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List of Names meaning 'Little Bird'

AleneEnglishLittle Eve,  Bird,  RivalGirl
AleneIndianLittle Eve,  Bird,  RivalGirl
AlleenEnglishLittle Eve,  Bird,  RivalGirl
AlleenIndianLittle Eve,  Bird,  RivalGirl
AlleneEnglishLittle Eve,  Bird,  RivalGirl
AlleneIndianLittle Eve,  Bird,  RivalGirl
AllineEnglishLittle Eve,  Bird,  RivalGirl
AllineIndianLittle Eve,  Bird,  RivalGirl
AvalinaEnglishLittle Eve,  Little BirdGirl
AvalinaIndianLittle Eve,  Little BirdGirl
AvalineEnglishLittle Eve,  Little BirdGirl
AvalineIndianLittle Eve,  Little BirdGirl
AvelinaEnglishLittle Eve,  Little BirdGirl
AvelinaIndianLittle Eve,  Little BirdGirl
AvelineEnglishLittle Eve,  Little BirdGirl
AvelineIndianLittle Eve,  Little BirdGirl
EveleenEnglishLittle birdGirl
EveleenIndianLittle birdGirl
EveliinaFinnishLittle BirdUnisex
EvelinaLatinLittle BirdUnisex
EvelineEnglishLittle birdUnisex
EvelineIndianLittle birdUnisex
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Origin:  LatinFinnishEnglishIndian
Religion:  SikhChristian
Gender:  Boy onlyGirl onlyUnisex
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