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List of Names meaning 'Holy'

AagiHungarianChaste,  HolyGirl
Abdul QuddoosIndianServant of the most holyBoy
Abdul QuddusIndianServant of the most holyBoy
Abdul QudoosIndianServant of the most holyBoy
Abdul-QudoosIndianServant of the most holyBoy
AbezagIndianPure,  HolyBoy
AgnaGermanChaste,  HolyGirl
AgnaLithuanianChaste,  HolyGirl
AgnesEnglishChaste,  HolyGirl
AgnesFrenchChaste,  HolyGirl
AgnesHungarianChaste,  HolyGirl
AgnesIndianChaste,  HolyGirl
AgneseItalianPure,  Chaste,  HolyGirl
Agnessa  (Агнесса)RussianChaste,  HolyGirl
AgnesseRussianChaste,  HolyGirl
AgnethGermanChaste,  HolyGirl
AgnethaScandinavianChaste,  HolyGirl
AgnetheGermanChaste,  HolyGirl
AgnieszkaPolishChaste,  HolyGirl
AgnusEnglishChaste,  HolyGirl
AgnusIndianChaste,  HolyGirl
AidhIndianName of a reciter of holy QuranBoy
AjmalIndianHoly,  PiousBoy
AkenekiHawaiianChaste,  HolyGirl
AmritIndianNectar,  Spiritual holy water,  ImmortalityBoy
AmritSanskritNectar,  Spiritual holy water,  ImmortalityBoy
AmritaIndianFull of nectar,  Spiritual holy waterGirl
AmritaIndianFull of nectar,  Spiritual holy water,  ImmortalityGirl
AmritaIndianNectar,  Spiritual holy water,  ImmortalityGirl
AmritaSanskritNectar,  Spiritual holy water,  ImmortalityGirl
AneelIndianHoly,  Immaculate beingBoy
AnesaDanishChaste,  HolyGirl
AnezkaDanishChaste,  HolyGirl
AnniceEnglishChaste,  HolyGirl
AnniceIndianChaste,  HolyGirl
AnnisAnglo-SaxonChaste,  HolyGirl
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Origin:  SanskritRussianPolishGermanIndianHawaiianItalianScandinavianEnglishLithuanianFrenchAnglo-SaxonHungarianDanish
Religion:  HinduChristianMuslimSikh
Rashi:  Mesh
Nakshatra:  Krithika
Graha:  Mangal (Mars)
Gender:  Boy onlyGirl onlyUnisex
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