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Name that means

Meaning:  Moon Light

List of Names that means 'Moon Light'
 Name Origin Meaning Gender
AkalkaIndianFree from impurity; Moon lightGirl
AmritrashmiIndianMoon LightGirl
ChandaniIndianA River; Moon lightGirl
ChandaniIndianMoon light; A riverGirl
ChandaniIndianMoon lightGirl
ChandaniSanskritMoon light; A riverGirl
ChandiniIndianMoon light; A riverGirl
ChandiniIndianMoon lightGirl
ChandiniSanskritMoon light; A riverGirl
ChandniIndianMoon light; A riverGirl
ChandniIndianMoon lightGirl
ChandniSanskritMoon light; A riverGirl
ChandraabhaaIndianLuster of moon lightBoy
ChandrabhaIndianLustier of moon lightBoy
ChandrabhaIndianLusture of moon lightBoy
ChandrabhaIndianLuster of moon lightBoy
ChandrabhaIndianMoon lightGirl
ChandrajyotiIndianMoon lightGirl
ChandrakantiIndianMoon lightGirl
ChandraprabhaIndianMoon lightGirl
ChandraprabhaIndianStar; Moon lightGirl
ChandraprabhaSanskritMoon lightGirl
ChandraprakaashIndianMoon lightBoy
ChandraprakashIndianMoon lightBoy
ChandrikaIndianMoon lightGirl
ChandrikaIndianMoon; Moon lightGirl
IndulalaIndianMoon lightGirl
IylaIndianMoon lightGirl
JunialiIndianMoon lightGirl
JyotsanaIndianMoon light; Goddess DurgaGirl
JyotsanaIndianRadiant like flames; Goddess Durga; Moon lightGirl
JyotsnaIndianMoon lightGirl
JyotsnaIndianMoon light; Goddess DurgaGirl
JyotsnaIndianRadiant like flames; Goddess Durga; Moon lightGirl
KairaviIndianMoon lightGirl
KaumudiIndianFull moon; Moon lightGirl
KaumudiIndianMoon lightGirl
KumudiniIndianWhite Lotus; Moon LightGirl
MahumIndianMoon lightGirl
MaltiIndianMoon lightGirl
SaumyiIndianMoon lightGirl
ShashikalaIndianMoon Light; Brightness of Moon; Phases of moonGirl
ShashikalaSanskritMoon Light; Brightness of MoonGirl
ShashiprabhaIndianMoon lightGirl
SohailIndianMoon glow; Star; Moon lightBoy
SohaliaIndianMoon glow; Star; Moon lightGirl
SoheilIndianMoon glow; Star; Moon lightBoy
SoheilaIndianMoon glow; Star; Moon lightGirl
SohilIndianMoon glow; Star; Moon lightBoy
SomkarIndianMoon lightBoy
SomnaIndianMoon lightGirl
SomprakashIndianMoon lightBoy
SonaIndianGold; Moon lightGirl
SoumavaIndianMoon lightBoy
SuhailIndianMoon glow; Star; Moon lightBoy
SuhailaIndianMoon glow; Star; Moon lightGirl
VennelaIndianMoon lightGirl