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List of Names meaning 'Mars'

BahramIndianVictory,  MarsBoy
BahramIranian (Persian)Victory,  MarsBoy
BehramIndianVictory,  MarsBoy
BehramIranian (Persian)Victory,  MarsBoy
CarvellFrenchVillage on the marshBoy
CullodenScottishNook of the marshBoy
FentonEnglishMarsh settlementBoy
FentonIndianMarsh settlementBoy
KeirEnglishFrom the marshlandBoy
KeirIndianFrom the marshlandBoy
KerrEnglishFrom the marshlandBoy
KerrIndianFrom the marshlandBoy
KerrScottishMarsh,  Rough wet groundBoy
LohitIndianRed,  Made of Copper,  Mars,  Bramhaputra riverBoy
LohitIndianRed,  Made of copper,  MarsBoy
LohitIndianRed,  Made of copper,  MarsBoy
MaartenDutchDon't Deceive,  Like MarsBoy
MaartjeDutchDon't Deceive,  Like MarsGirl
MangalIndianAuspicious,  MarsBoy
MarceliPolishWarlike,  Devoted to MarsBoy
MarcelinaPolishWarlike,  Devoted to MarsGirl
MarcelyPolishWarlike,  Devoted to MarsBoy
MarcialSpanishLike Mars,  Roman God of MarsBoy
MarcinPolishWarlike,  Devoted to MarsBoy
MarcinekPolishWarlike,  Devoted to MarsBoy
MarcusNorwegianRoman God MarsBoy
MarekPolishWarlike,  Devoted to MarsBoy
MarianPolishWarlike,  Devoted to MarsBoy
MarikPolishWarlike,  Devoted to MarsBoy
MariusFrenchLike Mars,  Roman God of MarsBoy
MartainnScottishIke Mars,  Roman God MarsBoy
MartenDutchLike MarsBoy
MartialEnglishLike Mars,  Roman God MarsBoy
MartialIndianLike Mars,  Roman God MarsBoy
MartialisLatinLike MarsBoy
MartieEnglishLike Mars,  Roman God MarsBoy
MartieIndianLike Mars,  Roman God MarsBoy
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List of Surnames meaning 'Mars'

SurnameOriginIn LocalMeaning
AbercrombieGaelic The mouth of a river,  Marshy ground
AberdeenEnglish The mouth of a river,  Marshy ground,  Place where streams meets
ArbuthnotEnglish The mouth of a river,  Marshy ground,  Place where streams meets
FentonEnglish Marsh settlement
KerrScottish From the marshland
MarloweEnglish Marshland
MorleyEnglish Marsh meadow
MortemerNorman Dead Sea,  Stagnant marsh
MortimerEnglish Dead Sea,  Stagnant marsh
VanceEnglish Lives by a marsh
WalkyrScandinavian From the wall by the marsh
Origin:  Persian (Iranian)DutchEnglishPolishLatinIndianNorwegianScottishNormanScandinavianGaelicFrenchSpanish
Religion:  MuslimHinduChristianSikhJainParsi
Rashi:  MeshSinh
Nakshatra:  MakhaBharani
Graha:  Surya (Sun)
Gender:  Boy onlyGirl onlyUnisex
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