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List of Names meaning 'A Sage'

AatreyaIndianName of a sageBoy
AatreyaSanskritName of a sageBoy
AgasthyaIndianA name of a sageBoy
AgasthyaIndianName of a sageBoy
AgastiIndianName of a sageGirl
Agasti,  AgastyaIndianName of a sageBoy
AgastyaIndianName of a sageBoy
AgastyaSanskritName of a sageBoy
BasisthaIndianA SageBoy
BharadwajIndianA sage,  A mythical bird,  Skylark,  Strong and fastBoy
BharadwajSanskritA sage,  A mythical bird,  Skylark,  Strong & fastBoy
BharddwajIndianA sageBoy
BhardwajIndianA sage,  A mythical bird,  Skylark,  Strong and fastBoy
BhardwajSanskritA sage,  A mythical bird,  Skylark,  Strong & fastBoy
BoudhayanIndianName of a sageBoy
BoudhayanIndianThe name of a sageBoy
GautamiIndianRiver Godavari,  Wife a sage GautamGirl
GautamiSanskritRiver Godavari,  Wife a sage GautamGirl
HritikIndianName of a SageBoy
KapilIndianName of a sage,  Sun,  Fair complexionedBoy
KapilIndianName of a sageBoy
KashyapIndianName of a sageBoy
KashyapIndianA sage and friend of PandavasBoy
LarrajIndianA sageBoy
LomashIndianA SageBoy
LomashIndianName of lord Shiva,  A sageBoy
MarkandayIndianLord Shiva's devotee,  A Sage who wrote Devi MahatmyamBoy
MarkandayIndianShiva's devotee,  A Sage who wrote Devi MahatmyamBoy
MarkandeyaIndianLord Shiva's devotee,  A Sage who wrote Devi MahatmyamGirl
ParavasuIndianName of a sageBoy
PulishIndianName of a sageBoy
PusanIndianA SageBoy
RishiIndianA sageBoy
SandeepanIndianA SageBoy
ShalikIndianA SageBoy
VasisthaIndianName of a sageBoy
VishvamitraIndianA sageBoy
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