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List of Names meaning 'Kind'

AatifIndianKind affectionateBoy
AatifaIndianKind affectionateGirl
AatikaIndianKind affectionateGirl
AatikahIndianKind affectionateGirl
AatiqIndianKind affectionateBoy
AatiqahIndianKind affectionateGirl
AbulkhairKazakhKind FatherBoy
AcandaIndianSoft temper,  Without anger,  Gentle,  KindBoy
Agafia  (Агафья)RussianGood,  KindlyGirl
AgafiiaRussianGood,  KindlyGirl
Agafya  (Агафья)RussianGood,  KindlyGirl
AgataSpanishKind,  GoodGirl
AguedaSpanishKind,  GoodGirl
AhsanIndianAn act of kindnessBoy
AkroorIndianKind,  Gentle,  A Yadava chief,  Krishna's friendBoy
AkroorSanskritKind,  Gentle,  A Yadava chief,  Krishna's friendBoy
AlaisdairScottishDefender of MankindBoy
AlaistairEnglishDefender of mankindBoy
AlaistairIndianDefender of mankindBoy
AlaisterEnglishDefender of mankindBoy
AlaisterIndianDefender of mankindBoy
AlandraSpanishDefender of mankindGirl
AlasdairScottishDefender of MankindBoy
AlastairEnglishDefender of mankindBoy
AlastairIndianDefender of mankindBoy
AlastairScottishDefender of MankindBoy
AlasteirEnglishDefender of mankindBoy
AlasteirIndianDefender of mankindBoy
AleFinnishDefender of MankindBoy
AlecEnglishDefender of mankindBoy
AlecIndianDefender of mankindBoy
AlecScottishDefender of MankindBoy
AleckEnglishDefender of mankindBoy
AleckIndianDefender of mankindBoy
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List of Surnames meaning 'Kind'

SurnameOriginIn LocalMeaning
AlexanderEnglish Defender of mankind
BannatyneScottish Where fires are kindled
Origin:  SanskritEnglishPolishScottishRussianFinnishKazakhIndianSpanish
Religion:  HinduChristianMuslim
Rashi:  Mesh
Nakshatra:  Krithika
Graha:  Mangal (Mars)
Gender:  Boy onlyGirl onlyUnisex
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