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NameIn LocalMeaningGenderOrigin
AaliعاليLofty, Sublime, The High, Exalted OneBoy 
AaliyahعاليةLofty, Sublime, The High, Exalted OneGirl 
AaminaآمنةSafe, TrustworthyGirl 
Abba FatherBoy 
Abba FatherBoyArabian
AbbasعبّاسAustere, SternBoy 
Abd Al Alim Servant of all KnowingBoy 
Abd Al Bari Servant of AllahBoy 
Abd Al Hakim Servant of the WiseBoy 
Abd Al Jabbar Servant of MightyBoy 
Abd Al Matin Servant of StrongBoy 
Abd Al Qadir Servant of CapableBoy 
Abd Al Rashid Servant of the GuidedBoy 
Abd Al Sami Servant of all HearingBoy 
Abd Er Rahman Servant of Merciful OneBoy 
Abd-Al Servant of TheBoy 
Abd-Al-Azizعبد العزيزServant of the PowerfulBoy 
Abd-Al-Hamidعبد الحميدServant of the PraisedBoy 
Abd-Al-Karimعبد الكريمServant of the GenerousBoy 
Abd-Al-Latifعبد اللطيفServant of the GentleBoy 
Abd-Al-Malikعبد الملكServant of the KingBoy 
Abd-Al-Qadirعبد القادرServant of the Capable, PowerfulBoy 
Abd-Al-Rahmanعبد الرحمنServant of the MercifulBoy 
Abd-Allahعبد اللهServant of GodBoy 
Abdalrahman Servant of Merciful OneBoy 
Abdel ServantBoy 
Abdul Servant of TheBoy 
Abdul-Malik Servant of the KingBoy 
Abdulla Servant of GodBoy 
Abdullah Servant of GodBoy 
Abia GreatGirl 
Abida She Who WorshipsGirl 
Abidah  Girl 
Abir StrongGirlHebrew
Abla  Girl 
Ablah Perfectly-FormedGirl 
Abra Mother of ManyGirlHebrew