrother of Lord KrishnaBoy
BalbhadraIndianBrother of lord KrishnaBoy
BalendraIndianLord KrishnaBoy
BalendraIndianLord KrishnaUnisex
BalgovindIndianLord KrishnaBoy
BalkrishanIndianYoung lord KrishnaBoy
BalramIndianLord Krishna's brotherBoy
BalramIndianThe brother of lord KrishnaBoy
BalramIndianBrother of lord KrishnaBoy
BanbihariIndianLord KrishnaBoy
BankeIndianLord KrishnaBoy
Banke BihariIndianLord KrishnaBoy
Banke BihariIndianName of lord KrishnaBoy
BankebihariIndianLord KrishnaBoy
BankimIndianLord KrishnaBoy
BankimIndianCurved; Lord KrishnaBoy
BansariIndianFlute; Instrument played by lord KrishnaGirl
BanshiIndianFlute; Instrument played by lord KrishnaBoy
BanshidharIndianLord KrishnaBoy
BansiIndianFlute; Instrument played by lord KrishnaBoy
BansilalIndianLord Krishna; The first lordBoy
BansilalIndianLord Krishna; The first lord; Lord VishnuBoy
BanwariIndianLord KrishnaBoy
BrajIndianPlace of lord KrishnaBoy
BrajamohanIndianName of lord KrishnaBoy
BrajamohanIndianLord KrishnaBoy
BrijIndianLord KrishnaBoy
BrijeshIndianLord KrishnaBoy
BrijeshIndianGod of the land of Braj; Lord KrishnaBoy
BrijkishorIndianLord KrishnaBoy
BrijmohanIndianLord KrishnaBoy
BrijnandanIndianLord KrishnaBoy
ChaaruchandraIndianBeautiful moon; Son of Rukmini and lord KrishnaBoy
ChandrabaliIndianLord Krishna's girl friendGirl
ChhailbehariIndianLord KrishnaBoy
DaamodarIndianLord KrishnaBoy
DaarukIndianCharioteer of lord Krishna; TreeBoy
DamodarIndianA name of lord KrishnaBoy
DamodarIndianName of lord KrishnaBoy
DamodarIndianLord KrishnaBoy
DamodaraIndianTied with a rope around the belly; Lord KrishnaBoy
DarshIndianLord KrishnaBoy
DarukIndianCharioteer of lord Krishna; TreeBoy
DemiraIndianDevotee of lord KrishnaGirl
DevakeenandanIndianLord KrishnaBoy
DevakiIndianDivine; Mother of lord KrishnaGirl
DevakinandanIndianSon of Devki; Lord KrishnaBoy
DevakinandanIndianName of lord KrishnaBoy
DevakinandanIndianLord KrishnaBoy
DevkiIndianLord Krishna's motherGirl
DevkinandanIndianSon of Devki; Lord KrishnaBoy
DevkinandanIndianSon of Devki (Lord Krishna)Boy
DhrupadIndianLord KrishnaBoy
DhyutiIndianFull of splendor; Lord KrishnaGirl
DwarakaIndianCapital; Lord Krishna's kingdomBoy
DwarakaIndianCapital; Name of lord Krishna's kingdomBoy
DwarakanathIndianLord of Dwaraka; Lord KrishnaBoy
Dwaraka-NathIndianLord of Dwaraka; Lord KrishnaBoy
DwarkadhishIndianLord of Dwaraka; Lord KrishnaBoy
DwarkanathIndianLord of Dwaraka; Lord KrishnaBoy
GadinIndianLord KrishnaBoy
GhanashyamIndianLord KrishnaBoy
GhanashyamIndianLord Krishna; Black cloudBoy
GhanashyamSanskritLord Krishna; Black clouds resembling a beautiful upcoming eveningBoy
GhanshyamIndianLord KrishnaBoy
GhanshyamIndianDark cloud; Lord KrishnaBoy
GhanshyamIndianLord Krishna; Black cloudBoy
GhanshyamSanskritLord Krishna; Black clouds resembling a beautiful upcoming eveningBoy
GirdhariIndianLord KrishnaBoy
GiridariIndianLord KrishnaBoy
GiridharIndianOne who holds mountain (lord Krishna)Boy
GiridharIndianLord Krishna; Holder of the mountainBoy
GiridharIndianOne who holds mountain; Lord KrishnaBoy
GirivarIndianLord KrishnaBoy
GobindaIndianCowherd; Lord KrishnaBoy
GobindaSanskritA cowherd; Lord KrishnaBoy
GogulaIndianLord KrishnaBoy
GokulIndianName of a place where lord Krishna was brought upBoy
GokulIndianPlace where lord Krishna was brought upBoy
GopaalIndianLord Krishna; Cowherd; Protector of cowsBoy
GopaalSanskritLord Krishna; Cowherd; Protector of cowsBoy
GopalIndianLord Krishna; Cowherd; Protector of cowsBoy
GopalIndianLord KrishnaBoy
GopalIndianLord Krishna; CowherdBoy
GopalSanskritLord Krishna; Cowherd; Protector of cowsBoy
GopeshIndianLord KrishnaBoy
GopiIndianMilkmaid; Friends of lord KrishnaGirl
GopiIndianMilkmaid friends of lord Krishna; Cowherd; Protector of cowsGirl
GopiIndianMilkmaid friends of lord KrishnaGirl
GovindIndianCowherd; Lord KrishnaBoy
GovindaIndianOne who pleases the cows; Cowherd; Lord KrishnaBoy
GovindaIndianLord KrishnaBoy
GovindaSanskritA cowherd; Lord KrishnaBoy
GovindiIndianA devotee of lord KrishnaGirl
GovindiIndianDevotee of lord KrishnaGirl
GulzarilalIndianName of lord KrishnaBoy
GulzarilalIndianLord KrishnaBoy
HareeshIndianLord Krishna; Lord ShivaBoy
HarekrishnaIndianLord KrishnaBoy
HareshIndianLord KrishnaBoy
HareshIndianLord Krishna; Lord ShivaBoy
HariSanskritGod Vishnu; God Narayanan; Lord KrishnaBoy
HaridasIndianServant of lord KrishnaBoy
HarigopalIndianLord KrishnaBoy
HarikrishnaIndianAnother name lord KrishnaBoy
HarikrishnaIndianLord KrishnaBoy
HariprasadIndianBlessed by lord KrishnaBoy
HarishIndianLord Shiva; Lord KrishnaBoy
HarkrishnaIndianLord KrishnaBoy
HrishikeshIndianOne who controls senses; Lord Krishna; Lord VishnuBoy
IyengarIndianLord KrishnaBoy
JagadbanduIndianLord KrishnaBoy
JagmohanIndianLord KrishnaBoy
JagmohanIndianLord Krishna; One who attracts the worldBoy
JaigopalIndianVictorious lord KrishnaBoy
JaigopalIndianVictory of lord KrishnaBoy
JaikrishnaIndianVictory of lord KrishnaBoy
JasodaIndianMother of lord KrishnaGirl
JaspalIndianLord KrishnaBoy
JayakrishanIndianVictorious lord KrishnaBoy
JograjIndianLord KrishnaBoy
JograjIndianYograj; King of yoga; Lord KrishnaBoy
KalanathkrishnaIndianMoon of lord KrishnaBoy
KanaiyaIndianLord KrishnaBoy
KanhaIndianLord KrishnaBoy
KanhaiIndianLord KrishnaBoy
KanhaiyaIndianLord KrishnaBoy
KanhaiyalalIndianLord KrishnaBoy
KanjiIndianAnother name of lord KrishnaBoy
KanjiIndianLord KrishnaBoy
KannanIndianLord KrishnaBoy
KannanSanskritA Form of Lord KrishnaBoy
KannenIndianLord KrishnaBoy
KannenSanskritA Form of Lord KrishnaBoy
KanthamaniIndianLord KrishnaBoy
KanuIndianLord KrishnaBoy
KanupriyaIndianBeloved of Kanha (Lord Krishna); Goddess RadhaGirl
KanwalkishoreIndianLotus; Lord KrishnaBoy
KeshavIndianLord KrishnaBoy
KhrishaIndianLord KrishnaGirl
KishanIndianLord KrishnaBoy
KishorIndianYoung boy; Youthful; Lord KrishnaBoy
KishoreIndianLord KrishnaBoy
KishoreIndianYoung boy; Youthful; Lord KrishnaBoy
KishorekumarIndianYoung boy; Youthful; Lord KrishnaBoy
KridayIndianLord KrishnaBoy
KrishIndianShort form of lord KrishnaBoy
KrishIndianLord KrishnaBoy
KrishIndianShortform of lord KrishnaBoy
KrishanIndianLord KrishnaBoy
KrishivIndianLord Krishna and Lord Shiva combinedBoy
KrishnaIndianDark Complexioned; Lord Krishna; Name of a riverGirl
KrishnaIndianLord KrishnaUnisex
KrishnaSanskritLord Krishna; Dark; BlackBoy
KrishnabalaIndianYoung lord KrishnaBoy
KrishnachandraIndianLord KrishnaBoy
KrishnadasIndianServant of lord KrishnaBoy
KrishnadasaIndianServant of lord KrishnaBoy
KrishnadevaIndianLord KrishnaBoy
KrishnakantaIndianLord KrishnaBoy
KrishnakumarIndianLord KrishnaBoy
KrishnalaIndianLord KrishnaBoy
KrishnamoortiIndianIdol of lord KrishnaBoy
KrishnamurariIndianLord KrishnaBoy
KrishnamurthyIndianLord KrishnaBoy
KrishnamurthyIndianIdol of lord KrishnaBoy
KrishnanIndianLord KrishnaGirl
KrishnenduIndianLord KrishnaBoy
KunjabehariIndianLord KrishnaBoy
KunjabihariIndianLord KrishnaBoy
MaadhavIndianAnother name of lord KrishnaBoy
MadangopalIndianLord KrishnaBoy
MadangopalIndianLovely Cowherd; Lord KrishnaBoy
MadhavIndianAnother name of lord Krishna; Sweet like honeyBoy
MadhavIndianLord KrishnaBoy
MadhavIndianLord Krishna; Sweet like honeyBoy
MadhavaIndianKnowledge filled god; Lord KrishnaBoy
MadhavaIndianLord KrishnaBoy
MadhavdasIndianServant of lord KrishnaBoy
MadhujitIndianConqueror of Madhu; Lord KrishnaBoy
MadhusoodanIndianSlayer of demon Madhu; Lord KrishnaBoy
MadhusudanIndianLord KrishnaBoy
MadhusudhanaIndianLord Krishna; One who killed demon MadhuBoy
MakheshIndianLord KrishnaBoy
ManharIndianLord KrishnaBoy
ManmohanIndianLord KrishnaBoy
ManmohanIndianPleasing; Lord KrishnaBoy
MeeraIndianLord Krishna's devoteeBoy
MeeraIndianDevotee of lord KrishnaGirl
MeeraIndianA devotee of lord KrishnaGirl
MeghashyamIndianLord KrishnaBoy
MeghashyamIndianLord Krishna; Black like a cloudBoy
MiraIndianDevotee of lord KrishnaGirl
MiraIndianCloud; Lord Krishna's devoteeGirl
MiraIndianLord Krishna's devoteeGirl
MirayaIndianLord Krishna's devoteeGirl
MohanIndianLovable; Lord KrishnaBoy
MohanIndianCharming; Fascinating; Lord KrishnaBoy
MohanIndianCharming; Fascinating; Lovable; Lord KrishnaBoy
MohnishIndianLord KrishnaBoy
MonishaIndianLord KrishnaGirl
MukundIndianLord KrishnaBoy
MukundaIndianLord Krishna; Precious stone; Freedom giverGirl
MuraareeIndianAnother name of lord KrishnaBoy
MuralidharIndianOne who holds a flute; Lord KrishnaBoy
MuralidharIndianLord KrishnaBoy
MuralimanoharIndianLord KrishnaBoy
MuralimanoharIndianOne who holds a flute; Lord KrishnaBoy
MurariIndianOne who holds a flute; Lord KrishnaBoy
MurariIndianLord KrishnaBoy
MurarilalIndianOne who holds a flute; Lord KrishnaBoy
MurarilalIndianLord KrishnaBoy
MurlidharIndianLord KrishnaBoy
MurlidharIndianOne who holds a flute; Lord KrishnaBoy
NaggarIndianLord KrishnaBoy
NandakishorIndianWiz kid; Lord KrishnaBoy
NandakishoreIndianWiz kid; Lord KrishnaBoy
NandakishoreIndianLord KrishnaBoy
NandakumarIndianLord KrishnaBoy
NandakumarIndianWiz kid; Lord KrishnaBoy
NandapalIndianLord KrishnaBoy
Nand-KishoreIndianLord KrishnaBoy
NandlaalIndianLord KrishnaBoy
NandlalIndianLord KrishnaBoy
Nand-NandanIndianLord KrishnaBoy
NathanIndianLord KrishnaBoy
NathanIndianController; Lord KrishnaBoy
NatwarIndianLord KrishnaBoy
NawalkishorIndianLord KrishnaBoy
NeeleshIndianLord Krishna; MoonBoy
NeeleshIndianLord Chandra (Moon); Lord Krishna; Blue godBoy
NikunjIndianLoving home; Lord KrishnaBoy
NikunjIndianA bower; Loving home; Lord KrishnaBoy
NileshIndianLord Chandra (Moon); Lord Krishna; Blue godBoy
NileshIndianLord Krishna; Blue godBoy
NileshIndianThe dark lord; Lord KrishnaBoy
NityanandaIndianLord Krishna; Always happyBoy
PadmahastaIndianLotus handed; Lord KrishnaBoy
PadmahastaIndianLotus handed; Lord KrishnaBoy
PadmahastaIndianLotus handed. Lord KrishnaBoy
PadmahastaIndianHaving lotus like hands; Lord KrishnaGirl
PankajalochanaIndianLotus eyed. Lord KrishnaBoy
PankajalochanaIndianLotus eyed; Lord KrishnaBoy
ParthasarathiIndianCharioteer of Partha (lord Krishna)Boy
ParthasarathiIndianCharioteer of lord KrishnaBoy
ParthasarathiIndianCharioteer of Partha; Lord KrishnaBoy
PinakiIndianLord KrishnaBoy
PradumnaIndianSon of lord KrishnaBoy
PyarelalIndianLord KrishnaBoy
PyaremohanIndianLord KrishnaBoy
RadhaIndianLord Krishna's loverGirl
RadhaIndianLover of lord Krishna; ProsperityGirl
RadhaIndianBeloved of Lord Krishna; Prosperity; SuccessGirl
RadhaSanskritThe beloved of Lord Krishna; Prosperity; SuccessGirl
RadhakantaIndianLord KrishnaBoy
RadhakrishnaIndianRadha and lord KrishnaBoy
RadhakrishnaIndianGoddess Radha and lord KrishnaBoy
RadhavallabhIndianLord Krishna; Beloved of RadhaBoy
RadhavallabhIndianLord Krishna; Beloved of goddess RadhaBoy
RadheshIndianLord of Radha; Lord KrishnaBoy
RadheshIndianLord KrishnaBoy
RadheshIndianName for lord KrishnaBoy
RadheshIndianA name for lord KrishnaBoy
RadheshyamIndianLord KrishnaBoy
RadhikaIndianRadha; Successful; Lover of lord KrishnaGirl
RamakrishnaIndianLord Rama and lord Krishna togetherBoy
RamakrishnaIndianLord Rama and lord KrishnaBoy
RamanujIndianLord Krishna; Lord LaxmanBoy
RamanujIndianLord Krishna; Lord Laxman; Younger brother of lord RamaBoy
RamgopalIndianLord Rama and lord KrishnaBoy
RamkrishnaIndianLord Rama and lord KrishnaBoy
RamkrishnaIndianLord Rama; Lord KrishnaBoy
RasbihariIndianLord KrishnaBoy
RaseshIndianLord KrishnaBoy
RasmaruIndianLord KrishnaBoy
RohanlalIndianLord KrishnaBoy
RohiniramanIndianEnchanted lord; Lord KrishnaBoy
RohiniramanIndianThe enchanted lord; Lord KrishnaBoy
RukhmaniIndianWife of lord KrishnaGirl
RukhmaniSanskritWife of lord KrishnaGirl
RukmineshIndianLord KrishnaBoy
RukminiIndianWife of lord KrishnaGirl
RukminiIndianConsort of lord KrishnaGirl
RukminiSanskritWife of lord KrishnaGirl
SaketIndianLord KrishnaBoy
SakethaIndianLord KrishnaGirl
SamarthIndianLord KrishnaBoy
SamarthIndianPowerful; Lord KrishnaBoy
SamdarshiIndianLord KrishnaBoy
SamrathIndianLord KrishnaBoy
SankarshanIndianBrother of lord KrishnaBoy
SankarshanIndianA name of balaram; Brother of lord KrishnaBoy
SankarshanIndianLord Balaram; Brother of lord KrishnaBoy
SanwariyaIndianLord KrishnaBoy
SarangIndianSpotted deer; Moon; Sun; Lord KrishnaBoy
SarvaIndianLord Krishna; Lord ShivaBoy
SarvaIndianLord Krishna; ShivaBoy
SarvapalakaIndianProtector of all; Lord KrishnaBoy
SatrijitIndianFather of Satyabhama; Wife of lord KrishnaBoy
SatvatIndianLord KrishnaBoy
SatyakiIndianCharioteer of lord KrishnaBoy
SatyanarayanIndianLord KrishnaBoy
SatyanarayanIndianLord Krishna; Lord VishnuBoy
ShaildharIndianOne who holds mountain; Lord KrishnaBoy
ShankarshanIndianLord Krishna's brotherBoy
ShankdharIndianLord KrishnaBoy
ShoubhitIndianLord KrishnaBoy
ShreekrishnaIndianLord KrishnaBoy
ShreenandIndianLord Vishnu; Lord KrishnaBoy
ShrigopalIndianLord KrishnaBoy
ShrihariIndianLord KrishnaBoy
ShrikeshavIndianLord KrishnaBoy
ShrikrishnaIndianLord KrishnaBoy
ShrimohanIndianLord KrishnaBoy
ShripadmaIndianLord KrishnaBoy
ShulinIndianLord Krishna; Lord ShivaBoy
ShyamIndianDark; Lord KrishnaBoy
ShyamIndianDark blue; Black; Lord KrishnaBoy
ShyamakIndianLord KrishnaBoy
ShyamalIndianLord KrishnaBoy
ShyamantakIndianLord KrishnaBoy
ShyamsundarIndianLord KrishnaBoy
ShyamsundarIndianDark and handsome; Lord KrishnaBoy
ShyamsunderIndianLord KrishnaBoy
SomeshwarIndianLord Krishna; Lord ShivaBoy
SomeshwarIndianLord KrishnaBoy
SubadraIndianSister of lord KrishnaGirl
SubalIndianFriend of lord KrishnaBoy
SubalIndianFriend of lord Krishna; Lord ShivaBoy
SudamaIndianLord Krishna's friendBoy
SudamaIndianMeek; Lord Krishna's friendBoy
SudeviIndianWife of lord KrishnaGirl
SunilIndianLord KrishnaBoy
SunilIndianDark blue; Lord KrishnaBoy
SuriIndianLord KrishnaBoy
SusilaIndianWife of lord Krishna; Clever in amorous sciencesGirl
ThakarshiIndianLord KrishnaBoy
TirthayaadIndianLord KrishnaBoy
TirthayadIndianLord KrishnaBoy
UddhavIndianLord Krishna's friend; Festival; Sacrificial fire (Yagya)Boy
UddhavIndianLord Krishna's FriendBoy
UddhavIndianLord Krishna's fatherBoy
UrugayIndianLord KrishnaBoy
VaidarbhiIndianRukhmini; Wife of lord KrishnaGirl
VamsiIndianLord KrishnaBoy
VamsidharIndianLord KrishnaBoy
VamsikrishnaIndianLord KrishnaBoy
VanabihariIndianLord KrishnaBoy
VanamalinIndianLord KrishnaBoy
VanmaliIndianAn epithet of lord KrishnaBoy
VanmaliIndianWild flower; An epithet of lord KrishnaBoy
VanmalliIndianWild flower; An epithet of lord KrishnaGirl
VansheedharIndianFlute player; Lord KrishnaBoy
VansidharIndianLord KrishnaBoy
VasudevIndianAll pleasing lord; Father of lord KrishnaBoy
VasudevIndianFather of lord Krishna; God of wealthBoy
VasudevIndianLord Krishna's father; God of wealthBoy
VasudevIndianLord Krishna's fatherBoy
VasudevSanskritFather of lord KrishnaBoy
VasudevaIndianAll pleasing lord; Father of lord KrishnaBoy
VasumatIndianLord KrishnaBoy
VasupatiIndianRich man; Lord KrishnaBoy
VasupatiIndianLord KrishnaBoy
VatsapalIndianLord KrishnaBoy
VedamohanIndianLord KrishnaBoy
VedmohanIndianLord KrishnaBoy
VeniIndianLord KrishnaBoy
VenimadhavIndianLord KrishnaBoy
VenkatIndianLord Vishnu; Lord KrishnaBoy
VenkateshIndianLord Vishnu; Lord KrishnaBoy
VibhavasuIndianLord KrishnaBoy
VibhavasuIndianSun; Lord KrishnaBoy
VibhumatIndianLord KrishnaBoy
VihariIndianLord KrishnaBoy
VitaharyaIndianLord KrishnaBoy
VivaanIndianLord KrishnaBoy
VrajIndianLord KrishnaBoy
VrajakishoreIndianLord KrishnaBoy
VrajalalIndianLord KrishnaBoy
VrajamohanIndianLord KrishnaBoy
VrajanadanIndianLord KrishnaBoy
VrajeshIndianLord KrishnaBoy
VrajkishoreIndianLord KrishnaBoy
VrajmohanIndianLord KrishnaBoy
VrajrajIndianLord KrishnaBoy
VrisaIndianLord KrishnaBoy
YadavIndianLord Krishna; Descendent of YaduBoy
YadavIndianLord Krishna; Descedent of YaduBoy
YadavIndianLord KrishnaBoy
YadavendraIndianLord KrishnaBoy
YadavendraIndianKing of the yadav clan; Lord KrishnaBoy
YadunandIndianLord KrishnaBoy
YadunandanIndianLord KrishnaBoy
YadunandanIndianLord Krishna; Son of YaduBoy
YadunathIndianLord KrishnaBoy
YadurajIndianLord KrishnaBoy
YaduvirIndianLord KrishnaBoy
YadvinderIndianLord KrishnaBoy
YajnarupIndianLord KrishnaBoy
YashodaIndianMother of lord Krishna; Famous; SuccessfulGirl
YashodaIndianMother of lord KrishnaGirl
YashodaIndianFoster mother of lord KrishnaGirl
YasodhaIndianMother of lord Krishna; Famous; SuccessfulGirl
YaudhavirIndianLord KrishnaBoy

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