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List of Names meaning 'Hill'

AfrikaisiEgyptianFrom the Egyptian HillsGirl
ArunachaleshwaraIndianLord of hills of sunBoy
ArunachaleshwaraIndianLord of the hills of sunBoy
BoellGermanHill DwellerBoy
BranEnglishBroom covered hill,  RavenBoy
BranIndianBroom covered hill,  RavenBoy
BrandenEnglishBroom covered hillBoy
BrandenIndianBroom covered hillBoy
BrandonEnglishBroom covered hillBoy
BrandonIndianBroom covered hillBoy
BrannonEnglishBroom covered hillBoy
BrannonIndianBroom covered hillBoy
BreanaEnglishHigh hill,  Force,  StrengthGirl
BreanaIndianHigh hill,  Force,  StrengthGirl
BreannEnglishHigh hill,  Force,  StrengthGirl
BreannIndianHigh hill,  Force,  StrengthGirl
BreannaEnglishHigh hill,  Force,  StrengthGirl
BreannaIndianHigh hill,  Force,  StrengthGirl
BreanneEnglishHigh hill,  Force,  StrengthGirl
BreanneIndianHigh hill,  Force,  StrengthGirl
BrennaEnglishHigh hill,  SwordGirl
BrennaIndianHigh hill,  SwordGirl
BrentEnglishHigh place,  HillBoy
BrentIndianHigh place,  HillBoy
BrentIndianHill topBoy
BrianEnglishHigh hill,  Force,  StrengthBoy
BrianIndianHigh hill,  Force,  StrengthBoy
BrianaEnglishHigh hill,  Force,  StrengthGirl
BrianaIndianHigh hill,  Force,  StrengthGirl
BriannaEnglishHigh hill,  Force,  StrengthGirl
BriannaIndianHigh hill,  Force,  StrengthGirl
BrianneEnglishHigh hill,  Force,  StrengthGirl
BrianneIndianHigh hill,  Force,  StrengthGirl
BrianusLatinHigh HillBoy
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List of Surnames meaning 'Hill'

SurnameOriginIn LocalMeaning
AcksheughEnglish Hilly land covered with Oaks
AffleckEnglish Hill Stone
AldenEnglish Old Hill,  From high castle,  Town,  High castle,  High town
AlverstonEnglish High Green Hill
AlvertonEnglish High Green Hill
AndartonEnglish The Oak Hill
AshburtonEnglish Town on the hill covered with Ash trees
AskewEnglish Hilly land covered with Oaks
AthillEnglish At the hill
AthillFrench At the hill
AuchinleckScottish Hill Stone
AverillEnglish The hill sown with Oats
BallEnglish Hilltop
BangsEnglish From the hillside,  From the riverbank
BankerEnglish From the hillside,  From the riverbank
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Origin:  EnglishWelshFrenchHungarianEgyptianLatinGermanScottishIndian
Religion:  HinduChristian
Rashi:  MeshVrushabh
Nakshatra:  Krithika
Graha:  Shukra (Venus)
Gender:  Boy onlyGirl onlyUnisex
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