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 Sibling names for സുന്ദരാ

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Sibling names for 'സുന്ദരാ' (Please check and change above options to get desired result)
 Name Origin Meaning Gender
AashiyanaIndianBeautiful homeGirl
AashiyanaIndianBeautiful home; Small dwelling; NestGirl
AbhaIndianBeautiful; Luster; ShineGirl
AbhirupIndianPleasing; HandsomeBoy
AbhirupaIndianBeautiful (woman)Girl
AhsanIndianMercy; Nice; BeautifulBoy
AhsanIndianNice; BeautifulBoy
AkharnithaIndianBeautiful flowerGirl
AlagarasuIndianHandsome king; King of beautyBoy
AlagarasuIndianHandsome; King of beautyBoy
AlakIndianWorld; Beautiful tressesGirl
AlpanaIndianBeautiful; Decorative designGirl
AlpanaIndianDecorative design; BeautifulGirl
AnganaIndianHandsome WomanGirl
AnganaIndianBeautiful womanGirl
AninditaIndianPerfect; BeautifulGirl
AninditaIndianBeautiful; One who is never speaks ill; IrreproachableGirl
AnulekhaIndianBeautiful pictureGirl
AnulekhaIndianBeautiful picture; One who follows destinyGirl
AnupamIndianBeautiful; Unique; IncomparableBoy
AnupamaIndianIncomparable; Unique; BeautifulGirl
AnupamaIndianBeautiful; Unique; IncomparableGirl
Anurup; AnuroopIndianhandsomeBoy
AnushIndianBeautiful morning; Star; Following desiresBoy
AnushaIndianBeautiful morning; A StarGirl
AnushaIndianBeautiful morning; StarGirl
AnushaIndianBeautiful morning; Star; Following desiresGirl
ApalaIndianMost beautifulGirl
AparoopaIndianExtremely beautifulGirl
ApsaraIndianCelestial maiden; Angel; Beautiful dancers of lord IndraGirl
ApsaraIndianAngel; Beautiful dancers of lord IndraGirl
ArivalaganIndianIntelligent and handsomeBoy
AryaIndianHonored; Noble; Beautiful goddess; From a high raceGirl
AryaIndianBeautiful Goddess; From a high raceGirl
BhadrakIndianHandsome; Good; VirtuousBoy
BhadrakshIndianOne with beautiful eyesBoy
BhadrakshIndianOne with beautiful eyes; Whose eyes reflect auspiciousnessBoy
BhadrangIndianBeautiful bodyBoy
BhaminiIndianWoman; Beautiful; GloriousGirl
BhanuniIndianCharming womanGirl
BhargaviIndianGoddess Parvati; Beautiful; CharmingGirl
BhaviniIndianEmotional; Beautiful LadyGirl
ChaandvikaIndianBeautiful moonGirl
ChaaruchandraIndianBeautiful moon; Son of Rukmini and lord KrishnaBoy
ChaaruhaasIndianWith beautiful smileBoy
ChandrakirthiIndianAs beautiful as moonBoy
ChandramathiIndianAs beautiful as the moonGirl
ChandramathiIndianAs beautiful as moonGirl
ChandramohanIndianAs beautiful as the moonBoy
ChandramukhiIndianAs beautiful as moon; BeautifulGirl
ChandramukhiIndianAs beautiful as moonGirl
ChandramukhiIndianAs beautiful as the moonGirl
ChandravispardimukhaIndianBeautiful like the moonGirl
CharuIndianBeautiful; Attractive; Kumkum; SaffronGirl
CharuchandraIndianBeautiful moonBoy
CharuchandraIndianBeautiful moon; Son of Rukmini and Sri KrishnaBoy
CharuhasIndianWith beautiful smileBoy
CharuhasIndianOne with beautiful smileBoy
CharuhasIndianBeautiful smileBoy
CharulataIndianBeautiful; CreeperGirl
CharulataIndianBeautiful; Creeper likeGirl
CharulekhaIndianBeautiful; Picture likeGirl
CharulekhaIndianBeautiful pictureGirl
CharumatiIndianIntelligent; Wise; Beautiful ladyGirl
CharunetraIndianOne with beautiful eyesGirl
CharusheelaIndianBeautiful Jewel; DiamondGirl
CharusheelaIndianBeautiful jewelGirl
CharushilaIndianBeautiful Jewel; DiamondGirl
CharviIndianA Beautiful womanGirl
CharviIndianBeautiful womanGirl
CharviIndianLovely; Beautiful womanGirl
CharvyIndianBeautiful eyesGirl
ChinarIndianBeautiful TreeBoy
ChinarIndianName of a beautiful treeBoy
ChitrabaahuIndianWith beautiful handsBoy
ChitrabahuIndianWith beautiful handsBoy
ChitrabahuIndianBeautiful handsBoy
ChitraketuIndianOne with a beautiful bannerBoy
ChitraketuIndianWith beautiful bannerBoy
ChitraketuIndianOne with beautiful bannerBoy
ChitrakshIndianBeautiful eyedBoy
ChitralekhaIndianPortrait; As beautiful as a pictureGirl
ChitralekhaIndianAs beautiful as a pictureGirl
ChitraliIndianA row of pictures; Beautiful LadyGirl
ChitritaIndianPicturesque; Beautiful; DecoratedGirl
DamayantiIndianNala's wife; BeautifulGirl
DivamalyaIndianAdorned with beautiful garlandsGirl
DivyambaradharaIndianBeautifully RobedGirl
ElilarasanIndianHandsome; King of beautyBoy
ElilarasuIndianHandsome; King of beautyBoy
ElilvendanIndianHandsome; King of beautyBoy
FaguniIndianBeautiful; Born in Falgun - A Hindu calendar monthGirl
FalguniIndianBeautiful; Born in Falgun - A Hindu calendar monthGirl
FalguniIndianBeautiful; Born in Falgun - A Hindu monthGirl
GunasundariIndianMade beautiful by virtuesGirl
HansiniIndianSwan like beautiful ladyGirl
HansiniIndianSwan; Beautiful ladyGirl
HansiniIndianSwan and beautiful ladyGirl
HasanIndianBeautiful; Good; LaughterBoy
HasinaIndianBeautiful; GoodGirl
HasinaIndianGood looking; Lady; BeautifulGirl
HasiniIndianPretty; Beautiful; LaughingGirl
HemaIndianGolden; BeautifulGirl
HemantIndianEarly winter; Most beautiful season of the yearBoy
IlavalaganIndianYoung and handsomeBoy
IlavalagiIndianYoung and beautifulGirl
IndrakshiIndianOne with beautiful eyesGirl
KamalakshIndianOne with beautiful lotus eyesBoy
KamalakshIndianBeautiful lotus type eyesBoy
KamalakshIndianOne whose eyes are beautiful like lotusesBoy
KamalakshIndianWith beautiful lotus type eyesBoy
KamalakshiIndianOne whose eyes are beautiful like lotusGirl
KamalakshiIndianOne whose eyes are beautiful like lotusesGirl
KaminiIndianA Beautiful womanGirl
KaminiIndianBeautiful womanGirl
KamyaIndianCapable; Beautiful; DesirableGirl
KamyaIndianBeautiful; CapableGirl
KantaIndianA BeautifulGirl
KantaIndianRadiant; BeautifulGirl
KanthaIndianRadiant; BeautifulGirl
KavinIndianHandsome; BeautifulUnisex
KavindraIndianPoet; One who composes beautiful poemsBoy
KaviniIndianPoet; One who composes beautiful poemsGirl
KaviniIndianComposes beautiful poemsGirl
KayalviliIndianFish like beautiful eyesGirl
KayalviliIndianFishlike beautiful eyesGirl
KenishaIndianA beautiful lifeGirl
KenishaIndianBeautiful lifeGirl
KenitIndianA handsome man; Born of fireBoy
KenitIndianHandsome man; Born of fireBoy
KeshiIndianA woman with beautiful hairGirl
KeshiIndianWoman with beautiful hairGirl
KeshiIndianWomen with beautiful hairGirl
KeshikaIndianA woman with beautiful hairGirl
KeshikaIndianWoman with beautiful hairGirl
KeshikaIndianWomen with beautiful hairGirl
KeshiniIndianA woman with beautiful hairGirl
KeshiniIndianWoman with beautiful hairGirl
KeshiniIndianOne with beautiful hairGirl
KeshiniIndianWomen with beautiful hairGirl
KuntalaIndianWomen with beautiful hairGirl
KuntalaIndianWoman with beautiful hairGirl
LalanaIndianA Beautiful womanGirl
LalanaIndianBeautiful womanGirl
LalitIndianBeautiful; Lovely; Fne; Attractive; ElegantBoy
LalitIndianOf great beauty; BeautifulBoy
LalitaIndianBeautiful womanGirl
LalitaIndianBeautiful; Lovely; Fne; Attractive; ElegantGirl
LalitadityaIndianBeautiful sunBoy
LalitamohanaIndianAttractive; BeautifulGirl
LalitchandraIndianBeautiful moonBoy
LaliteshIndianLord of beauty; Husband of a beautiful wifeBoy
LalithIndianGreat beauty; BeautifulBoy
LalithIndianOf great beauty; BeautifulBoy
LalitlochanIndianOne with beautiful eyesBoy
LalitmohanIndianBeautiful and attractiveBoy
LohithIndianBeautiful; Lord ShivaBoy
MadhaviIndianHoney; Creeper with beautiful flowers; Spring timeGirl
MadhaviIndianHoney; A creeper with beautiful flowers; Spring timeGirl
MadhaviIndianCreeper with beautiful flowers; SpringtimeGirl
MadhaviIndianCreeper with beautiful flowers; Spring timeGirl
MadhuriIndianSweetness; CharmingGirl
MadhurimaIndianSweetness; CharmingGirl
MalarviliIndianBeautiful eyes like a flowerGirl
MalihaIndianStrong; BeautifulGirl
ManjuIndianSnow; Dew drops; Beautiful; PleasantGirl
ManjubalaIndianSweet girl; Beautiful girlGirl
ManjulaIndianLovely; Soft; Charming; MelodiousGirl
ManjulaIndianLovely; Soft; CharmingGirl
ManjulaIndianMelodious; Lovely; Soft; CharmingGirl
ManjunathIndianSnow; Dew drops; Beautiful; PleasantBoy
ManjuprasadIndianSnow; Dew drops; Beautiful; PleasantBoy
ManoharIndianBeautiful LordBoy
ManoharIndianBeautiful Lord; One who wins over mindBoy
ManoramaIndianAttractive; BeautifulGirl
MaysoonIndianOf beautiful face and bodyBoy
MaysoonIndianBeautiful face and bodyGirl
MeenaIndianPrecious blue stone; With beautiful eyes resembling a fishGirl
MeenakshiIndianWoman with a beautiful eyesGirl
MeenakshiIndianGoddess Parvati; One with beautiful eyesGirl
MeenakshiIndianA woman with a beautiful eyesGirl
MeenakshiIndianWomen with a beautiful eyesGirl
MeenakshiIndianA woman with beautiful eyesGirl
MinaIndianPrecious blue stone; With beautiful eyes resembling a fishGirl
MohanIndianCharming; FascinatingBoy
MohanIndianCharming; Fascinating; Lord KrishnaBoy
MohanIndianCharming; Fascinating; Lovable; Lord KrishnaBoy
MohanaIndianAttractive; CharmingGirl
MohatiIndianAs beautiful as pearl; MotiGirl
MohiniIndianVery Beautiful; Bewitching; Mastering; EnchantressGirl
MohitIndianEnsnarled by beauty; CharmingBoy
MohitIndianAttractive; CharmingGirl
MrigakshiIndianOne with deer like beautiful eyesGirl
MrigalochanIndianOne with deer like beautiful eyesBoy
MythriIndianFriendship; Beautiful girlGirl
NajmaIndianStar; BeautifulGirl
NaomiIndianAbove All; BeautifulGirl
NavrangIndianBeautiful; ColorfulBoy
NedumaranIndianTall and handsomeBoy
NehalIndianThe one who is gratified; Rainy; HandsomeBoy
NehalIndianRainy; HandsomeGirl
NehalIndianRainy; Handsome; One who is gratifiedGirl
NehalIndianRainy; Beautiful; HandsomeUnisex
NetravatiIndianBeautiful eyedGirl
NinaIndianBeautiful eyedGirl
NinaIndianBeautiful eyesGirl

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