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 Sibling names for Burjor

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Sibling names for 'Burjor' (Please check and change above options to get desired result)
 Name Origin Meaning Gender
AbanIndian Girl
AbandokhtIndian Girl
AbanhirIndian Girl
AbenahirIndian Girl
AimaiIndian Girl
AlibaiIndian Girl
AlmitraIndian Girl
AnahitaIndianGraceful; The immaculate oneGirl
AnahitaIndianGoddess of water; Fertility; Immaculate; VenusGirl
AnahitaIndianFull of grace; Graceful; ImmaculateGirl
AnahitaIndianGraceful; Immaculate oneGirl
AnahitaIndian Girl
AnahitaIndianFull of graceGirl
ArdvisuraIndian Girl
AredetfredhiIndian Girl
ArenavachiIndian Girl
ArgavanIndian Girl
ArmaitiIndian Girl
ArminIndianDweller of the garden of EdenGirl
ArmindokhtIndian Girl
ArnavazIndian Girl
ArnazIndian Girl
ArtdokhtIndian Girl
AryenishIndian Girl
ArzuIndianDesire; WishGirl
ArzuIndian Girl
AshaIndianHope; ExpectationGirl
AshaIndian Girl
AshaIndianHope; Aspiration; ExpectationGirl
AshishvanghIndian Girl
AshrafIndianNoble; Honorable; Kind; BenevolentGirl
AsshollIndian Girl
AturdokhtIndian Girl
AvaIndian Girl
AvaIndianVoice; CallGirl
AvaIndianAlive; LivingGirl
AvabaiIndian Girl
AvivaIndian Girl
AzaddokhtIndian Girl
AzadehIndian Girl
AzadehIndianFree; PrincessGirl
AzarmidokhtIndian Girl
BachubaiIndian Girl
BaharIndianSpring; Prime of life; Bloom; YouthGirl
BaharIndian Girl
BahmanbanuIndian Girl
BahmandokhtIndian Girl
BakhtavarIndian Girl
BanuIndian Girl
BanubaiIndian Girl
BanudadhushIndian Girl
BanugulIndian Girl
BanugushnaspIndian Girl
BanuhufriyaIndian Girl
BanuhufrizIndian Girl
BanuhuramIndian Girl
BanuhururishIndian Girl
BehafridIndian Girl
BenafshaIndian Girl
BhikhaijiIndian Girl
BinaizaIndian Girl
BostanIndian Girl
ChamanIndian Girl
ChandanbaiIndian Girl
ChermeenIndian Girl
CoomiIndian Girl
DadhushIndian Girl
DadhushfarrokhIndian Girl
DanishIndian Girl
DaraIndianBrave; DaringGirl
DehbanuIndian Girl
DelaraIndian Girl
DelaramIndian Girl
DelaramIndianQuiet heartedGirl
DelbaharIndian Girl
DelbanuIndian Girl
DelbarIndian Girl
DelbarIndianCharming; Sweetheart; Heart RavisherGirl
DeldarIndian Girl
DelkhushIndian Girl
DelnavazIndian Girl
DelrubaIndian Girl
DelshadIndian Girl
DeyazadIndian Girl
DhanbaiIndian Girl
DinIndian Girl
DinazIndian Girl
DinbaiIndian Girl
DinbanuIndian Girl
DogdoIndian Girl
DosibaiIndian Girl
FahnikIndian Girl
FarhangIndian Girl
FaridaIndianUnique; TurquoiseGirl
FaridaIndian Girl
FarkhondaIndian Girl
FarnazaIndian Girl
FarzanaIndian Girl
FarzanakIndian Girl
FerangizIndian Girl
FerozaIndian Girl
FerozbanuIndian Girl
FranakIndian Girl
FrawartiIndian Girl
FrenyIndian Girl
FreyaIndian Girl
FreyaIndianGoddess of loveGirl
FreyanaIndian Girl
FriyaIndian Girl
FriyanaIndian Girl
GanjIndian Girl
GiraIndian Girl
GiraIndianLanguage of godGirl
GoharIndianDiamond; Precious stoneGirl
GoharIndian Girl
GoharafridIndian Girl
GordafridIndian Girl
GordiehIndian Girl
GulIndianFlower; RoseGirl
GulIndian Girl
GulafruzIndian Girl
GulafsanIndian Girl
GulafshanIndian Girl
GulandamIndian Girl
GulbadanIndian Girl
GulbaherIndian Girl
GulbaiIndian Girl
GulbanuIndian Girl
GulbargIndian Girl
GulchehrIndian Girl
GulestanIndian Girl
GulkhandanIndian Girl
GulkhurshidIndian Girl
GullalaIndian Girl
GulnarIndian Girl
GulpaekarIndian Girl
GulroxarIndian Girl
GulrukhIndian Girl
GulshanIndian Girl
GulshirinIndian Girl
GulzarIndian Girl
HirabaiIndian Girl
HomaIndianPhoenix; BirdGirl
HomaiIndian Girl
HormazbanuIndian Girl
HufriyaIndian Girl
HutoshIndian Girl
HutoxiIndian Girl
HvoviIndian Girl
IranbanuIndian Girl
IrandokhtIndian Girl
JahanarayIndian Girl
JaijiIndian Girl
JarbaiIndian Girl
JeffrinIndian Girl
KaiandokhtIndian Girl
KaidokhtIndian Girl
KanizIndian Girl
KashmiraIndian Girl
KashmiraIndianBeauty of Kashmir; Grape; Coming from KashmirGirl
KashmiraIndianBeauty of KashmirGirl
KashmiraIndianBeauty of Kashmir; Grape; One from KashmirGirl
KashmiraIndianFrom KashmirGirl
KatayunIndian Girl
KatinIndian Girl
KaynazIndian Girl
KeherafridIndian Girl
KerbanuIndian Girl
KeshvarIndian Girl
KharmenIndian Girl
KharshedbaiIndian Girl
KhordadIndianHealth; PerfectionGirl
KhorshedIndian Girl
KhubruiIndian Girl
KhurmandIndian Girl
KhurshidbanuIndian Girl
KhushmandIndian Girl
KhushnamIndian Girl
KhushnamaIndian Girl
KhushnawazIndian Girl
KuvarbaiIndian Girl
LalIndian Girl
LalagulIndian Girl
LalehIndian Girl
LilyaIndian Girl
MahIndian Girl
MahafreenIndian Girl
MahafridIndian Girl
MahafrinIndian Girl
MahaziverIndian Girl
MahbanuIndian Girl
MahchehrIndian Girl
MahdokhtIndian Girl
MahdokhtIndianDaughter of the moonGirl
MahinIndian Girl
MahinIndianEarth; Greatest; Related to the moonGirl
MahinbanuIndian Girl
MahkhurshidIndian Girl
MahpaekarIndian Girl
MahpariIndian Girl
MahparvinIndian Girl
MahpervizIndian Girl
MahrokhIndian Girl
MahrokhIndianOne whose face Is like the Moon; BeautifulGirl
MahruIndian Girl
MahtabIndian Girl
MahzarinIndian Girl
MakhmalIndian Girl
ManakbaiIndian Girl
ManiIndianGem; A JewelGirl
ManiIndian Girl
ManizehIndian Girl
MeherafrazIndian Girl
MeherafridIndian Girl
MeherafrinIndian Girl
MeherafruzIndian Girl
MeherangizIndian Girl
MeherbaiIndian Girl
MeherbanuIndian Girl
MeherchehrIndian Girl
MeherkhodaIndian Girl
MeherokhIndian Girl
MeherpaekarIndian Girl
MehersiminIndian Girl
MehraIndian Girl
MehrooIndian Girl
MinooIndianParadise; Heaven; GardenGirl
MithibaiIndian Girl
MorvaridIndian Girl
MotibaiIndian Girl
NaheedIndian Girl
NaheedIndianImmaculate; Undefiled; Star; Planet VenusGirl
NahlibaiIndian Girl
NarenjIndian Girl
NargesIndian Girl
NashaIndianScent; PerfumeGirl
NavazIndian Girl
NavazbaiIndian Girl
NavazeshIndian Girl
NazakatIndian Girl
NazakatIndianDelicacy; SubtletyGirl
NazbanuIndian Girl
NazchehrIndian Girl
NazneenIndian Girl
NaztabIndian Girl
NekakhtarIndian Girl
NekbakhtIndian Girl
NezhatIndian Girl
NilopalIndian Girl
NilouferIndian Girl
NiluferIndian Girl
OmranaIndian Girl
PaesangnuIndian Girl
PareezadIndian Girl
ParendiIndian Girl
PariIndian Girl
PariIndianBeauty; FairyGirl
ParibanuIndian Girl
ParichehrIndian Girl
ParikIndian Girl
ParinIndian Girl
ParindokhtIndian Girl
ParizadIndian Girl
ParvanaIndian Girl
ParvinIndianPleiades; Pleasing; Loved; NobleGirl
ParvinIndian Girl
PayendehIndian Girl
PervinIndian Girl
PirozbaiIndian Girl
PouruchistiIndian Girl
PuranIndian Girl
PurandokhtIndian Girl
PurgavIndian Girl
PuyendehIndian Girl
RakhshandehIndian Girl
RambanuIndian Girl
RatanbaiIndian Girl
RatubaiIndian Girl
RobabIndian Girl
RobeabIndian Girl
RokhsarIndian Girl
RoshanIndianIlluminated; BrightGirl
RoshanafIndian Girl
RoshanakIndian Girl
RoshanakIndianLustrous; Bright; DawnGirl
RoshniIndian Girl
RoshniIndianBrightness; LightGirl
RoshniIndianLustrous; Brilliance; Luster; LightGirl
RoxendaIndian Girl
RubangizIndian Girl
RudabehIndian Girl
RuhaeIndian Girl
RupabaiIndian Girl
RuxIndian Girl
RuxshinIndian Girl
SaharIndianDawn; Early morningGirl
SaharIndian Girl
SakarbaiIndian Girl
SamanbarIndian Girl
SamannazIndian Girl
SamanrukhIndian Girl
SanoberIndian Girl
SapinudIndian Girl
SarvIndian Girl
SavanghvachiIndian Girl
SeemalIndian Girl
ShahbanuIndian Girl
ShahdokhtIndian Girl
ShahiIndian Girl
ShahnavazIndian Girl
ShahnazIndianPride and bride of the kingGirl
ShahnazIndianBride; Pride of the kingGirl
ShahnazIndian Girl
ShahrinazIndian Girl
ShahruIndian Girl
ShahrzadIndianModern; City dweller; Person of the city; City bornGirl
ShahzanIndian Girl
ShakerIndian Girl
ShakerbanuIndian Girl
ShakernazIndian Girl
SheguftaIndian Girl
SheherbanuIndian Girl
SheherivarIndian Girl
ShehernavazIndian Girl
ShehernazIndian Girl
ShirbanuIndian Girl
ShirdokhtIndian Girl
ShirinIndian Girl
ShirinIndianSweet; Pleasant; Gentle; DelicateGirl
ShirinbanuIndian Girl
SimbarIndian Girl
SiminIndian Girl
SiminIndianSilvery; Made of SilverGirl
SimindokhtIndian Girl
SimonilIndian Girl
SimurgIndian Girl
SindokhtIndian Girl
SohaIndian Girl
SpentaIndian Girl
SpentaarmaitiIndian Girl
SrutatfedhriIndian Girl
SubahaIndian Girl
SudabehIndian Girl
SuklibaiIndian Girl
SunabaiIndian Girl
SusanIndian Girl
TabendehIndian Girl
TajIndianCrown; JewelGirl
TajbanuIndian Girl
TanazIndian Girl
TanazIndianDelicate bodyGirl
TehminaIndian Girl
ThrityIndian Girl
TokhmesarvIndian Girl
TushnamaityIndian Girl
TyraIndian Girl
UshtavaityIndian Girl
VahbizIndian Girl
VanghufredhiIndian Girl
ViraIndian Girl
VirbaijiIndian Girl
VirbanuIndian Girl
VispanfrivaIndian Girl
YasminIndianJasmine; FlowerGirl
YasminIndian Girl
YasminIndianJasmine flowerGirl
YazdinIndian Girl
YazdindokhtIndian Girl
YogIndian Girl
ZainaIndian Girl
ZamrodIndian Girl
ZarinIndian Girl
ZarinchinarIndian Girl
ZarmandokhtIndian Girl
ZerIndian Girl
ZoishIndian Girl

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