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List of Names meaning 'Lord Shiva'

AbhavIndianLord ShivaBoy
AcalesvaraIndianGod of the Immovable,  Another name for lord ShivaBoy
AcalesvaraIndianGod of the immovable,  Lord ShivaBoy
AcalesvaraIndianLord of the immovable,  Lord ShivaBoy
AchalesvaraIndianGod of the immovable,  Another name for lord ShivaBoy
AchintyaIndianLord Shiva,  VishnuBoy
AchintyaIndianBeyond Comprehension,  Lord ShivaBoy
AchintyaSanskritLord Shiva,  Inconceivable,  Beyond comprehensionBoy
AiyappanIndianOf lord Vishnu and lord ShivaBoy
AiyappanIndianOf Vishnu and Shiva (Ayya meaning lord Vishnu and Appa meaning lord Shiva)Boy
AiyappanIndianLord Vishnu and lord Shiva togetherBoy
AkshayagunaIndianOf Limitless Attributes. Lord ShivaBoy
AkshayagunaIndianOf limitless attributes,  Lord ShivaBoy
AkshayagunaIndianOf limitless attributes,  Name for lord ShivaBoy
AkulIndianLord ShivaBoy
AkulIndianA Name of lord ShivaBoy
AmaranaathIndianImmortal God,  Lord ShivaBoy
AmaranaathSanskritImmortal God,  Lord ShivaBoy
AmarnathIndianImmortal God,  Lord ShivaBoy
AmarnathSanskritImmortal God,  Lord ShivaBoy
AmbikapathiIndianLord ShivaBoy
AniketIndianHomeless,  Lord ShivaBoy
AnishIndianSupreme,  Continuous,  Lord Vishnu,  Lord ShivaBoy
AnishSanskritLord Vishnu,  Lord ShivaBoy
AnnamalaiIndianLord of mountains,  Lord ShivaUnisex
AnnamalaiIndianLord of mountains,  Another name for lord ShivaUnisex
AnnuabhujIndianLord ShivaBoy
ArhaIndianLord ShivaBoy
ArihantIndianLord ShivaBoy
ArihantIndianLord Shiva,  One who has killed his enemiesBoy
ArulsyankarIndianLord ShivaBoy
AshutoshIndianLord Shiva,  One who is easily pleasedBoy
AshutoshIndianLord Shiva,  Who is easily pleasedBoy
AyavanthIndianLord ShivaBoy
BalashankarIndianYoung lord ShivaBoy
BavyeshIndianLord of the world,  Lord ShivaBoy
BhadrakapilIndianLord ShivaBoy
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Origin:  IndianSanskrit
Religion:  JainHinduMuslim
Rashi:  VrushabhDhanMesh
Nakshatra:  KrithikaPurva ShadaMoola
Graha:  Mangal (Mars)
Gender:  Boy onlyGirl onlyUnisex
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