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List of Names meaning 'Powerful Eagle'

AmaldGermanPower of an eagleBoy
AmallGermanPower of an eagleBoy
AmaudFrenchPowerful EagleBoy
AmaudGermanPower of an eagleBoy
AmdGermanPower of an eagleBoy
AmdtGermanPower of an eagleBoy
AmellGermanPower of an eagleBoy
AmetGermanPower of an eagleBoy
AmettGermanPower of an eagleBoy
AmholdGermanPower of an eagleBoy
AmoFrenchPowerful EagleBoy
AmoGermanPower of an eagleBoy
AmoldGermanPower of an eagleBoy
AmoldoSpanishPower of an eagleBoy
AmollGermanPower of an eagleBoy
AmotGermanPower of an eagleBoy
AmottGermanPower of an eagleBoy
ArendGermanPower of an eagleBoy
ArmannoItalianWarrior,  Eagle,  PowerfulBoy
ArminoItalianWarrior,  Eagle,  PowerfulBoy
ArnGermanPowerful EagleBoy
ArnaldoItalianWarrior,  Eagle,  PowerfulBoy
ArnaudFrenchPowerful EagleBoy
ArnaudeFrenchPowerful EagleGirl
ArndtGermanPowerful EagleBoy
ArneGermanPowerful EagleBoy
ArnoldGermanPowerful EagleBoy
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Origin:  SpanishFrenchItalianGerman
Religion:  Christian
Gender:  Boy onlyGirl onlyUnisex
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