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Name that means

Meaning:  Name Of The 8 Th Teerthankar

List of Names that means 'Name Of The 8 Th Teerthankar'
 Name Origin Meaning Gender
AjitnathIndianName of the 2 nd teerthankarBoy
AnantnathIndianName of the 14 th teerthankarBoy
ChandraprabhuIndianName of the 8 th teerthankarBoy
DharmanathIndianName of the 15 th teerthankarBoy
KunthunathIndianName of the 17 th teerthankarBoy
MahavirIndianName of the 24 th teerthankarBoy
MallinathIndianName of the 19 th teerthankarBoy
MunisuvratIndianName of the 20 th teerthankarBoy
NaminathIndianName of the 21 st teerthankarBoy
NeminathIndianName of the 22 nd teerthankarBoy
PadmaprabhuIndianName of the 6 th teerthankarBoy
ParshwanathIndianName of the 23 rd teerthankarBoy
RishabhnathIndianName of the 1 st teerthankarBoy
SambhavnathIndianName of the 3 rd teerthankarBoy
SammedIndianPlace where 20 teerthankars attained nirvanaBoy
ShantinathIndianName of the 16 th teerthankarBoy
SheetalnathIndianName of the 10 th teerthankarBoy
ShreyansnathIndianName of the 11 th teerthankarBoy
SumatinathIndianName of the 5 th teerthankarBoy
SuparshwaIndianName of the 7 th teerthankarBoy
VasupujyaIndianName of the 12 th teerthankarBoy
VimalnathIndianName of the 13 th teerthankarBoy