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List of Names meaning 'Thin'

AbelEnglishVanity,  Transitory,  Breath,  BreathingBoy
AbelIndianVanity,  Transitory,  Breath,  BreathingBoy
AlaleemIndianHe who knows all thingsBoy
AntarpreetIndianOne who loves the light withinBoy
AnujIndianYounger Brother,  Good in everythingBoy
AnujIndianGood in everything,  Younger brotherBoy
AnujaIndianGood in everything,  Younger sisterGirl
AsarEgyptianSomething that has been made,  a ProductBoy
BashirIndianBringer of good things 
BlaineScottishSlender,  ThinBoy
BlaneScottishSlender,  ThinBoy
BlaneyScottishSlender,  ThinBoy
BlayneScottishSlender,  ThinBoy
ChimolaAfricanBreaker of Things,  SeizerBoy
ChukwuemekaAfricanGod has done something GreatBoy
CoiraScottishSeething PoolGirl
CoireScottishSeething PoolBoy
CoreyEnglishSeething poolBoy
CoreyIndianSeething poolBoy
CoriEnglishSeething poolBoy
CoriIndianSeething poolBoy
CorieEnglishSeething poolBoy
CorieIndianSeething poolBoy
CoryEnglishSeething poolBoy
CoryIndianSeething poolBoy
DarsheelIndianSomething that looks good and soberBoy
FakhrIndianPride,  Something to feel proud aboutBoy
GharcheenIndianOne who realizes the home withinBoy
GharchetIndianOne who meditate son the real home withinBoy
GursanIndianAgree in anythingBoy
JanhithaIndianOne who thinks of the welfare of menGirl
JhumarIndianChild's playthingBoy
JhumarIndianChild's play thingBoy
JigyaIndianCuriosity to know thingsGirl
JigyasaIndianCuriosity to know thingsGirl
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List of Surnames meaning 'Thin'

SurnameOriginIn LocalMeaning
UchidaJapan内田Within Rice Field
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