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AmareshIndianLord IndraBoy
AmareshIndianName of lord IndraBoy
AmreshIndianLord IndraBoy
AmrishIndianLord IndraBoy
ApsaraIndianCelestial maiden,  Angel,  Beautiful dancers of lord IndraGirl
ApsaraIndianAngel,  Beautiful dancers of lord IndraGirl
ArjunIndianPeacock,  Son of lord Indra,  One of the Pandava brothersBoy
ArjunSanskritSon of lord Indra,  One of the Pandava brothersBoy
AvasyuIndianLord IndraBoy
BasabiIndianWife of lord IndraGirl
DatteyIndianLord IndraBoy
DevendraIndianLord IndraBoy
DevendraIndianLord Indra,  King of godsBoy
DevendraIndianKing of gods,  Lord IndraBoy
DeveshIndianLord Indra,  King of godsBoy
DeveshIndianLord IndraBoy
DeveshIndianGod of gods,  Lord IndraBoy
DevrajIndianKing among gods,  Name of lord IndraBoy
DevrajIndianKing among gods,  Lord IndraBoy
GajendranathIndianOwner of Gajendra,  Lord IndraBoy
GhanendraIndianLord of Clouds (Lord Indra )Boy
GhanendraIndianLord of clouds,  Lord IndraBoy
HarikanthIndianDear to lord IndraBoy
IndradattIndianGift of lord IndraBoy
IndraduttIndianGift of lord IndraBoy
IndradyumnIndianSplendor of lord IndraBoy
IndrajitIndianConqueror of lord IndraBoy
IndrakantIndianLord IndraBoy
IndrakantaIndianLord IndraBoy
IndraniIndianWife of lord IndraGirl
IndrarjunIndianBright and brave lord IndraBoy
IndrasutaIndianSon of lord IndraBoy
IndratanIndianStrong as lord IndraBoy
IndratanIndianAs strong as lord IndraBoy
IndravadanIndianLord Indra's nameBoy
IndravadanIndianLord IndraBoy
KapilashwaIndianOne With A White Horse (Lord Indra)Boy
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Origin:  IndianSanskrit
Religion:  HinduJainChristianMuslimSikh
Rashi:  MithunKumbhMeshMinKarkVrushabh
Nakshatra:  RevathiPunarvasuArudraPushyamiPurva BhadraDhanishtaKrithika
Graha:  Mangal (Mars)Shukra (Venus)Buddh (Mercury)Guru (Jupiter)
Gender:  Boy onlyGirl onlyUnisex
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