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List of Names meaning 'The Moon'

AgharnaIndianThe MoonBoy
Alcmene  (Αλκμήνη)GreekMight of the moonGirl
AlcmeneLatinMight of the moonGirl
AmalenduIndianPure like the moonBoy
AmarisIndianChild of the moonBoy
ArvanIndianOne of the moon's horsesBoy
AstennuEgyptianGod of the MoonBoy
AyselTurkishMoon Stream,  Like the MoonGirl
AysunTurkishBeautiful as the MoonGirl
CandraIndonesianThe MoonBoy
CelaPolishThe MoonGirl
CelekPolishThe MoonGirl
CelinaPolishThe MoonGirl
CesiaPolishThe MoonGirl
ChakorIndianA bird enamored of the moonBoy
ChakorSanskritA bird that loves the moonBoy
ChakoriIndianA bird enamored of the moonGirl
ChakoriIndianA bird enamored of the moon,  AlertGirl
ChandaIndianMoon,  Cool like the moon,  Goddess LaxmiGirl
ChandaIndianCool like the moon,  Goddess LakshmiGirl
ChandakIndianThe moonBoy
ChandakSanskritThe moonBoy
ChandraananIndianThe moonBoy
ChandraaneeIndianWife of the moon godGirl
ChandraayanSanskritThe moonBoy
ChandrabhanIndianThe moonBoy
ChandrabhanSanskritThe moon,  Lustrous as moonBoy
ChandradattIndianGift From The MoonBoy
ChandrajaIndianDaughter of the moonGirl
ChandrakalaSanskritBeams of the moonGirl
ChandrakaliIndian1/16th of the moonGirl
ChandrakaliIndian1/16 th of the moonGirl
ChandrakaliIndianOf the moonGirl
ChandrakantIndianBeloved by the moonBoy
ChandrakantaIndianThe moonBoy
ChandrakantaIndianWife of the moon (Night)Girl
ChandrakirthiIndianAs famous as the moonBoy
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Origin:  GreekTurkishIndonesianEgyptianLatinSanskritPolishIndian
Religion:  HinduMuslim
Rashi:  MinMeshMithun
Nakshatra:  RevathiKrithikaArudra
Graha:  Mangal (Mars)Guru (Jupiter)
Gender:  Boy onlyGirl onlyUnisex
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